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A few questions from a n00b to SW Saga rpg... Firstly, I know they were in the older edition of SW rpg, but are the Lepi in the current iteration? I've found an entry from the 'Saga Species Sourcebook' online and another from a second website that only had the main stats for them but I wanted to see if they're official entries.
They have no official stat block I could find.

Secondly, I only have the main book and ships book for SW Saga. Can anyone recommend other books to take a look at for classes? I know there's quite a few out there.
This varies. The SAGA edition are actually out of print so you'll need to order them online or stick with what you can find still floating around at local stores. Don't worry if you only have the Core and Ships, you can still make some strong characters. RP is more important then stats
Also, where does one find character strengths/weaknesses?
Pull them out of thin air It's not an actual character trait. They are just strengths and weaknesses of the character's personality. This is RP and doesn't have anything to do with actual stats.

Well, that would explain why I didn't remember those two stats from the main book ^_^. As for the books, I know a reliable free website that has a ton of pdf's to download. I'd mention it here, but the last time I mentioned its address publicly on M-W I got a warning about breaking TOS on here. I can forward the stats to you in a PM if you're willing to allow the race. swamping race won't be a big deal though.

edit~ I can still send the stats if you are curious, but after looking around I've decided to go with a different race that is in one of the official books.

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As for the books, I know a reliable free website that has a ton of pdf's to download.
may i suggest to pay attention on what you write, it can be misinterpreted

The to paraphrase reason given in the warning was something to do with infringing on WotC's profits, even though I was referring to the open-source d&d 3.5 books which I've not seen in stores for at least half a decade.

Whether or not other people choose to view it like this is up to them, but one thing that carried over from a couple of one-shots a friend did is that for when Droid's a speaking binary at each other, imagine it in proper RP Queen's English, top hat and all. It helps keep me amused.

Also, vive la droid revolution

So many applications Val!

Hopefully, I will get around to offering some C&C to those that asked the other day.

I don't envy the decision you will have to make!

NanashiEru: I think you're confusing the old skill system with the new one. You've marked all of your class skills as trained, and aloted 7 points to those skills. (5 for the class, 2 for INT)

The way it works is that you select 7 skills from the list of the Scout's class skills, then you mark them as trained. You don't get points to distribute anymore; it's "you're trained in this skill" or "you're not".

Also, since you selected the Force Sensitive feat, the Use the Force skill is now a class skill. It's not free (if you want it, it has to be one of your 7 trained skills), and you are not under any obligation to take it, but it is available to your character.

@ BlackPhoenix
Thanks. It was somewhat confusing as I'm used to d&d/d20 style skills. the Use the Force skill I may take now or next level. The general idea is that he'll slowly come into his abilities but not be extremely strong in it. I was looking at nabbing the Force talent that allows the use of the Force to aid in blaster shots for a later date as well.

@ NanashiEru
You're welcome. But you haven't assimilated the new skill concept yet: you won't be getting any new skills next level, unless you were planning on taking the Skill Training feat.

So just to recap:
- You get trained in a number of skills at level 1;
- There are only 2 ways to get trained in another skill: take the Skill Training feat, or raise INT to the next even number.

"The Force talent that allows the use of the Force to aid in blaster shots"? I'm not aware of any such talent! Where did you find it?

@ BlackPhoenix
I found it again, and I'll most likely not be able to take it. It's in "the Unknown Regions" saga ed. book and is in the talent tree for the Burning Chain Force-using Tradition.
Force Directed Shot: You use the Force to alter the flight of your blaster
bolt, projectile, or similar mi ssile from a thrown or ranged weapon. As a swift
action, select one square within 12 squares of you and within your line of
sight. You treat that square as the origin square for your next ranged attack
with an energy weapon made before the end of your next turn, and determine
cover and concealment as though you were firing from that square. You must
have line of sight to the target of the attack from the square you occupy.
Prerequisites: Force Sensitivity, trained in the Use the Force sk il l.

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