Destiny's Rest

Mara Aragone, Zeltron Female Noble

~ Destiny's Rest Command Deck: Operations Center ~

Mara listens as Luka contemplates her situation and she is getting the impression that he feels like he is being put in a difficult situation. But, as he continues to try and come up with an agreeable solution, she smiles politely in understanding, not interrupting him.

Once he is finished, she says, “Luka, I only offered marketing as I have some sense of business procedures, regulations, organizational methodologies. However, I can be more than just an administrative assistant which you probably have already.”

“I am used to talking with people and can understand them.”

She leans forward, almost conspiratorially and continues in a more subdued tone, yet not a whisper, as she places her hands on his arm once more.

“I can usually tell when people are lying. I have women’s intuition as well. Don’t laugh, it is true.”

“Might I suggest that I accompany you on your rounds today. I will get a tour of the station and a sense of your business and operations. While I am not that technical, I am sure I will be able to help in other ways.”

“Later on, I can explore on my own.”
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Bael Rand

As he stares at himself, the comlink at his shoulder chimes, and Nik's voice comes through. "Yeah, I'll be right there, he replied, needing a reason to leave anyway. "Thanks for the drink Oln," he says as he gets up. Hopefully the my next visit will be friendlier," he finishes, sliding the credit chip through the reader.and.paying for the beer.

He walked down towards Bay 6 still fuming at the Trianii's opinion. How dare he belittle their sacrifice to something trivial. This was about freedom from tyranny, right?. If the Sith won, we'd all be slaves, unable to enjoy any of the freedoms we have here. He's the fool, if he thinks by not picking a side, he's safe. Lost in thought, he nearly passed the Bay. Looking up with a start, he saw Nik watching him and shaking his head.

What? he said, his cheery disposition returning as he approached the older Sullustan. Just had a bad conversation with Trianii, and I was cooling off. So what's the problem here? he asked as he looked around. Before the Sullustan could answer, Bael let out a long whistle, Man, Marko's not gonna like this when he sees it, he says with a hint of fear. Marko was nice enough to him, but Bael remembered when Grizz accidently discharged his weapon, causing the airlock in Bay 2 to disengage. They had to shut it down for 3 days to get it fixed. Marko nearly blew a gasket over that one. This was worse. So Nik, you think you can walk me through what happened here? he asked trying to get a sense of exactly how bad it was.

OOC Sounds good to me beeblebrocks. I'll follow your lead and we'll see how it plays out.

Command section

Jack spend the time in the turbolift in silence, clearly thinking on the situation, stopping at the cantina level ”heres your stop, turn left at the corner the cantina will be in front of you” he remain in the lift looking the droid walking out” the blind one is decent ” doesn’t explain, doesn’t salute, Jack close the lift and continue with his job, pulling out the datapad he study it during the trip.

Finally Jack arrive at the command section, ready for the second round, physically he could overpower that bureaucrat of Yaro easily, teaching him some common sense via stun baton, but that wasn’t an option, after fixing his uniform and the holster Jack slowly advance, his boots make a clear sound when he step on the remains of his comlink which are still there, stopping he observe the fragments, all too focused on today’s problems that his attention suffer.

Katjur watched the man walk away, eyebrow raised. He had wanted to say he had meant no personal offense, but doubted the man cared much for his words, already so strong in his beliefs of what was wrong and right.

'I do believe I have said too much. I did not mean to cause any strife with my words." Pondering on the situation, Kat found himself slightly frazzled by today's actions. Most of the time, in the cantina in Destiny's Rise, people came and talked about these things with a level head. But today ...

Well, today, Katjurr had seemingly angered both a local guard, a travelling and veteran soldier, and brash and young ideologist with what appeared to be latent force talent. Not a good day at all.

"Normally, I don't think I am so offensive, but it seems I am having a run of bad luck, apart from our Ubese hunter. Might be we need some new and level headed company."

Luka, Human Male Scoundrel

Destiny's Rest Command Deck: Operations Center

“All right. That sounds…good.”

It did sound good. Luka could hear a note of relief in his voice, though he’d tried no to let it show. He supposed that in itself demonstrated that Ms. Aragone – or Mara, as she preferred – could talk to people and put them at ease. He knew he felt better about the whole issue.

He offered a slight smile.

“I hope you’ll forgive me for presuming, but it’s obvious you have more to offer than handing out landing vouchers or listening to customer complaints. I didn’t want to assume you would want a simple customer service job here.”

Luka glanced to the door.

“But your solution is a good one. I should be getting back to my rounds anyway.”

He thought for a moment about what people might say about the tall and attractive woman who accompanied him on his rounds, and what questions or comments he would receive afterward.

Somewhere in the back of his mind, he wondered if it would get back to Hari.

But it didn’t matter, did it, since Mara was just an employee, and though Luka didn’t usually go out of his way to interact with the new hires, this was a special case.

He sighed, but only mentally. His gaze had drifted down to Mara’s boots. They were sleek and stylish, matte black embellished with contrasting black straps of a shiny material. The heel was not the tallest he had seen, but was taller than what most spacers wore.

“There’s a lot of walking involved.” He looked back up. “And the station’s not the cleanest in spots. Did you need to change before we go?”
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Well if by level headed company Kat meant a Free droid with a precursor to sapience he was gonna get it! SV-T18 entered the Bar/Cantina wearing what amounted to a Clint Eastwood costume at the best of times and at the worst of times a old tatty poncho and an odd hat. Striding up to the bar he gave Oln a tip of that hat before taking it off and placing it on the counter, causing there to be no doubt at what he is. A droid plain and simple, wearing clothes.

"Greetings Serving unit. I Would like a glass of Juma juice splashed with oil and finished up with.. Oh no one ever has Mynock acid.." he says the end of it with a hint of sadness but perks right up before speaking to the others. "So how are all of you tonight? Doing well I hope."

Awestruck. That would explain the initial reaction the little blue furred Squib had to Destiny's Rest. He'd been here only for a few hours, long enough to help his family sell off their "ship," little more than scrap welded together with a hyperdrive shoved into it somehow, and make out with a good deal on a legitimate space vessel. His sadness at seeing them go was short-lived as he explored the place, often getting underfoot of the taller people and droids going about their business.

His eyes were everywhere, except apparently on where he was going, almost tripping a couple as they left the Cantina. He squeaked out an apology halfheartedly as he wandered in. He tugged on his patched tunic, adjusting the slightly over sized garment on his small frame and stopped dead for a moment. He stared at the droid at the bar for a few moments before scurrying over and literally hopping onto the stool beside the garbed mech. He leaned in close, peering with large, intense, curious eyes for a long moment before he leaned back and smiled broadly. "A droid wearin' clothes? Plenty koovy! Yesyes, koovy! Called Arkaidy, dat's me. Arky is shorter. Saves plenty time it does. What'sa yer name, metal-man?" His words trailed off into a short series of chittering words in an unusual language, more than likely his native tongue but spoken so fast it would make a protocol droid's head spin, before he finally ceased his over-eager inquisition and waited for a response. Sitting on the stool, his 3 foot height barely got his elbows to the top of the bar.

Nik has little concern for the happenings outside the station, especially when they concerned the war. Republic, Empire, or Hutts, doesn't matter, they all just want your credits, was what he always thought. But he knew that young Bael has a personal stake in the matter, with his mother and father both serving the Republic. He decides he should address the matter as tactfully as possible. Besides, Bael's father was one of the few beings that even knew Nik's name before he left for the war, and Nik knows that maintaining his rare relationships is important. "Don't let those folks at the bar get to you Bael. Your father is a good man, despite what they may say." ]

"Now, the deck! Pretty simple accident. Old Vin couldn't stick the landing, left this big gash on the deck. We moved the ship over to Bay 4. 32A is starting to move supplies back over as we speak," he says, using sweeping hand motions to visually aid his story.

Just as he finished explaining, letting his hands rest on his hips, 32A approaches.

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"There appears to be an error in the state of the equipment. There is less plating in here than there should be, even with the temporary repairs that had been undertaken in Bay 6. Further investigation required."
Nik's mouse-like eyes open with suprise when he hears of the the missing supplies. "Missing equipment? To what degree, and what kind of parts?" he asks incredulously. There was rarely cases of theft on the station. Though Marko had upped the numbers of the security forces, they were there mostly as a precaution against the war. Something in his gut said they had been robbed though, and he wasn't about to stand by and let it happen. He turns to see Bael's reaction to the news.

Bael Rand

Missing plating? he asked as 32A came over. That's strange, I was just here yesterday doing the inventory and things seemed to be in order. Does there seem to be anything else missing Thirty-Two? he questioned, his minor squabble forgotten.

Watching the droid enter, Katjur started to reply, but was swiftly cut off a s small creature entered the bar, hoping onto a stool just next to the droid, and not too far from the Trianii. It was a race he wasn't familiar with, but one that was obviously sentient and not too worry worthy, so far as customarily hostile and aggressive peoples went.

Eyes flicking to Oln, he tried to judge the man's reaction to both the droid and small furry creature. Both intrigued Kat, but he hadn't had the best of luck dealing with both of the humans he had struck up a conversation with earlier.

Chewing on just how he should react, he came to a decision quicker then usual, bolstering his normally timid and pensive personality with a dose of courage and fortitude.

"I would be interested to know the same, little man. Assuming you are a man. I do not believe I have encountered one of your kind before. Nor have I encountered many droids, as on Onderon we tend to much of our work and repairing."

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