Light And Lizardfolk

Light And Lizardfolk - Round 5

ZhuGuan's not dead! Her heart almost skips a beat when she gets some reaction from him. Then it skips another two when she sees him heavily impaled and almost dead again. "No!" she cries out. ZhuGuan screams in pain as the mystic's spear pierces him, the sudden pain jarring him back to his senses. Vicky is so full of adrenaline that the world seems to move in slow motion. For some reason, it feels like she hears someone else screaming, not herself.

She quickly quaffs a healing potion and sends out a shadowy assault at the cause of the half-elf's agony. Most of it fails to hit him, but some of the missing essence finds its way to the hunter, sending him down again. Despite her almost berserker-state, she somehow manages to stop herself from killing him, merely leaving him unconscious. She then makes her way around the Mystic, readying herself for another assault at him. Again she misses the Mystic with another powerful attack.

John takes a deep breath and raises his sword above his head as scales begin to form over his body. He makes his way in the swamp and charges the mystic. He rams his sword into the lizard-man, cutting the reptile deeply. The Greenscale howls in pain from the attack. The tall half-elf stands, towering over the lizard man, forcefully extricating the lizardman's spear from his chest as the mystic tries to prevent it. "Not today," he says. His wounds seem to knit as the point of the spear leaves his chest. Something doesn't seem right to the half-elf when that happens but he ignores it and focuses on his new prey. A sinister smile on his face.

"My turn," the slayer hisses, taking two quick swings with his blade at the mystic. His first attack misses, but then he swings his reach weapon around and cuts the lizardfolk across the face. "Kill him," ZhuGuan roars uncharacteristically. As he does so, both Allyria and John take a few steps, changing their formation. John takes up a nice stance on the opposite side of the Mystic, hoping to gain a tactical advantage. Despite his attacks, Guan is still unable to get free from the swampy ground.

Turag runs into the fog-filled room while he carries Jared. He lays the halfling down on the floor, and he places the everburning torch near him for light. Then he slowly moves back towards the door to the room to see if they have been followed. He can still hear sounds of combat coming from the other room, but he can't see around the corner to know if the others are going to make it. He decides to stay here and wait out the fight. If the halfling recovers great, if he doesn't, and the others fall as well, he can steal the halfling's supplies and make his way back to Bragdor. Turag is too distracted to notice the halfling starting to
Natural 20 on the Death save, so Jared gets some health back.
stir behind him.

Allyria sends another bolt of pure chaos magic soaring towards the mystic. It slams into the greenscale causing it to howl in pain again. Despite the injury, the mystic continues to stand. The mystic's healing aura once again revives the Greenscale Hunter that they just can't seem to keep down. Seeing Allyria causing so much pain and damage to the mystic sends the lizardfolk into a rage.

As the hunter stands up and grabs it's weapon, it becomes wreathed in purple and black flame. Necrotic energy bubbles off the creature. It charges at Allyria intent on killing the wild mage. He rams his spear right through Allyria's
13 damage
chest. She collapses to the ground as her lifeblood begins to seep into the dungeon floor.

The mystic isn't finished either. He takes a cautious step into the muck and away from John and Vicky. His body looks as if it might be swelling for some reason. He slams his spear into Guan again. The attack isn't as good as his last one, but he still manages to hurt the half-elf.

John Clarke - Eladrin Revenant Hybrid (Warden/Swordmage)

John hisses at the sight of the Hunter getting up yet again "Enough of this!" John uses his swiftness to get to the Mystic flank and attacks.

ZhuGuan, half-elf

ZhuGuan's pulls a potion from his belt and pours some of the liquid on his wounds and drinks the remaining. "There were better choices than dying in here," he tells the mystic as he swings his blade against the caster, trying to disembowel the scaled caster.

"Where will you go now?" He taunts.


Vicky allows her rush of adrenaline to carry her further, not worrying about petty things like tactics and thoughts. She sends another shadowy assault at the mystic, barely restraining herself enough to try to take him down rather than kill him.


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