Witty Banter (Discussion Thread)

Witty Banter (Discussion Thread)

I welcome feedback and criticism in what I do. It makes me think about things and work towards bettering how I do things when I work up new characters. I welcome your input, but please limit your comments to this thread so that I don't have the character threads all cluttered up.

There isn't much here yet, but that will change quickly.

For more stats and game information for this wonderful system, please visit Raccoon City. I actually got inspired to rebuild my website here on Myth-Weavers by that page.

Hey freeclint, have you made any changes to your Nazi write-ups that you posted in Calling All Heroes?

If you have, post them here. I'll get them up in the Historical section for Datafiles. If not, just let me know and I'll copy them from there.

There's a couple of supplements out now (or about to be released, I forget which). The Civil War stuff. That might provide more examples if you plan on picking them up. That way you can better model the tank.

nah, money is tight.
I'm not going to be running it much. Going to stick with M&M and do it on roll20.net.
MHR is way too in person and (in my opinion) tactile-y intensive.
Made for white boards, post it notes, piles of dice, bowls of doom pool, and tokens for power points.

I'm not sure if you're already aware of it or not, but there's the Lost Files of Marvel! - Fan-made Datafile Index which has a few hundred datafiles you can look through to cherry pick or adapt and link from your Datafile Index thread. In particular they have an 'Other' section which has some movie/game characters. And if that's not enough, the datafiles linked from that page are on a bunch of different sites which usually have plenty more datafiles which haven't been linked to from the index yet.

Wow, in all the searches I've done I never got any hits (aside from the Raccoon City datafile page here on Mythweavers).. Cool beans. I'll have to check it out.


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