Destiny's Rest

Vin looks to Nik with a wide life living grin. "Have you met your brother? Let me introduce you, this is Cid." he looks over and taps the back of Cid, making a small thumping sound as the flesh of his palm hits the fairly empty middle compartment. "You are both too cautious and worried. I'm obviously getting better at landing here, far less damage than the last time. And with the problems of that pile of meshtape that I call my ship, the computer couldn't handle the quick manipulations needed." He was speaking with an air of delight and happiness about him, he was obviously in his element - even in the heavily beaten up freighter.

Cid shook his head knowing exactly what Vin was going to say about the landing and responded with his own monotone and purposeful computerized voice. "Good luck getting him to listen Nik. Plus, Marko doesn't fine Vin because he brings in the credits to more than cover the repairs, think of it as job security to keep you busy for when we do start to actually slow down, which may be soon considering the large victory the Sith recently had." Cid took no sides in the affair, nor knew his past prior his last memory wipe. "We will be seeing more scavenging runs for scrap metal, recon systems and information from the battle. Vin will be raking in the credits at that point."

This set Vin off on a tangent, as most topics would. "Hey, Have I ever told you of the time scavenging Hoth? Let me tell you, that was an adventure full of memories, especially when my partner was a Trandoshan." Vin starts going off talking about his previous encounter around Hoth, or what he believed was Hoth without letting anyone interrupt him and if they tried, he would just keep going through his story. At his age and questionable memory, one could never know if his story was real, was just at another location, or was a mixture of several of his experiences - only one thing could be deemed as true, he believed every word he enthusiastically spoke.

At a few points in Vin's story, he stopped for 15 to 30 seconds as he coughed onto what was hoped to be a clean cloth and not one full of grease. Immediately at the first vocal sign of the cough, Cid quickly and unknowingly quipped "Ycnegreme lacidem ruoy fo erutan eht etats esaelp" Cid takes the cloth and hands Vin another sanitary cloth to use for the next time - which Vin would insert into the pocket he had grease filled rags hanging out of. Cid started doing some analysis of the contents of the mucas and blood present, silently processing the results for his later reports and notes on Vins file, the outlook for Vins life expectancy was bleak - but he was told to never tell Vin the statistics.

Cid released Vins shoulder from his hand, knowing that once he's started in on his story he would not soon be stopping. He looked back to 32A and responded with a series of blips and bleeps to send the binary code, without trying to interrupt Vin "
And this will not be the last time. He refuses to use Auto Pilot saying he can fly any ship better than its own computers - even if they are good! Something about not making the last minute adjustments he is so used to making, much to his own detriment now. If I could make a human restraining bolt and use it properly, I would, to save both of our hides and force him to take the easy way without causing damage.
01100110 11001111 00110000" He hadn't cared much about who heard his talk, they were quick in relaying binary and Vin never had a problem with Cid voicing his disdain, actually it was as if Vin encourages it from time to time.

As Vin finished his story, Cid went back to speaking basic so the humans could understand. "Does the ship need to be moved right now, Vin is a little tired and not in proper mental shape to move the ship?" To which Vin quickly chirped up "I will be as soon as I get some drinks in me" He asked also because Vin hated, with a passion, other people driving his ship. For now, Vin was tired, looking for a drink, and just generally a little out of his mind. "As to the repairs, please send me the estimate costs and the actual costs including hours spent. It is a good idea to have these types of numbers for when Marco wants the reports, and I'm getting used to his normal requests. "

"Well one could say the first beast fell itself," Kourahks said with a chuckle. He quite enjoys recollecting his hunts, it excites him, it lets him relive moments of glory when his world is currently mundane. "And I consider myself far from great, I just enjoy it. I apologize for bragging, I so rarely get to share like this."

Katjur's words intrigue him, but leaves him feeling empty. Khourahks has no cause or motivation aside from his hunting, he really doesn't care for much. "Please tell us, what is it that you feel is important?" The distinct antithesis of character interests Kourahks greatly, the thought processes between the two of them seem radically different to him.

Security room/Turbolift
“yes it is” nod in approbation, Jack update the datapad with K.J profile then hands it to SV-T18 ” memorize this, it may be useful in future” the datapad contains a list of profiles linked to criminal records of the last few years, most are smugglers who carried illegal stuff, some cheaters, a few bar brawls and the occasional wanted criminal who tried to hide in the station, theres a second list in the category suspects, people to keep an eye on, who haven’t been caught yet.

“are you going to tell me you have feelings? When was the last time you got your memory wiped? Really, I don’t care till your flaws don’t cause problems, I don’t like troublemakers” ready to enter the lift when one guy exit from it and start talking, Jack stare at him, going from the feet to the head, he’s very tall, after several second he answer” Verico Van Winter mmm how a mechanic got the permission to carry that stuff around the station?” pointing the weapons ” I don’t even ask you the license” shaking his head ” im feeling good today and I have some business so listen, if you want to change your assignation I need to check your profile first, then signal your request and get the authorization finally I can update your status” looking at the droid then back to Verico” unfortunately at the moment we have a problem with the computers, I cant do these operations, you need to go to the command and administration section, look for Yaro or another bureaucrat, tell them the security will send all the paperwork to them till my password problem doesn’t get fixed” jack finally shake the hand of the man ”just remember this isn’t a warzone, get your authorization or leave your weapons in your room” he stare him for a moment “so what are you waiting for?! Move! ” with authority, finally he enter the turbolift, waiting the droid

SV-T18 begins to rotate his right forearm to get ready, but it just keeps spinning. He grabs it with his left hand to stop it but when he tries to et it to rotate again it just behins to click, repeatedly until he stops trying. "Oh dear, it seems I am due for my ruotine maitenence check. This may take some time, please go on ahead of me." He finds a place to sit down and gets to "working" on his arm. Really all he is doing is applying some oil and a bit of fancy sparking with his tazer, but in a way that looks like he is really trying to fix his arm. "When my maitenence is complete, I will go over the Data here on the pad and log it into my processor, and perhaps I can try and talk to the computer more precisely. Perhaps I can get on more stable terms with it."

Mara Aragone, Zeltron Female Noble

~ Destiny's Rest Command Deck: Operations Center ~

Mara sits with her legs crossed and her hands on top of each other as they rest in her lap. She has a curious smile as Luka examines the ring. Her hair appears to have a floating quality and the strands are gently being blown away from her face as if from a slight breeze. Only the air circulation system is not causing it, if someone were to actually notice and check.

Her expression turns demure as Luka starts making small talk, “Oh, I was not originally traveling along the Hydrian Way on family business, but instead... well, let’s just say I was on holiday. My uncle Max would have a more vulgar characterization of my travels, particularly if I were male. I think you get the idea.”

When he glances up at her, Mara gives him a playful wink. However, she becomes more serious as she continues, “With the fighting going on, my family thought it was safer if I made my way towards the Core. And, since I am determined to live within my own means, I will need to earn credits along the way. Destiny’s Rest is my first stop and I can look for potential business opportunities for my family also. We do own ships that might traverse these nearby systems and they could be in need of repair.”

Mara uncrosses her legs and leans forward. Resting her hand on his nearer forearm, she says softly, “If you must ask someone to help, I would appreciate someone with the discretion to not tell anyone about the ring and who owns it.”
Character Sheet

News in the galaxy was slow, by his standards. Most remained unchanged from yesterday's update and other things just were too depressing to focus upon. The Holonet was ablaze with the news of the Sith victory on Mizra with a number of reports and tales spawning from it. While it seemed like information was being withheld, no doubt by a few particularly interested parties, there were scraps of Sith movement reports and outlooks from some of the other surrounding worlds. They all said only one thing; the Sith were moving and that the Republic had no longer a hand to play in the Outer Rim. Unfortunately, galactic government was the only thing that was forced to relinquish what little control it had to the more effective and sinister forces at work in the galaxy.

As he read something or another, Nelleo caught a hint of Luka's voice through the opening that connected this room to the Operations room. There was another voice in there with him, but connected to what he couldn't say. Maybe it was one of the new initiates. Maybe it was a special client, though he doubted Luka would personally handle requests from just any old spacer. Whatever the case may be, Nelleo's curiosity had been enticed, forcing him to stand and casually walked over to the door. He stopped before passing through and opted instead to lean forward to have his head peer through the opening his arms against the frame halting his fall.

Inside Operations, sat Luka close to another figure: a woman, who was stunning to behold. Her dress alone warranted all the attention in the room; Beauty and glamour wrapped up in a single entity. If he didn't know better, he would say she a very, very effective spy, having entranced Luka who sat near here listening to her every word and was working her magic on Nelleo from afar. And even then, Nelleo didn't know better, so this maybe have very likely. Still, there was something about this woman that he couldn't stand, which was a saving grace to him given that just a moment ago he was enthralled. It was the way that she looked, that got under his skin. The way she moved, the way the air sat about her, her clothes and how she used them. And she knew how to use all that she had, one of the only qualities that he actually found the most attractive about her. All that said, she enjoyed being noticeable and this reminded him only of mentality of Core families and by connection the corporate power-junkies. Still, he tucked in his instinct to glare and put on an assuming smirk, given that Luka looked to be getting to know the woman. And what else was he to assume happening upon such a sight. He audibly cleared his throat to snag what attention he could muster being as lowly and subtle as he was. "Luka... I got a memo you got the comm relay up. I'm gonna go ahead and take it through the paces. Get 'er back up to speed and such. And while it seems like you're enjoying your time here, just remember you've got other business to attend to... But by all, means finish up in here." His voice spurted out the last bit quickly as to stop him from dropping his conversation right then and there. "I'll just be in here," he motioned with his head to the Comm's shack behind him, "working, if you need me."

And with that, Nelleo retracted his head from the door way and pushed himself upright, spinning about and heading back to the console he had commanded before. Now knowing that Luka was at least close by gave him the go ahead to perform the tests on the relay, skillfully working over the buttons on the console, working his magic at one of the few things he knew how to do well.

Mara Aragone, Zeltron Female Noble

~ Destiny's Rest Command Deck: Operations Center ~

Mara glanced up at the interruption, not expecting that anyone was in the other compartment after the Administrative flunky left. She looks back at Luka with an arched eyebrow and asks, “I think he wants you to be more productive. Is he your supervisor?” Might explain his rudeness.

She did not remove her hand from his arm though.
Character Sheet

Luka, Male Human Scoundrel

Destiny's Rest Command Deck: Operations Center

Luka was still staring after Nelleo, frowning. It took him a few moments to drag his attention away and glance back at Ms. Aragone.

“No, he’s not,” he said, absently. “My father owns this station.”

He was a little surprised by the tone Nelleo had used with him, and the implication that he was somehow slacking off. If there was one thing that Luka did and did well, it was throw himself at his work, staying long hours after everyone else had retired to their bunks, rising early to do it again. He rarely took days off. Hari always told him he worked too hard.

At first he was offended by what Nelleo had said. He knew Nelleo could be undiplomatic or sometimes downright rude. But Nelleo was also smart, and placed words like precisely-targeted ion blasts across a ship’s hull. There had to be a reason he had dropped such implications.

Luka glanced at Ms. Aragone’s manicured hand on his arm, suddenly understanding.

“Sorry about that. I don’t think he likes women much.”

He shrugged it off, dismissing the incident in his mind.

“Yes, I’ll call someone who can be discreet. Just a moment, please.”

Luka trigged his comm and called up one of the station’s old vets, a man who had been with his father from the outset, a Duros named Gopan. Gopan was extremely technically-minded, a man who looked to circuits and gears before he looked at people, though he was polite enough.

The exchange took only a few moments. Luka looked back at Ms. Aragone.

“This man has been working with my father for a long time. He’s more than skilled enough to do the job and he’s also discreet. It won’t matter to him whose ring it is or what its significance is. He’ll just enjoy the challenge of reprogramming it. He’ll be here in a few minutes.”

While they waited, Luka sat back in his chair and studied her face once more, remembering the flow of the conversation before they had been interrupted. Ms. Aragone had revealed something personal about herself that had interested him.

He offered her a brief smile, more genuine than before.

“That’s admirable, you know. Wanting to live within your means, outside of your family’s sphere. There are people who wouldn’t. I imagine…” He paused, frowning. “Others misjudge you all the time.”
Character Sheet

32A watches the exchange, right and third arm folded together across his chest, his primary left hand at his chin in a musing pose. Running some estimates through his processor before sending out a rapid burst of binary.
"I or another individual can ensure that the ship is moved to a suitable position, your masters presence is not necessary, though he may perform it if he desires when sober. As to cost estimates, they shall be computed and relayed. As to a restraining bolt, sufficient quantities of Alcohol, Spice or other substances can be an effective measure."

Rolling his head slightly he stretches out all 3 arms, letting his gaze rest on Nik. "I shall obtain the necessary preliminary supplies"

Security section
Looking at SV-T18 Jack raise an eyebrow, seem annoyed, he doesn’t trust it, not that theres someone he trust ”oh really? You have lots of problems” he get outside the lift leaning on the wall and stare at the droid” don’t worry, i have time” its foolish to accuse a droid to lie, still given the behavior of this one nothing seem too excessive” we don’t abandon comrades, I know the right person who can fix you, no worry Nik is a wizard, its 20 years that he repair spaceships, maybe he will even upgrade you” still leaning on the wall he get his left hand close to the comlink “do I call him?”

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