The Mumbling Myknock (The OOC thread)

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Where was I when this game started? <_<;
You hadn't been online for a while at the time we were looking for players. Figured you were too busy with RL still to worry about pbp games so I didn't nudge you to apply.

LOL - 33 Persuasion roll... and you are thinking of possibly spending a force point? If we look at the books, 40 could "persuade the sith lord to believe you are his apprentice". All at level 1... Nice roll!

"Latest" news;

What do you guys think of this?

Good manners do not allow me to say anything. Though i do think the new star wars maybe good if they don't DISNEY it up.

Valiyn, We appear to no longer be in combat rounds on the bridge, correct?

I did not see any results from Mara's two skill checks in the IC text. I was expecting at least something on her check to determine deception, even if the Persuasion on the rest of the bridge crew doesn't apply. Will I get something OOC at least to tell me what happened?

Also, if we are not in combat rounds, then I will hold Mara's reply until after the Captain replies to Oln regardless.

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