Character Creation Rules and Applications

Character Creation Rules and Applications

Hi there and welcome to the game 'A Most Desperate Hour'! We are looking for 5-6 applicants to play, regardless of any previous experience with the Star Wars SAGA system or any familiarity with this era you have.

Starting OutSetting:The game begins on a small family-owned repair and refueling facility just off the Hydrian Way trade route and near Botajef (it's near a little known planet called Dathomir). Everyone starts off at level 1, working in some way for the company (Destiny's Rest - "The BEST Fueling and Repair service station this side of the Hydrian!"), either as employers or working members of the owning family. Think about what job your character might have in this seemingly mundane rest stop.

RulesSources Allowed: All published Star Wars SAGA books are allowed.

Creation Rules:
  • Starting level is 1.
  • Any race (including droids) that are appropriate for this era is allowed.
  • We are using BACKGROUNDS (Rebellion Rulebook), not Destinies.
  • You have the MAX starting credits available for your class.
  • You can either ROLL or use POINT BUY, but you can only roll once. After that, you have to decide on one or the other.
  • TO ROLL: 4d6, drop the lowest (6m4d6v1z) (5m4d6v1z for droids)
  • TO POINT BUY: You have 25 points to spend (21 for droids).

Jedi Characters
Jedi are allowed, however, they are being handled a little bit differently due to the campaign starting out in mundane life instead of a temple. You CANNOT take Force Training as your level one bonus. Nor can you begin the game with a lightsaber or access to one. Because of this, Jedi characters may pick up Weapon Proficiency: Pistols, Weapon Proficiency: Advance Melee Weapons, Linguist, or Shake It Off as a free starting feat (and they will keep their starting feats like Lightsaber proficiency).

Applying to the game
The Application:Be sure to be active in the Pre-game roleplay, a sandbox so we can see your roleplaying skills first hand!

For character's application itself, I'm going to ask that you make your rolls in the appropriate thread and that you'll post your character's application in this thread. You can include as much or as little extra as you want about your character, but you must include the following:

Character's Name:
Character's race and gender:
A ONE sentence summery of the character:
Short list of the Character's strengths:
Short list of the Character's weaknesses:

It's recommended that you also include a picture of the character (or as close as you can get), a link to a completed character sheet, personality descriptions, and a backstory if it's important.

NOTE: Please only use this thread for Character Applications. If you have any questions or comments, ask them in the OOC thread.

I will finish up the back story then personality when I get up, I am supposed to be to work in 2hrs, hooray!

'Stooped precariously over the open engine compartment of a docked ship is a cathar, his fur and robotic arm appear to be covered in grease stains where his smaller overalls don't fully cover his large frame.'
Name Kallukoras 'Kal' Jeseladai
Race Cathar
gender Male


Lithe and nimble
Quick to act
Awesome robot arm


Driven by fear

"I really am a Mando'ade... really." Oln Vizsla

Name: Oln Vizsla
Race: Miraluka
Gender: Male


Likable despite his faults
Smarter then he seems


... Someone stole his armor
Kind of ditsy
Has a wife and baby girl dependent on him

Template stolen from mXc Potato because it looked so nice

Human Scoundrel

A young military journalist who's promising military career was taken away, along with her leg, in the war.


Tactical minded <
Well educated <
Tough <
Intelligent <
Charismatic and likeable <
Good shot <


> Jealous of combatants
> Non-athletic
> Weak
> Brash and impulsive
> Vulnerable to ion damage

A light-hearted young man with a habit for finding himself in trouble when he least wants it.

Name: Roker Nouren
Race: Zabrak
Gender: Male


Always tried his best


Not strong
A bit of a coward
Rambles when nervous, always seeming to say the wrong thing
Bad with money

a burned out soldier, discarded by the army

name: Jack Reyes
race: human
gender: male

very high alcohol tolerance
nothing to lose

a bit paranoid
heavy drinker
finesse isn’t in his book

character sheet

Caliana "Cali" Duare
"Well... You traverse enough hyperlanes, you're bound to pick up a few tricks along the way aren't you?"

Female Human
A young drifter who is more than meets the eye...

Strong force of personality
Competent in a variety of skills
Surprisingly dangerous with knives, hands and other light weapons

Good natured to the point of naïveté
Not physically robust
Too quick to step in when she sees perceived injustices
Secretive to the point of arousing suspicion
Pro-Republic on a neutral station

NB: Character Sheet still to be finished due to still waiting on my books to be returned. Will be done by Monday.

Roland Hawke


“A man who can't afford to share his habits should quit them.”
Name: Roland Hawke
Race/Gender/Age: Human / Male / 20
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Nik "The Janitor" Nep




Planet of Origin:
Nar Shaddaa

An aging custodian with a dirty past.


Mob history

Nik Nep is an older Sullustan well past his prime. He is larger than most of his species and the proud owner of a round belly filed with the remains of thousands of brews over the years. His jowls are covered with a thin layer of grey stubble, rare for his species. As part of his necessitated by his chosen career, he wears a dirty set of of coveralls, which has pockets filled with screws and tools. Around the station, he can normally be seen wandering the halls, arguing with whatever sanitation droid has chosen to break down today or manually moping the decks.

Nik's attitude usually drifts between bored indifference and mild annoyance when in the prescense of the younger staff, partially because of the massive age gap and partially because of his desire to remain in the background. However, he has been known to play practical jokes on many of those he feels closest, providing a bit of joy in the monotony of his simple but important job. Nik normally watches the aftermath of these pranks from a moderate distance, providing his victims with a simple wink and grin.

Beyond his exterior ruse, Nik Nep is still a deeply worried being. His fear of being discovered by the Hutts forces him to be ever watchful of his surroundings and ensuring that he leaves no traces of his employment on Destiny's Rest. Both traits would be desired in any custodian, but with Nik it has become an obsession and, over the years, has created a slight cleaning compulsion. Despite his selfish desire to hide, something inside of him feels that he owes the Galaxy for the pain he caused so many in his youth.

Nik still indulges in the occasional game of chance. In his pocket he always carries his first chance cube, which he uses to make decisions. At least with this game, he knows the chances are fair.

A quick mind and a sharper eye had always served Nik Nep well. He remembers very little of his early life on Nar Shaddaa. Both his talents led him to begin his gambling career with secret games with chance cubes with his fellow street urchins. As he matured, his natural talent for gaming led him to become somewhat of a legend among the projects of Nar Shaddaa. "The Janitor" they would call him, for his tendency to always clean up. His small fortune and good luck garnered him the attention of a local Hutt boss, who had a proposition for Nik.

"It was the only skill I had ever learned. 'Watch the eyes, the faces, every creature has a face,' was what all the veterans used to say. But they forgot the other details. The temperature of the room, the a nearby dancer, or an angry Wookiee shouting in the background can all be the distractions you need to make your big move."

The deal was simple. For a small cut of Nik's winnings, the Hutt would provide protection and opportunities as Nik expanded his gambling horizons. His luck continued. In fact, things even seemed to get easier for the young and naive Sullustan, who was fine with enjoying the Hutts' hospitality and the new luxuries that came with it. The tables had higher stakes and the Hutts had more bigger purses and more lavish palaces. Nik, as "The Janitor" even had the opportunity to travel as far as the Core on the Hutts' dime, never knowing where his winnings were going or how they were won so easily.

"The Hutts were the only thing I had ever known. They were always the ones who ran things. I didn't even question that I could win even the worst placed bets, or that my cut was getting smaller and smaller. Until Corellia. And then I knew I only had one choice: run."

On one of his tours, "The Janitor" was entered into a tournament on Corellia. He had been accused of cheating before, but the accusations had always stopped quickly. But this time the accusations didn't stop. Nik continued to win without questioning how, until the semi-finals when his opponent disappeared. He began to question his handler, but all questions were brushed off. At the final, all hell broke loose. He showed up only to find security ready to arrest him. Suddenly, the Hutts' thugs struck, slaughtering the entire casino as they covered Nik's escape.

The handler explained to a terrified and confused Nik what should have been obvious for years. The Hutts had been using Nik's winnings to finance their illegal activities including hits, weapons, slavery, piracy, bribes, and worse. At the ripe age of twenty, Nik decided to take an early retirement. The Hutts were not pleased. After five years on the run, Nik finally found a place he felt safe: a small fuel station on the edges of the Galaxy.

Sheet Link:

Gender: Male
Age: 53
Species: Selkath
Planet of Origin: Manaan
Class: Jedi 1
Sheet: Link


Strengths and Weaknesses




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