The Mumbling Myknock (The OOC thread)

It would be awesome if Oln pulled a Han Solo and ran back into the fight last minute! Holding out hope that Belul can come back soon.

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Ossek's a mean one! lol
In human society you beat your kids. In trandoshan society you remove their limbs.

A Trandoshan with a Broken arm will Slice it off and let it regrow rather than let the injured thing heal. Trandoshans are rather brutal.

Also Snipe should still be shutdown from other functions, no one has reactivated him. But I suppose that was a Rather silly thing to do in the first place.. So *Reaches in there and flicks the on switch* There we go.

Han Solo: Together again, huh?
Luke: Wouldn't miss it.
Han Solo: How we doin'?
Luke: Same as always.
Han Solo: That bad, huh?
That's right I'm back! Your calls have summoned me. Despite my hearts mutinous soul, and my doctors incompetence I still live. So now all I have to do is read through the IC I missed and I can swoop in to save everyone(not that you necessarily need saving but I will be swooping regardless).

I am really sorry for my extended absence. I look forward to being able to play again.

@Glyph: >.> You keep your paws away from from Vallia, Oln's watching you.

Happy to hear back from you, Belul!

I figure you have a lot to read, but yeah, Oln is needed to swoop in to save everyone!

Very glad you are back, and even more glad you are doing better.

Yes, we could sure use the extra gun. Our little group is getting a bit raggedy.

I think Oln is up.

Welcome back.

Edit: With Belul's return, I can retcon my previous post to reflect Oln not having left.

Welcome back Belul!

Glad to hear that everything turned to the better, my advice though is that you
consider a replacement of both that doctor and heart of yours, you sure don't know whose to trust these days.

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