Cold Heart

"Don't judge me." says Lladnar not looking away from his magazine.

"We aren't stuck here. We're only here when we are needed. This room isn't anchored to time or space."
responds Etnad.

"Listen to the Dr. Who talk coming from Etnad."

Etnad sighs and then continues, "The choice of doors is all on you, but from what I understand they both lead to the same place."

"Hey, sorry, I'm not judging, enjoy!" Richard pays the clerks and moves to study the doors in more detail.

Richard looks at both doors and cant decide which way to go. He takes out a silver coin. Heads he goes to the left (1), tails he goes for the right(2).

Richard opens the door and sees a curtain of inky black darkness. It doesn't flow in past the doorway, and it almost looks solid... almost.

Richard pulls out his newly purchased Everburning Torch and lights it. He steps closer to the entrance to see what lays beyond. He also pulls out one of his crossbow bolts ans waves it in the inky black darkness.

The light of his torch doesn't penetrate the sheet of black in front of him. He tests the darkness with a bolt from his crossbow and finds that he cannot see the ammunition where it punctures the darkness. He can only see what hasn't passed through yet.

"Oh, I've just been told to give you this, and that you should hurry." states one of the clerks. He holds out a vial marked "universal solvent".

"What am I supposed to do with this?" Richard examines the vial. "I guess I'm just supposed to walk through here on blind faith? Any last minute words of Wisdom?"


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