Still don't know where that came from ...

@ Rum Moved your "in search of oil skins and goat hair" to Forays / Giddis

Thanks, he's already on his way to making more friends.

... or confusing people

confusing? what, he was perfectly clear. As clear as a dark clouded sky, as clear as your vision through the rain, as clear as the mud on the ground... yeah... no kidding, I was half confused by the time I was done writing it . Still it's pretty much what would have happened with Gid being in a hurry.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh... SPLOTCH!
Dude lying in gutter: "So Giddis, how'd you learn to fly?"
Giddis lying beside him: "After being tossed out of as many places as me, you pick it up."

Originally Posted by Rumrunner View Post
...he began ringing repeatedly with all the pride and joy of a toddler who just learned what noise was.
One of my new favourite quotes ever

It is indeed ... those in the Feathers are free to continue with what they are doing, they are at simultaneous times with the halfling troublemaker ...

@Ty "be living a donation" - be leaving a donation or be a living donation? Because I guess by defending their town we are kinda a living donation, even if it is an odd phrasing, but then its Union.

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