Destiny's Rest

SV-T18 nods and removes his hat placing it on the counter and looks around for a scomp link. Once he finds it he interfaces with the computer via that link. He isn't very skilled in computer use for a droid so he can't override anything buthe can talk to the computer, which comes out as a very one sided conversation.

"What do you mean by that?" "I don't really see what my Model number has to do with..." "How about I take you.. Your mother sle... Ahh there we go.. Disagreeable little.."

He retrieves his scomp link and turns replacing his hat. "According to the computer there is a problem with the password you are using. Apparently it is as outdated as my choice in clothing sir."

SV-T18 doesn't really seem annoyed by any of that conversation, odd considering that just a moment ago it looked like he felt the need to blast that little insolent computer

Mara Aragone, Zeltron Female Noble

~ Destiny's Rest Command Deck: Operations Center ~

Mara follows the weaselly man into the Operations center. There are about a several computer consoles clustered in pairs in the middle of the compartment. The outer bulkhead curves to blend into the ceiling, made up of viewports to see this part of the panoramic arc of the station and above. There are a few ships on approach in the background.

The far interior door to the Admin Office is closed, but the one back to the Comms Shack remains open as she exits the compartment. While she waits for Yaro’s boss to make an appearance, she sedately strolls around the consoles, glancing at the display screens on the inner bulkheads as she runs her manicured fingernails along the top of a workstation screen.

“Yaro. I think I hear a someone yelling from the other side of that door.” Her gesture nonchalantly draws the man’s attention back to the Comms Shack and the other interior door to the Command Center behind the man, breaking the spell of his lecherous staring.

Gazing out the viewports, Mara stands before them with her hands clasped in front of her and she comments pleasantly, “I will be fine waiting here.”
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Yaro Hollander, Male Human NPC

~ Destiny's Rest Command Deck: Operations & Command Center ~

Yaro is still staring at the shapely woman, her hips swaying as she walks, the tight curves of her slender legs, and the pertness of her upper chest. Shaking his head to clear it, he acknowledges what she said, “Um, yeah... I’ll be right back.”

His commlink goes off and he listens to the message and calls over his shoulder, “The boss will be here in a few minutes.”

He hears it now himself, someone causing a ruckus in the Command Center and he is surprised that anyone would be there making such a racket. The boss would not be pleased and could even blame him for it.

Opening the door, he strides in to see one of the security goons trying pound a computer console into submission with the assistance of a droid in strange attire. As he enters the compartment the door slides shut and he stands there with hands on hips, “Oy! Hey now, what you are trying to do, break the damned thing?”

Looking at the droid ”its not possible SKS-7 , my password isnt that old” he smile finding it a funny joke, even Jack has a sense of humor, the little distraction was enough to cool him down a bit, getting up he stare at the droid ”for a protocol droid your quite useless, i hope your better as a security one, do you have at least some weapon systems inside? ” touching the droid with an hand, like when you knock at a door.

As Yaro finally arrive ”im doing your job!unfriendly as usual ”how many times I told you to warn me when you change the password? I need access to the employers profiles ! And the droid? Care to send a message to the security when you buy a new security droid!? ” pointing at SV-T18, the finger is just a few cm from the droid head ” I cant do my job if I have to get here every time I need something” he stand there impatiently waiting

SV-T18 chuckles a bit darkly for a droid and his forearm rotates to the Tazer setting and a Pulsewave pistol flips out from his shoulder "Weapons systems active. I am Also Capable of restraining Hostile forces with a mesh tape dispenser mounted on my left forearm."

The Pulsewave pistol flips back into his shoulder and the taser is rotated back to the scomp link. "I am also programmed with Knowledge of bureaucratic protocols and customs, to aid in my protocol functions. I am also equipped with a sophisticated translation circuit so that I may facilitate communications between unfamiliar species. My Primary Programming and Model features are however based upon security and mobility. I am equipped with high powered repulsor jump servos and an improved sensor package to facilitate low light searches, and attempted escape via climbing or flight.. I am also a better mechanic than I am with internal computers systems."

SV-T18 Turns to the newcomer and bows in greeting "Greetings Sir.". He turns back to Jack "Correction I was not bought, I was hired."

With a datapad in hand, Nelleo, looked over its screen trailing off it's surface and onto the large screen above with a console sat connected to the datapad. Both screens displayed a variety of information, mainly ship related, but both were different in the eyes of the one who commanded control over it. Silently, Nelleo looked over the screen, his finger coming in every so often to do something changing the information on screen or inputing something into the datapad and reflectively doing something to the other larger screen he sat before. Behind his chair a gruff looking Duros spacer sat watching him work. He seemed impatient to say the least, but then most could not stand the silence as he could. It was an ability that came on the back of his extreme focus while working. Talking diverted some of the brain power used for working and was an unnessary action given that people came from all over to have their broken down ships repaired after being blown haft to hell by Sith, Republic, raiders, and malicous space debris. And to say that putting a fired comm system back together while integrating it back into the ships command system was and easy task would get you a silent stare and a shake of the head from him. But the Moogan didn't like to be kept waiting, like most, and began to speak. "Are you almost-" "Quiet please." Nelleo spoke plainly, unturning in his seat staring at the screens working. To say the least the Duro seemed offended by being cut off and silenced by this human. His features turned sour and he tensed up, his stance shifting to reflect this new annoyance. "Is this going to take any longe-" "It would take less time if you stop talking." The Duros wasn't easily shaken this time. "Look you! I'll talk when I damn well want to! Now are you almost finished here or not?" By now he had moved up to the chair and placed a firm hand on the top peering around and looking at Nelleo, who continued to stare at the screen working about, as if the Duros were not stand next to him. There was a long period of silence that the two sat in and with each passing second the tension grew within the Duros; Nelleo was much to busy to care about the feeling in the room. "Hey!" He shook the chair enraged by insolence of the human before him. "I just asked you if this was going to take any-" "It will take as long as it needs to!" Nelleo shot back. Nelleo, though able to hide it up til now, was annoyed by his client. "If you would use that thick, blue, empty head that sits upon your shoulders for something other than counting down until your next breath and finding reasons to demand quick service, you might have actually figured out that this isn't an easy process. And maybe if you had the slightest inclination the mental demands of my work you would understand that it needs a degree of concentration that you are depriving me of. Unfortunately for us both, you lack such mental capacity and insist that by producing increasingly agitated and demanding inquiries will produce hasten results. And all this time while I was explaining these things to you I was, in fact, finalizing the sync of all your ship's systems so that maybe you will have easier time not getting shot of space like the fragment of space debris you are." By the end, Nelleo unplunged his datapad, rose from the chair and moved passed the Duros, who stood stunned by the outburst. Walking down the ramp massaging his the back of his neck, Nelleo had put out his previous out-burst in place of something more soothing like the hum of frigate engines or better still sound of his footsteps. He wasn't opposed to sound, in fact he liked to listen to things. He just hated it while working.

But now that his job was finished it was time to head back to his other duties. He made his way to the turbolift and commanded that it take him to the Command deck. He had some test to do in Operations. Something about a recently reestablish comm relay. Sounded invigorating.

Mara Aragone, Zeltron Female Noble

~ Destiny's Rest Command Deck: Operations Center ~

Mara is alone in the Operations Center, looking out over the spacescape through the large view ports that make up the curved outer bulkhead of the station. Her reflection in the clear plastisteel is translucent, yet still visible that she can see herself pretty well.

She tucks some loose strands of her light brown hair into place and wonders if is time change the color once more. Pale platinum... flashy pink... jet black... no, let’s leave it be for now.

So far this quaint repair station is not too sophisticated in its mini-society and the Zeltron woman is considering what the crew might do for entertainment. Mara has spent several days en route this place, so focused on her immediate priorities of preserving her unblemished skin, that she has been neglecting her urges and needs.

Softly, she wonders aloud, “Let us hope Luka will be attractive... or at least not smelling of oil and grease.”

Noticing a speck of fuzz on her blue body suit she brushes it away, then returns to calmly standing before the view port with her hands clasped low in front of her once more.
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Yaro Hollander, Male Human NPC

~ Destiny's Rest Command Deck: Command Center ~

Yaro glares, clearly in no mood for this idiot and his drunken behavior. Though, he is not sure how the droid fits in, but the security goons are in the wrong area.

“How’d ya plot that course, bucko. I don’t work for you and outrank your ass to boot.”

“You don’t faggin’ belong in here messing around with the boss’s consoles, either. You got a problem with security pass-codes, take it up with your section chief down in the Security Office and get your ass out of here. Stop wasting my time.”

He has got a hottie back in the Operations center and his boss on the way, the Administrative Coordinator orders, “SV-T18, see that he gets where he needs to be.”

Expecting the security droid to at least follow regulations if the drunken goon doesn’t, Yaro turns back towards the Comms Shack.

" Present Qualifications. I need to know that Orders are being given by a correct member of the staff. I also am still in need of registration. The main Scomp uplinks do not recognize my security clearances."

Even as he questions Yaro his arm rotates to the Taser setting. and a small click can be heard from his left hand indicating that something has popped out and is ready for use.

Yaro Hollander, Male Human NPC

~ Destiny's Rest Command Deck: Command Center ~

Yaro looks incredulous, “You drunk too, tin can? Put that thing away before I put in an order for you to be dismantled in the machine shop for being defective. I have been workin' her for over ten years, get your metal ass down to Security and get properly indoctrinated if you don't know who I am.”

The Administrative Coordinator is turning red with fury and reaches for his commlink, “Get moving or I comm the Chief of Security, numb nuts.”

Yaro is known personally by Marko himself for years and is not putting up with any crap from newly hired staff.

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