Destiny's Rest

"I am afraid that if you are going to be hostile with a new security member I am going to have to file a report of belligerence. I am asking for qualifications, as any droid would when presented with orders from a person they are not familiar with."

His tone darkens and his Visual sensor lights turn red "And get one thing clear Meatbag I am an employee, not property. I will be treated as cordially as you would treat any other human asking a question. Get your head out of that flappy pair of fatbags you call a rear end and watch how you talk to others attempting to do their jobs. You are not the only one here who has importance." At the end of that his arm rotates back to the empty socket and his left arm clicks again. SV-T18 gathers his things and leaves the room flipping Yaro "The bird" as he heads for the turbolift.

Oln ignores Verico. The man had smoked the stuff before but it had been at a table, not at Oln's bar sitting beside someone who had more snout than face. The man had less situation awareness than Oln, and that was saying something. And as far as Oln was concerned any vermin was to much regardless of what one shit on his counter.

Instead he smiles at Kat and notices the pressure he's putting on the bar with his arm. Oln starts swinging his arms trying to disperse the smell quicker. Once he can no longer smell it he keeps going knowing the track would still be noticeable to Kat. He does this not only to help Kat but to give Verico time to leave. No point in telling Verico anything he might be able to use if it ever came to a fight one day. Once Verico is on his way out Oln doesn't hesitate to start telling Kat. He keeps his hands busy cleaning up after the vermin. "The first thing you need to know is even the least Miralukan is touched by the force to some extent. I won't bore you with theories of how the force can be used to 'see' or with how Miralukans evolved the trait. Regardless of the reason we all have it. If you see a human or human like species with empty eye sockets or is wearing a blind fold," Oln points to his own, "its best to be prepared to encounter a force user. Of course they could just be blind, but why risk it."

"And while most regard or call it force sight that's misleading. What I see is very different from what you see, more than the standard variations between different species." Having moved the remnants of the fish to the garbage shoot and washing his hands, Oln takes the now empty glass he'd used for the mead before Kat elected to use the bottle. He flicks the edge causing it to ring. "Some species are able to see through sound waves bouncing off objects. This is closer to my vision than your vision is. Force vision is even more powerful. Where the creatures who see with sound since they have to produce the sound themselves and they are still limited by their auditory receptor's organs orientation. The force however is present in all things especially living beings, and they all, to put it simply, give off force waves that act like light or sound waves." Oln starts actually cleaning the counter this time.

"Force sight also has no specific organ that is required to use, that we know of. So essentially our whole bodies pick up 'force waves' that are bounce of objects and radiate from living beings. So because of this living things are easily apparent to us. A comparison is you quickly able to pick out all light sources in the room. We can also are able to pick up intensities in the force like you can easily tell a large flame from a small. I'm able to easily tell who is touched by the force greater than the norm." Oln smirks, "You would be surprised by the amount of force sensitives we have on staff."

Oln holds up two fingers, "There are two things you never want to do when fighting a Miralukan. First never fight in the dark. So long as we are alive and connected to the force we can see. And second you can run but don't try to hide. Only the most oblivious Miralukans can't spot life, even through walls."

Back to wiping down the bar Oln continues, "Of course there are things you can exploit as well. There is an old proverb about teaching color to a blind man. This holds true for us even if we see with the force. We can't see color." Oln had actually read poetry that was supposed to convey color but it was beyond him. "We are able to read and write but it is noticeably more difficult for us. We essentially have to notice the tiny difference in thickness on a page instead of just the differentiation in color. This is made even worse with computers. We need special bio-interfaces that use algae to see any digital output." Oln pulls out his basic data pad. As he hold it up in front of Kat, his smile takes a sad tone. The screen shows a picture of his wife and daughter Contesa. "Away from our home world however they are incredibly expensive. This it just a lump of plastic to me."

He slips that data pad back away and the touch of sadness leave, "There is one big advantage you can have over a Miralukan in combat. We can't see energy. Because its insubstantial like air the force doesn't interact with it like it does with things with more density. This is true for fire, blaster fire, and raw electricity. We have to notice a life form and then use position of the blaster to avoid being shot. Its because of the slightly longer time this takes that Miralukans make slightly easier targets than most."

"So if you have to fight a Miralukan the best two choices are sniper rifles firing blaster shots, or if your a coward droids. We can still see droids of course but they don't pop the way living things do so we are more likely to over look them."

"Other than that we share most of the same weaknesses humans do, aside from the obvious weak point their eyes make." Despite the fact his lecture on Miralukan sight became a lesson on fighting Miralukans Oln seems strangely content as he talks. He lacks the usual urge to make everything he says a joke.

This is of course only Oln's interpretation and not the final word by any means.
Oln goes on an on about Miralukan sight and ways to fight Miralukans.

Pointing the broken comlink “ i doubt you will be able to call my section chief” turning away from him ” that’s what we call collaboration, who cares of the grunts of the security...they all look the same, what a waste of time” Jack is close to his eleventh year around the station and still the high rank barely remember him” I was here because I cant solve a problem, one you can do easily, -Jack Reyes- maybe you could spend ten seconds of your precious time to fix this problem, I need my password to work” he doesn’t wait an answer and leave, the bureaucrat is fighting in home ground no way to win, so he can only accept the loss and retreat.

Turbolift/Security Room
Jack speed up to reach the droid, giving a pat on the head, more like a pet than else, but still an upgrade over simple equipment, entering the turbolift “cool down killer, hes quite up the food chain, you don’t want to awake tomorrow as a vending machine don’t you?” friendly, he even smile at the droid” you know what, as far as authorization you gained your rank on the field, and since the computer doesn’t work and I am the highest officers around...” looking around the inside of the turbolift ”...till it gets back you can consider yourself a member of the security” drawing his modified scatter gun ”just don’t point weapons at people, unless your going to shoot, for that I prefer this…no stun setting” stowing it again, he push the button for the security section

"I don't point weapons lightly. I may display them on request, or set my Multifunction arm to a different setting depending on the situation, but never will I point a weapon at a non hostile. It goes against certain programming protocols." His visual sensors have changed back to green.

"And thank you for the temporary security designation. As for fearing waking up as a Vending machine I think you will find it difficult to achieve such a thing. As I seem to have to keep stating I am my own property, and destruction of another persons property is still not strictly legal correct?" SV-T18 tips his hat in a gesture that could be taken as a sort of smile, seeing as how he cannot really smile, being a droid.

Verico put the bars comlink down and moved to leave he is about to head out when he stops. He turns mid way back and looks back at the bar siting on it is a glass of whiskey refilled before he was asked to depart. He walks back to the bar and grabs the glass he slowly takes it to his lips and stops like he is thinking something over. Nico then caws and flaps his wings around as if attempting to say something. Verico lowers the still full glass and places it on the bar. You are right Nico this not the time come along. He then walks out of the bar toward his place. With his bird and friend Nico on his shoulder. The code is unyielding. It is broken by weakness harden by the strong but it is not bendable honor never is it is one way or the other. Once Verico is at his place he closes the door and lets Nico fly. Verico begins changing out of his busted power suit there is still one more thing to do. Verico removes the pipe container and marker

Katjur listened intently, eyes following the man's face as he spoke. Kat's adoptive father had always told him that eye contact was, in most cases, imperative when showing respect to someone during conversation. Most of the time, many found themselves slightly shaken by the big cat starring them down, often losing their trains of thought and stumbling through what they wanted to say.

Oln presented a different problem.

Once the Miraluka bartender finished, Katjur pondered all of what the man had said, taking another long drought of the the liquor. His brain chewed on not only what he had said, but how he sad it, and the emotions that were mixed into it. It was like a puzzle, slowly fitting into place as Katjur focused on the subject.

"You talk much of fighting your kind, how best to defeat or evade them. But I should think that this information might prove helpful in protecting a Miralukan as well as hindering one." Kat uttered the protective mark instinctively. He would help most anyone who sought it, and even those who didn't.

"Your family is beautiful. You are a lucky man. Yet I think you are sad as well. A Mandalorian, or so the talk says, on a station of little importance? A Mandalorian who settled down and had a family? A difficult and rare thing, at least to these eyes." Kat struggled to come to the words, as he tried to wrestle with the emotions he wanted to convey to the man. At these times, he would gladly trade his strength and speed for a silver tongue, the ability to describe what was in his heart.

"On Onderon, there are places, groves where trees have stood for thousands of years. There, I would find respite when troubled. Breathe deeply the air, close my eyes, and at times, I thought I could feel the forest. Feel the life of the place. I think this is the closest I have been to seeing as you do."

Disappointing Kourahks thinks with a sigh. Everything is going great today, I'm 0 for 2. After two failed attempts to break the monotony of the job that is his resting period, he is thoroughly tired of it. He looks at the bartender, still pondering what to drink. He is thoroughly depressed by the fact the only person that might give him a modicum of friendly conversation is the bartender whose job is to be friendly to sell drinks.

Excuse me, can I get a drink please. Perhaps something that won't burn going down? he says to Oln, not really caring about what he handed him. When Oln hands him a beer he slips he pulls his breath mask out of his pack and slides one of the Uba IV air canisters into the intake of the mask and took a deep breath before popping the clasps off of the neck of the mask. He removed his mask to reveal a fairly attractive man, dark hair down to his shoulder; afterwards he takes a couple deep breaths of the rather stale air Kourahks takes his drink and downs most of it, then returns to his breath mask.

Thank you. Its quite good, Kourahks said as loud as his lungs could muster, equating to not much more than a soft whisper.So what is your story sir? He hopes Oln can hear him over the ambient cantina music, he likes some time without his helmet every once in a while.

Luka, Human Male Scoundrel

Destiny's Rest Command Deck: Operations Center

Luka stepped through the door to the Ops center and paused.

His gaze fell on a tall figure standing in front of one of the transparisteel windows. It was a slender woman clad in a sleek bodysuit that featured an oval cut out at the small of her back. Long brown hair fell across her shoulders nearly to the patch of exposed skin. From what he saw of it, the outfit was something he would expect to see in a holovid, but not something that anyone would wear on the Rest.

The door swished closed behind him.

Luka blinked, his brows rising slightly. He cleared his throat.

“Hello?” he ventured. “May I help you?”
Character Sheet

Mara Aragone, Zeltron Female Noble

~ Destiny's Rest Command Deck: Operations Center ~

Mara's mental review of herself in the reflection is broken by the movement seen behind here and the sound of the blast door sliding open. Before she even turns around, she sees that it is not the weaselly man, but someone else. The squarish face and compact frame are immediately different, but when she turns around she can see his blue eyes and the set of his jaw. The posture is more of self-confidence without needing to prove something to others.

Hey hazel eyes glance whence the Administrative Coordinator disappeared. Seeing no sign of his return, well, no need for him further. This must be the boss he was referring to.

Mara smiles warmly and moves around the consoles to extend her right hand, wrist upwards and fingers pointing down. Almost like she half expects him to gallantly kiss it like some cultured gentleman.

“Hello. I am hoping that you can assist me. Mister Hollander placed a call for Luka. Might you be him?” As she sedately moves, her graceful steps carrying her closer and the heels clicking on the polished floor, she notices that the extra height of her boots has put her looking downward at the shorter man.

The Zeltron woman stops about a step away, hand still extended, “I am Mara Aragone.”
Character Sheet

32A tilts his head slightly "Prior masters performed the installation in order to allow greater facility with fixing their mechanical problems. It has proved useful, also allowing for a greater range of motion when piloting a vessel."

His head straightens, and his photoreceptors whir slightly

"It allows for greater experience to improve responses and processes than moving goods on and helping repair where an individual is incapable of landing properly"

He lets his extra arm straighten and rotates it slightly at the hand before tucking it back in, "The repairs on bay 6 looked to be complete, the hole that is no longer was being smoothed. All that was required was making it appear like the other decking so other pilots would not get nervous."

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