Character Creation

ISWAT sounds more fun to me, but either is fine. With 200 points I mostly would probably buy a few more chains of spells and perhaps get rid of some of the limitations on my mana enhancer and spellcasting, which would be nice but doesn't make a big difference either way.

Oh, and I'll write up a backstory when I feel inspired but sometime soon. Going to 200 points may affect that as I am contemplating adding in a demonic tumor which is the source of his powers, but I don't want to step on Jon or Dave's toes as they both are already horror-themed.

You're just sad that you never got the chance to PC a Cancer Mage :P

Unless I hear any strong feelings against this, then, I'm going to preserve the original intent and point totals of the campaign: 150 points, you're all a newly-formed ISWAT squad - exceptional individuals, but not yet used to working together or tackling world-spanning evil.

Okay, I've chosen all his spells, but they don't all fit in his skills section so I'm gonna go back and move them to the notes section... sometime. Not this second.

And now, the finishing touch: I present to you Laetitia Bainbridge's theme song, "Numb" by Portishead.

I think I can just mock something up on my own. Did you get my most recent e-mail about ritual magic, though? I'm waiting on a response to that to finish him up.

I don't think I've gotten any e-mails from you in the past week or so - did it go to my Gmail account? I don't really check Beandeis anymore.


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