The Mumbling Myknock (The OOC thread)

@Belul: Haha, i just saw that on your sheet. Funny how we get an image in our head and roll with it. He'd probably be more envious since his own guilt has prevented him from getting close to any likely candidates. I'll just say I was using it as a quip to make him feel old, instead of actually thinking he was.

I didn't go over the character sheets in detail, but here are a few notes:

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a question about background, do we need a reason to leave?

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I took Point Blank shot as my first level feat, unless I missed getting it free from somewhere. I'd be very happy if that was the case.
Sorry, my mistake! I got mixed up with the Scoundrel class somehow. My bad!

@Blackpheonix: Darn, *snaps fingers*, well I think if I keep my post like this I'll become the most scoundrelesque scout i can think of _-_ So it is an easy mistake to make.

oh, ok , im fine with it, however it is 10 years that Jack(human) work at the station, hes not a new face
but the place is big, it can be the first time we meet

I've got a question about the Selkath species weapon, the Fira. I know its listed as Rare in the book but any chance I can get one for my character?

Also, since he is jedi class but Order of Shasa I was wondering if instead of the bonus Advanced Melee Weapons feat might I take the Exotic Weapon feat for the Fira weapon? Or maybe just the weapon can count as a simple/advanced melee weapon for Selkaths kind of like how Wookies consider a Bowcaster a Rifle for their species?

I'll approve the Fira and skill to use it.

i think the character is near finished

since it's my first one if someone could give a look to it char. sheet to see if its all ok


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