Still don't know where that came from ...

Leave it to Gid, she Loooves Giddi. "Hey baby I need a way to keep warm during cold mountain nights." *nudge-nudge wink-wink*
...I imagine she'll bury him in cloaks... or catch him on fire.

dire wolves? I thought their fur was all full of bones spikes and stuff... can't we just kill some foxes and bunnies? Maybe some Cashmere goats.

Ping Ty Forays: Also added commentary for Union in the Spoiler

@ All I'm not sure you've seen any sign of dire wolves ... but you could possibly ask the rangers

I do love how Giddis manages to rub most people up the wrong way ... LOL


Oh, also running one of my RL Pathfinder games tonight, so I will be absent from about 1830 - 2330 (from about 2 hours from now to 5 hours from now ...)

@ PC I changed the last part of your last post. The Steading is where the Hill Giant Chief lives

Also, to all of your knowledge, the giants haven't directly attacked Troll's End yet ... only raids on farms and wagon trains.

There have been times some rangers haven't come back, with giant / hobgoblin sign near to where they were posted.

You already know they giants / hobgobins take prisoners ...


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