Light And Lizardfolk

Light And Lizardfolk

Vicky quietly pushes the door open. The quiet maneuver is instantly defeated when a blast of flame originating from the door blasts the door wide open. Guan, Vicky and John are engulfed in the fiery explosion emanating from the door. The trio are hurt, some worse than others. The flames barely missed Jared who was just out of the explosion's range. Luckily for Guan his armor protected him from some of the magical fire.

Inside the room they see light. Not the flickering light of a torch or campfire, but actual solid, steady light. The light seems to be centered on the two occupants of the room. Two[/IMG][/IMG]
lizard-men grab up spears at the sound of their trap going off. They immediately know that there is intruders, and the hiss at the doorway ready to attack.

John Clarke - Eladrin Revenant Hybrid (Warden/Swordmage)

John jumps back as the explosion tears thru his body, with a hiss he pulls out his sword and enters the room seeing the two lizards and concentrates on his sword and fires a beam out of his sword.

ZhuGuan, half-elf

"That worked well!" ZhuGuan yells, bringing his arms up to cover against the engulfing flames, flames from the trap pulled into the green scales in his armor, protecting him. ZhuGuan lets our a roar and, after ducking through the doorway charges at the lizardmen. He pauses, briefly, when he reaches halfway into the room, "Where's Longtail?!" He shouts at the lizardmen.

These dice sets were omitted or moved: 1d20-20 2d4

Jared Lees, Halfling, Gloom Pact Binder

Jared sighs as the two fighting types rush into the room.

"I'm guessing we're not trying diplomacy..."


"My thoughts exactly," Vicky mutters back to him and coughs. She sounds more than a bit annoyed.

'Note to self: I'm not as sturdy as I used to be. Need to keep a low profile.'

She affords herself a moment to shake off the dizziness caused by the trap. Allowing ZhuGuan to grab the spotlight, she tries to use the diversion to move unseen into the room.


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