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Writing Sample: How would your character enter an inn and order?

Roscoe Overhill

Roscoe Goldworthy



Character Sheet
Race: Strongheart Halfling
Class:Psychic Rogue
Alignment:Chaotic Neutral (Evil)

Expected Posting Rate: 1/Day Min, Average 2-3/Day. I will message you if I think I will not post the next day.


Name: Jheardia

Race: Elan

Class: Soul Knife

Appearance: 5'8" 135 lbs. Dark brown hair, almost black, bright blue eyes. I don't have a picture yet, but can get one if needed.

Background: She is a wanderer, always looking for something. She has been a mercenary, a warrior, an assassin, and a thief. She doesn't know what she is looking for, just that she'll know when she finds it. Until then she will do what she needs to to get by, without compromising the people that she is with.

Alignment: Chaotic good

Expected Posting Rate: 6-7 times a day, every day. Sometimes as much as hourly or more.

Writing Sample: How would your character enter an inn and order? Jheardia enters the inn, looking about to see who is in here. She walks to the bar, always looking around making sure that her, and the rest of the party is safe. She looks at the bartender, and asks for a wine, and some food, and then heads to the corner, positioning herself to keep a look out at the bar, and always with an opening to escape if needed.

Name: Gavin Bluestar

Race: Human

Class: Sorcerer

Alignment: CN

Expected Posting Rate: Daily, at least. Probably more, as I should be able to access myth-weavers from anywhere, although I will be going overseas in a week.

Name: Remmytz Tglont (Remmy the Mad)
Gender: Female
Race: Gnome
Class: Bard
Appearance: Remmy, as she is called by her friends, is an attractive gnome of average height and weight. Remmy does little to wrangle her straight brown hair other than keep it short, giving her a frazzled and absentminded look. Remmy does show one visual characteristic of caring about her appearance; a dyed white streak of hair that usually hangs in front of her right eye. Remmy also wears a perpetual grin that combined with her all black eyes gives her a somewhat crazed appearance.
Personality: Remmy is a free spirit and is, quite simply, mad. Some believe that she intentionally shuns laws and structured organizations, but the truth is that she does not understand them. This, in addition to her destructiveness, very short attention span, and curiosity often get her into trouble. Some also take her thinking aloud to be a brunt personality trait, but she just has no filter and struggles with personal interactions outside of diplomacy, bluffs, and intellectual conversations. Despite all of this, Remmy is kind hearted and compassionate, if a bit eccentric.
Background: After the death of Remmy's mother when she was three, all of Remmy's father's attention and doting turned to her. For almost her entire life, Remmy's eccentric personality was coddled and encouraged by a doting and powerful father. While many parents would have been concerned by behaviors like those Remmy displays, her father can see nothing but the best in his "little princess". Remy's father wanted her to become a wizard like himself, but her sort attention span and love of knowledge drew her to the life of a traveling bard.
While many bards are driven by lust for fame, Remmy is driven by a perpetual curiosity and lust for knowledge, two things that have gotten her into trouble more than once. Most bards also seek to write epic songs and poems that detail the fortunes and feats of great warriors. Remmy's music appeals to a different crowd. Remmy's musical talent is nothing short of phenomenal, but her subject matters and stories often leave people more confused than enlightened.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Expected Posting Rate: 1-3 times per day.

Writing Sample: How would your character enter an inn and order?
Remmy drops herself onto a stool at the bar with a 'hmph'.
"Whattl' it be little'n?" asks the man tending the bar.
"This place is a dump" Remmy states matter of factly, enormous grin never leaving her face.
"Uh..." After several seconds of gazing into the disturbing inky-black eyes of the small gnome seated before him, the bartender decides that the argument inst worth the breath.
Before he can say any more, the gnome chirps, "And it stinks in here. I want a big mug of ale! I like ale. I also like your necklace, so sparkly... and music! Would you like to hear a song?"
Yet again, the barman replies with "Uh..." and before he can think of anything else to say, she begins to sing a song of ceilings ladened with gold and unarmed lizardfolk. The barman, oddly transfixed, fetches the lady a mug of ale. Almost before he can set it down, she stops her song, snatches up the mug, and downs it in one go.
More confused than ever, the bartender watches as Remmy jumps up on the counter, pulls out a lyre, and begins to play a tune that gets everyone in the bar singing, even though none of them appear to be able to follow the lyrics.

Name: Inquisitor Creed
Race: Human
With an aim of prestiging into Mindbender, from Complete Arcane.
I believe this requires some justification on my part, as evil alignments are typically on shaky footing with most DMs. I am not the sort of person that craves or instigates inter-party conflict. Likewise, Creed is not a man that craves power at the expense of his companions, nor does he intentionally commit acts that would hinder the party from accomplishing its goals.
Lawful Evil

Appearance: Creed is a man that draws quite a bit of attention to himself for one who prizes subtlety so highly. Though he is of average height and build he is cloaked in the crimson vestments of a Church Inquisitor, a sight that is sure to turn some heads (particularly those harboring heretical thoughts). His face is covered by an unadorned mask of fine craftsmanship, from which piercing blue eyes stare and scrutinize. What other features he may have are lost within the gloom.

Personality: First and foremost, Creed is a practical man. He prizes preparation and intelligence over blind instinct and brawn, but recognizes that the latter can be useful tools when employed by those with the raw force or skill to capitalize on them. His voice is typically calm, amiable, and self-assured, the sort to inspire confidence and ease tensions. He judges others based on their usefulness to him, but does not criticize without good cause. Creed takes no pleasure in killing or belittling others, but is willing to do whatever is necessary to complete the objectives of The Church and The Empire.

Expected Posting Rate: At least once every other day, once per day in combat situations.

Khagar Ameris
NG Human

"It is in changing the self to suit the world, and not changing the world to suit the self, wherein lies true mastery."
Druid 4

Daily +





Writing Sample

Name: Niklaus VanPall

Race: TBD (possibly human or
In the D&D universe, half-orc, goliath, or something similar... but without a penalty to Cha... would be appropriate.

Class: Beast Tamer (Bard with variants)

Appearance: Niklaus prefers the color red, and a rusty, bloody sort of red at that. He wears a red bandana on his head, and wears a cloak of animal pelts. A cloth sash around his waist is tied in a flamboyant knot off to one side. He wears baggy trousers and tan tights, with leather loafers on his feet. A simple white tunic with an open collar is his preferred shirt in casual company, though when traveling (which is most of the time), he goes for the more sturdy protection of leathers. His wide eyes are often squinted and adorned with some appropriate mascara, and he sports multiple earrings in both ears. A tattooed motif of snakes crawl up each arm, and his bare chest bears another insignia of a dagger on a canvas of black.

Niklaus is generally good-natured and a lover of laughter and tall tales. He is quick to trust and slow to condemn, but he makes friends slowly. No organization claims his loyalty, nor even any deity per se, but he remains faithful to his closest associates and to his sister. He does not refrain from merry-making, and will tell tales when his tongue is loosened. There are tales, however, from his past that he holds tight. His most private thoughts remain private.

He is, by profession, a sort of businessmans, and practicality guides his moral compass. He has little interest in politics, but enjoys lore, especially on a personal level. Organizations, even kingships and clergy hold little sway over him, but he is wont to develop relationship and friendship. He does not antagonize establishment, but instead relates to the individuals, whether he be a guard or a monarch.

Background: Not much is said of Niklaus' family. What is known is that they were gypsies, as is easily seen in Niklaus' habitual dress and manners. When a little extra beer is brought to the inn, however, he'll retell a fable from his people: desert nomads, creatures of the plains and the hills. The town militia knows of the gypsies all too well, but any hint of smuggling, murder, mugging, and thievery is left out of Niklaus' stories. Well, mostly left out, anyhow...

That was all part of a past life for Niklaus, however, since he left their caravans. He brought with him only a few trinkets, his companion, a massive grey bulldog, and his sister, Mona. They rode into Hoppers Pass on a pair of donkeys, looking for work and relief from the stresses that accompany a nomadic life. Mona was the first to find work, as a barmaid at the local tavern. Her exotic air, red sashes, and the clatter of bangles on her wrists made her an instant hit with the customers. Niklaus, however, only managed to find work washing the dishes in the kitchen in order to keep room and board for himself and the two donkeys.

With a little time and connections, though, Niklaus managed to buy himself a wagon and put the animals to work. First it was a simple task, hauling kegs from the brewery outside of Hoppers Pass, but it wasn't long before he was hauling ore from the mines to the smelting pots, and iron to the blacksmiths. It was steady work while it lasted, but hard work, and he sought out other employers, even before the mines began to fail. He took all sorts of odd jobs, carting medical supplies between the churches, beer-runs, weapons from the blacksmith to the militia, and so on. Most of it was in town or in the local environs, and his knowledge of the roads proved extremely valuable.

Alignment: Somewhere in the True Neutral to CG quadrant.

Expected Posting Rate: 3-5 times per week in-character.

Writing Sample: How would your character enter an inn and order? "Ale for a tale?" (WIP)


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