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Can we get a quick rundown of people's current concepts/party roles? Last I looked, we had an Ancient Germanic Druid, a lucky Southern 1890's gambler who made a bad bargain, a gunslinging young lady who seems to attract trouble, and somebody who turns into a blind dolphin or something.

I'm vaguely tempted to redesign my character on the same concept but without Magery, but most likely, yes, I'll be an ancient germanic druid.

Lindsay is probably playing and probably being a water naiad from some sort of primarily dominated by Fey world.

Hey folks! Kindness here. My character, Laetitia Bainbridge, is indeed a gunslinging young woman plagued with bad luck. She has a dark and mysterious past, but I'll wait for that to come out in game. Mechanically, she'll at least have gunslinging and a bunch of combat skills (guns & martial arts). Probably some weird & slightly unnerving magic powers too. We'll see how that plays out.

Atticus Ignatius Thomas was a young man of Southern class and distinction struggling to get by in the 1890s. Hoping to win his way into higher society, he struck a deal with the Ol' Blues Devil: his soul in exchange for the Devil's Luck. The Ol' Blues Devil gave him an enchanted poker chip, claiming that it would give him with perfect luck, and he was guaranteed to win anything if he wagered it. He went straight for a riverboat and hit the card tables. He was ablaze with perfect luck, drawing amazing hand after amazing hand with near-flawless grace. What he didn't consider, however, was that poker was a game of intelligent betting rather than luck. As a result, he found himself failing to bluff his opponents, slowly bleeding chips to skilled attrition plays, and wasting his failing to win serious chips on his go hands. It was pathetic.

Finally, with a royal flush revealed on the table: he decided to go all in with the Ol' Blues Devil's chip, before he could, however, an angry opponent stepped in, accusing him of cheating and hustling them. Before long, people were flipping their hands and drawing guns. Atticus grabbed his chip and tried to escape. Cornered on the edge of the ship, however, he was shot and fell into the water. As the chill of death enveloped him, he started to feel the flames of damnation nip at his sides. He realized that no material joys could ever be worth an eternity of torment in Blues Hell. Moments before he could completely die, a flash of light brought him into the headquarters of ISWAT, where advanced medicine treated his wound and officers explained that the Devil's Luck was an invaluable skill... furthermore explaining that a parallel world may hold the series to breaking the infernal contract and saving his soul.

The Ol' Blues Devil, however, doesn't like to lose, and he may have a few more tricks up his sleeve...

Alright then, backstory it is:

Henry Somerset V, Duke of Beaufort, Marquess of Worcester and Earl of Glamorgan, was a loyal servant of Her Majesty. Really, he was. Even if he didn't understand any of her decrees. Even if he didn't know what happened to the proles he sometimes had to bring before her Family's altars. Even if he found his duties as inquisitor depressing, and the Corrections process distasteful. Even if his annual audience off the coast of St. Ives somehow managed to be the most terrifying experience of his life every year. Even if he was pretty sure the Royal Family could do something about the consumption that was slowly killing his wife... if they only cared enough to bother.

But, no, really, he was loyal. Better that than the alternatives.

Or so he thought, until the day one of his Knights walked into his office and informed him of the group of strange men he had just apprehended. Henry's fellow Emissary turned out to be quite right - the men WERE strange. Their thoughts had a feel unlike any Henry had ever encountered, and they appeared to be totally ignorant of both the Elders and their Emissaries. The men lied well, despite their confusion, but that was nothing new to Henry. He tread carefully, refraining from the usual expediency offered by the Lash, and managed to slowly piece together the truth about the odd intruders - for intruders they were. The men had come from another world, a world with no Elders or Emissaries, where proles governed themselves. And most importantly, a world with medicines of miraculous potency.

The men needed a way home, and a Henry needed a way out... so Henry cut a deal. The events that followed were complicated, and involved a great deal of running and sneaking, not to mention the clandestine purchase of a number of cadavers and a rather large fire. The end result was that Henry, his wife, and his two daughters received an all-expenses-paid conveyer-ride to Homeline.

Infinity, it turned out, was rather interested in the Emissary abilities possessed by Henry and his family, and even more interested in someone who could help them safely keep an eye on the worldline now commonly referred to as Lovecraft. So in exchange for sanctuary, salary, and a nice long run of antibiotics, Henry found himself with a new job.

Edit: Oh, and I guess I should specify that it was 1821 when Henry left Lovecraft, and he's presumably been on Homeline for a few years now.

Henry comes from a parallel where, in 1631, eldritch horrors (the "Elders") rose up out of the oceans and promptly conquered human civilization. The details varied from place to place, but in Europe the Elders chose to simply step in and take over the existing monarchal and noble power structures, altering the nobility into psychic Emissaries who would control and administrate the human populace when the Elders couldn't be bothered (i.e. pretty much all the time). Since then, the Elders have remained beneath the waves, giving periodic (and baffling) instructions to the Emissaries, who are mostly quite happy to rule over humanity for them.

The existence such powerful and alien psychic intelligences frankly freaks Infinity out, so they've been keeping one very careful, and VERY discrete eye on Lovecraft.

Oh, right, and in terms of actual abilities. I've got a host of social, administrative and politics-related skills, plus some odd ones like Brainwashing and Interrogation. As for advantages, I have Empathy, a psychic malediction that causes either agony or ecstasy, and the aquatic form I was talking about before.

Character sheet here:

So, I know we slung various ideas around earlier, but did we ever decide exactly what our team was going to be (i.e. some normal branch of I-Cops, or ISWAT)? The impression I've gotten from the setting is that the latter is meant to be more violent, high-powered and over-the-top in terms of characters and adventures (200 points minimum for newbies, is the number they quote), but is also the place where you would expect to find all the people with weird powers.

So, do we want to just ignore that and play a somewhat lower-powered ISWAT team, or play a normal patrol squad (that for whatever reason is full of weirdos), or bump up the point totals, or what?

Well, the one I-Cops game I've played in started at 150 points, and that team included the "survivor" of a zombie plague who was effectively a zombie but retained his mind, an Invertebrate shapeshifting humanoid with Elastic Skin, a Split-Personality telepath created in an experimental psionics program, a Centrum spy who died and got possessed by the vengeful vampire she had just defeated, a humanoid robot along the lines of Data, and an apprentice mage who joined Infinity to chase down his parachronozooid girlfriend.

So, I-Cops can work just fine with a team of weirdos. ISWAT does indeed tend to be more violent (just like situations where the real-world SWAT team gets called in) while I-Cops tends to be more investigative/patrol oriented, so I am happy to do either but people should choose whatever they think sounds like more fun. If we do do ISWAT, increasing starting points to 200 might not be a bad idea, but 150 can probably work too. In the end, it's the GM's who decide how tough the opposition is.

Well, as you've seen, Laetitia is pretty combat/gunplay-oriented, but I've also been building her assuming 150 points. So frankly I'm fine with either. If she stays 150 points she's mostly just going to be good at shooting people and sometimes making weird stuff happen. 200 would mean she'll have a more rounded skill set and a few more paranormal powers.


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