The Mumbling Myknock (The OOC thread)

I imagine they would be shouting if the comm circuits were down lol

It could be a tossup either way, depends on several factors including live action versus animated or CGI. As well as if they focus on the episode 7-9 tme period or perhaps go somewhere else entirely. Legacy Era for a random suggestion. Sadly I suspect the first few movies will be about the key figures in the upcoming trilogy. As the article mentions, taking a page from Marvel ala Avengers. Which still has the potential to do well, again depending on how it was done. What I really look towards is that they deliver the same stickler for quality regardless of how many movies they make. No point stomping all over the EU or anything like that. They have plenty of books and trilogies about which to create movies and tv shows for decades.

Part of the announcement was that Disney was thrilled by just how many characters they are getting the rights too. They mentioned "thousands" which is more then all the characters in the movies and much closer to decades of EU work. I don't think they'll step on the EU. Infact, I think they'll end up using some of the more popular ones as fall-back (i.e. XWing, Thrawn, etc.). Stories that are "guaranteed" (from a studio standpoint) to generate profit on release.

That is true! I didn't think of it that way.

I shouldn't be negative.

This could be a really awesome thing. I would love to see a series of movies based on the X-Wing books, or a more gritty character study of Boba Fett, or something. They could really expand our concept of what a Star Wars movie is.

So so so sorry for (another) absence, but I started a fulltime job ontop of my Masters this week and really needed to impress the bosses, so worked into my study time and my freetime became my study time. Expect a catch up this weekend! =D

I want to see them make a movie of J'hera Zed, Jedi squirrel. Have nuts, will travel the galaxy.

Or Darth Rocky the Sith wizard squirrel.

I put that post off for for a while thinking of how to do it. Chapter 1 is not quite finished yet though - the plot hooks, twists, and climax are still to come - but I figured everyone was ready and eager to get to Level 2 and there wasn't much reason to keep the non-talkative type characters waiting. We will probably be starting chapter 2 sometime after thanksgiving.

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