Still don't know where that came from ...

Still don't know where that came from ...

New OOC / Ask the DM / etc

Ty, I have set up another Foray for Union, he will be doing that while the others are in the Feathers

So Ty has gone seeking answers in the rain ... the rest of you are recovering from what you took as Jinn releasing a secret about the soul sucking Union ... only to be told it was a joke.

The world, as they say, is your banana pancake ... except you don't have any milk to make them

So whatever you'd like to discuss, explore or talk over with anyone is up to you ...

is it drizzle or rain? I don't seem to see anything specific but maybe I missed it.

No ... it's heavy drizzle ... with the occasional downpour ...

mountain drizzle... Boooooo! I'm guessing no fog, that could be haz-zar-dous... but awesome for pranks. I can just picture Gidd using his ability to fly to run off a foggy cliff while being persued. Persuer gets to have a wonderful Wile E. Coyote moment.

Also is it cold?

@ Rum Yes, the days are only about 9 hours long, and getting shorter, so warmth is something you may want to consider when / if you leave Troll's End. There is snow on the taller peaks to the north, east and west ...

In which case hitting up our lovable sergeant for some cold weather furs or the like might be an idea as well.

Did we give all the cash we got from those first giants to the townspeople by the way?

EDIT:// Most of the things Jinn kills will not exactly have a salvageable coat. Although I guess Chaos bolt does psychic.


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