Destiny's Rest

Lifting up the last of the temporary patching plates on Docking Bay 6 so that the edges of the gouge can be smoothed off and the hole filled in, BLX-32A carries it over to lean against on edge of the bay, before he turns and watches the rest of the repair crews finish up the job.
Tucking his third arm up out of the way he moves on towards the still open Bay 5, perching himself just on the edge of the entrance, allowing him to watch the people scurrying around, ships entering and leaving, his thoughts a whirl of ones and zeroes as he imagines one day flying out into the galaxy with a ship of his own, without having to answer to another

Luka, Human Male Scoundrel

Destiny’s Rest, Corridor 25-B

Luka’s comlink buzzed.

He paused in the corridor to let a hefty Iktotchi man brush past him, horns swinging dangerously close to Luka’s head. Luka frowned vaguely and glanced at his comlink. The glowing green display showed a signal originating from a location hardwired into the station itself. The suffix was for the bar, if he wasn’t mistaken. He hoped old man Pen’korath wasn’t drunk and making a fuss in public again.

Luka stepped to the side to let traffic pass him and raised the comlink to his mouth as he answered.

“Go for Luka.”
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After that rather disheartening experience with the sullustan, Kourahks is ready to just resume his post until his shift is over, but he has not completed his rounds, so he thinks with a sigh, what an unkind little creature. Well, back to work. to the North wing, double back to the Cantina, then to my uncomfortable chair in the mind-numbingly boring loading bay." He heads off in the direction of the pair of legs that had passed him earlier, much interested in what she might be doing. Having catching no sight of her, he decides the cantina might be somewhere to get a little entertainment.

Upon entering, he first notices a striking young Iktochi he hadn't seen before, and the human that can only be described as a man who is trying to suffocate his pet bird with unbearably disgusting pipe smoke. Thank goodness I can't breathe this nasty air. he thinks with a smirk. Those poor aliens, he chuckles inaudibly. Rather than stand next to the door as is customary for Kourahks, he decides for once to join the patrons. Despite his earlier failures, he decided that Iktochi looks kind enough that it wouldn't hurt to make conversation.

He sits down next to the girl and silently wishes his friendly conversation is welcome and mutters "Hello miss, how is your day going, enjoying your stay here at the station?" Kourahks sits there apprehensively waiting for her response.

Nik enjoys the Ubese's conversation. It was always nice to hear about things other than the war from those passing through. As the man slips on Nik's special "Slip-o-wax" blend, landing flat on his bottom. Nik chuckles and smiles, heading over to the faceless man, extending a hand to him. "Looks like you found one," he says with a wink.

Unfortunately, the Ubese doesn't take the joke so well and promptly collects his stuff and leaves. And after I offered him just what he asked for. All young beings are the same. Nik also wraps up soon after, and puts his own mop and bucket back on the hovercart. Better go check how the repairs on Bay 6, he thinks, pushing the cart up the ramps.

Up in Docking Bay 6, he spots one of his favorite droids, a labor droid designated PLX-32A. The droid watches frozen over the neighboring Bay 5 as his fellow droids continue to work on the hole caused by a crash earlier in the month. "That leg need more oil again, 32A?" he asks. Where Marko picked up this one was a mystery. 32A was unlike any labor droid he had encountered, complete with an poorly placed third arm and all sorts of aging parts. But the droids mysterious build was accompanied with an equally enigmatic personality, which never failed to amuse with its creative interpretation of language.

Oln's grin falters a fraction as Jack leaves. He hadn't intended to chase the old man away. Oln joked with the man so much because he like and even respected him. Jack would never be Mando'ade but he knew war.

The ugly little bird landing on his bar counter draws Oln's attention to Verico. Oln crouches so he's 'eye' level with the animal and takes on a sickeningly sweet tone people use to talk to pets. "Hello sky vermin. You shit on my counter again and I'll personally pluck you and deliver you to the cooks. I don't know if your entirely edible but we can find out together can't we." Oln isn't much of an animal lover, to him they are all at most test subjects and at least food. Still Oln uses the handy bottle of whiskey to pour Verico's drinks.

Then out of no where Verico produces a fish for the vermin. Oln is about to say something when Verico crosses a line. Oln doesn't know what it is he lights, it sure isn't a well known stink bomb, Oln knew most from his childhood, whatever it is it still smells horrible. The irritation in his lungs reminds Oln of Nas'Buir which puts Oln over the edge. "I don't know how Cat feels but I'm telling you to pay your tab and get out of my bar. You want to come back you can do so without the vermin and your rot box with you." Oln gives the man a look to say he's dead serious.

He holds his 'gaze' on Verico for a moment before he turns his attention back to Kat, "Thank Mand'alor I don't see by scent. You were right on two though it is indeed by the force. If your interested I could explain it?" He can tell without 'looking' that Raxiil seems to have found some company, ugly company but company, so until one of them calls him for a refill he can have fun giving a little Miralika biology lesson.

Raxiil was busy having a "conversation" with the red-headed human woman with looks and winks by the time the Ubese sat down near her. It was quite odd, but tried to be as friendly as she could considering how uncomfortable the close proximety of a stranger made her, "It's going...well? I'm an employee here, not someone passing through. I'm I know you?"

Yaro Hollander, Male Human NPC

~ Destiny's Rest Operations and Command Center ~

Yaro Hollander is an Administrative Coordinator for the family and is somewhat lazily going about some mundane tasks in the Communications Center for the repair facility. He is not the hardest worker, but he has been with them for quite awhile. As such, he believes that he holds a more important role that is actually true. It is all the newly hired beings that has gotten him full of self-inflated importance.

After the boss’s son left to make some rounds about the station, Yaro is alone in the operations section of the Operations and Command Center. So instead of being overly productive, he is daydreaming about that beautiful woman he signed on yesterday, Whoa, she was a vision. I'd really like to charge up her loading ramp and service her engines. The boss just rubber stamped her employment, did not even ask to meet her. Too busy, I guess. Good thing too, then she will look to ol' Yaro for to show her around and explain how things work. Heh, yeah.

The scrawny man is getting himself aroused as he remembers the curves of her breasts and ass. Yaro almost makes a mistake in his paperwork, barely stopping himself from deleting the service order he was processing on the computer console. He is oblivious to the fact he previously sent invoices to the wrong customers twice already in the last five minutes.

Mara Aragone, Zeltron Female Noble

~ Concourse 2B West en route Command Deck ~

Mara is used to people staring after her and taking notice, all part of the scenery, so when the two cleaning up the mess take no notice of her walking, by she is oblivious to them being more focused on the puke than her. She has more important things on her mind anyway.

Turning around a corner, the Zeltron woman leaves the noise of the station’s bar in her wake and continues until she reaches the separate turbolift to the Command Deck above. Entering the lift, she ascends to the station’s hub of command and control.

The Command Deck is a smaller, ring at the top of the station with view ports to provide a panoramic view around the Destiny’ Rest. The compartments are all around the circumference and a small round compartment containing the turbolift is in the middle. There are four doors leading to the individual compartments of the Operations and Command Center and each compartment has its own interior doors leading to the ones on either side as well.

Looking specifically for the Communications Center, Mara sees the faded stenciled label marked, “Comms Shack” and her eyebrow arches as is reminded that, even though it is a family-owned and run business there always differences in size of families. The blast door slides open and she steps inside, the console stations are not occupied. The ship traffic around the station talks directly to the traffic controller in the tower overlooking the docking bays and are only routed through speakers in the Command Center. Someone has turned those down, so the command deck is relatively quiet, the occasional sounds of computers whirring and beeping faintly.

With the door open to the interior of the Operations Center, she moves in that direction and calls out, “Hello. Mister Hollander? Are you in here?”

Mara comes through the doorway and sees the weaselly man hurriedly getting to his feet, apparently embarrassed about something. In a glance, she can see why as he shifts, trying unsuccessfully to inconspicuously cover the bulge in his trousers. Inwardly she smiles to herself, This might be even easier than I thought.

Her smile of greeting not even being feigned, the tall and slender Zeltron slowly approaches and reaches into the low cut bodysuit to remove the datachip from its warm place against her breast. She notices the flush of the man’s skin as he swallows hard. Yaro is completely oblivious to his blatant starting at her ample cleavage.

“I was hoping you could assist me. I would like a secure commcast to squirt a private message to my homeworld. Would you be a dear and help me?” Her voice has dropped to a softer, more sultry tone to play off his reactions.

The man cannot even look her in the eyes, so Mara feels no need to even bat an eyelash at him for additional effect. She is close enough now that the pheromones have invaded his nostrils as he drinks in the smell of her perfume as well.
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Yaro Hollander, Male Human NPC

~ Destiny's Rest Operations and Command Center ~

Yaro swallows hard, mind slowly tearing itself away from the thoughts of bedding this seductive minx to instead focus on what she is asking. Gesturing to the Comms Shack, he holds out his hand for the datachip, “Sure thing, miss. Please, call me Yaro.”

With the chip in hand, he walks into the other compartment and inserts it in the computer console, punching in the codes to prepare the transmission. Straightening up, he turns around to face the beautiful woman who followed close behind. The scent of her permeating his olfactory senses and he unconsciously licks his lips with the carnal thoughts racing across his animal brain.

His voice deeper and more throaty, Yaro says, “All set. Just punch in the destination code and it will be on its way.” He looks from her smiling face and his eyes track down to her cleavage again. They are so close, I could easily reach out and touch them. By the Galaxy! She could be one of those fashion models.

Mara Aragone, Zeltron Female Noble

~ Destiny's Rest Operations and Command Center ~

Mara places a hand on Yaro's cheek and replies, “Why thank you... Yaro. May I have a moment?” Her eyes move to look back the way they came and she shifts her body to the side to let him pass. She lets her hand fall away to tuck some loose strands of her long brown hair over her ear. With him slowly moving away towards the Operations Compartment, looking over his shoulder, she continues to politely smile at him and nods slightly, Yes.. that's a good boy... go on, good.

Turning away from the leering man, Mara bends at the waist to lean over the computer console, the fabric of her blue body suit molded to her nicely shaped derriere and long legs that end in toned calves and her heeled boots. Yaro's eyes are riveted to bottom and the need to conceal her pressing the private family address codes is not even necessary. Within moments the message is on its way.

Straightening, she twirls around. The tresses that had slipped over her shoulders when she bent over, being flicked back over to fall down her back once more.

Thinking of another favor, Mara asks, “Yaro, is there someone with mechanical skill that is able to help me reset the codes on my ring to the security team's command channels?” She shows him the personalized panic ring on her finger that is a Aragone family requirement that she wear at all times in case of kidnapping attempts.
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