Still don't know where that came from ...

Ah whoops. Although I thought steading could refer to any small town? Either way, probably a confusing reference.

Indeed a steading can be ...

But yes, the locals would most likely refer to Troll's End as "The End" or going "Back to Troll's" ...

In this area (especially since the raids), the "steading" would be a reference to the Home of the Hill Giant Chief

That is of course until a troll army turns up, then they'll be stuffed for names ... LOL

Sorry, had a really crappy cold over the last few days ... still shaking it ...

I'm waiting on what you guys would like to do by the way

I just got back last night, I'll put something together in the next couple of hours.

@ Rum The Makers Mark hadn't been seen before the raids, but has been seen quite a lot since ... nothing before then

You may want to change your post

They're not trying to hide anything from you, they don't know is all

still useless blokes

but man, I may have to lay off MW for a while because I must have dreamt that or something. I would have sworn that the dwarf said that he'd seen the mark before the raids just not around this area. anyways... editinging.

editeded... maybe I should just avoid reading this stuff while tiered... and start wearing blue ties...

I was surprisingly busy this weekend and decided to just wait for everyone else to return, as much as I would have liked to post. XD Welcome back folks!

@ CG Thanks CG

I'm fairly certain you can't just skin an animal and wear it right away. You need a few days for it to dry out and preferably some salt... conveniently Gid took 5lbs of salt from the giants.


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