Cold Heart

Richard begins moving towards the opened door. Without his light he can hardly see where he is going. With every step comes a breath, and with every breath the foulness in the air starts to go to work on him. He can feel his stomach churning over and over as nausea starts to set in. Whatever creatures had once dwelled in this room have left a bitter taste in the air. As Richard moves closer he notices the light seems to quickly dart across the room. Has he been noticed?

The light settles for a moment, and then it begins to move again, this time more slowly, and it gets farther away from the room. Richard creeps up to the door and peers through. He is shrouded in total darkness, but he can at least see some of the room. It looks like a dining room. He can make out a couple of tables in the shadows of the light. Staring into the room he can see that the light seems to be coming from a second secret passageway across the hall from him.

He can't hear any sounds of the conversation he thought he had heard before.He doesn't notice anyone inside the room, but his stomach is starting to send him some warnings.

Richard taste bile in mouth, but he manages to swallows it back down. With sword and shield in hand, Richard walks through the secret entrance. Checking either side of the doorway before stepping into the other room.

He then stealthily moves to (DY,41) the right most corner of the room and peers around the corner to see who or what else is in this room.

Before he can even move into the room, he hears someone begin to talk, presumably to him. Only a few moments longer he sees a very pretty, purple-skinned woman walk over into view. She is holding the light that he had seen. The light falls on Richard bringing him in full view of the woman as well.


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