Still don't know where that came from ...

Hoooly crap, sorry guys. Had a convention to run last week and weekend and then had a bunch of difficulties with my planned move to China. That said, it should be my last absence until the bachelor party and wedding in late August. Sorry again for being such an inconsistent ass!

NP mate

Also, I'll change your post slightly, as it wasn't Mrs Partridge who was bought back to life, it was Mrs Harrison


@ Rum I meant at your convenience, not amusement ... stupid head me ... no matter

Giving the others a chance to reply

I have a bit more time now as one of the games I was playing in has been put on hiatus ... some bloke going to China or something has stalled it

I suppose he's chasing pandas or somethin...

As for the shopping montage, if people want to get this moving It'd probably be faster for Gid to go on his own. Not that he wouldn't welcome company, I don't mind daudling around town a bit, could be fun.

@ Ty NP mate ... how is the prep for move going ??

@ Rum OK, so the girls go back to the Feathers Let me know where you're gonig with Gidds, or if you're not going to RP the purchases, they're book price for anything you wish to buy.

Don't forget, you had 5 tarpaulins you got from the Bugbears, all in good condition, and not too smelly, with ropes attached ...

Not too shabby. Jason is now living in Beijing (instead of Chengdu) and when I arrive, we may stay there for the first 3-6 months. He's in a part of the city with no internet though so communication has been sparse and he's had to hand off the arrangements for our mutual friend's bachelor party as he simply has no reliable way of getting a hold of us all.

Also, I've been given "homework" in a sense. Some things to look over and study in regards to building lesson plans, teaching kids, the psychology of learning, etc. The whole thing still doesn't feel very real to me yet. I'm sure that will change a bit every time I wake up as the day of departure draws closer.


Originally Posted by Rumrunner View Post search for oil skins and goat hair.
Aw, hell yeah! Sounds like my kind of party!

Wait, what were talking about again...?

Originally Posted by RotatingPanda View Post
Aw, hell yeah! Sounds like my kind of party!

Wait, what were talking about again...? adventure!

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