Light And Lizardfolk

Light And Lizardfolk - Round 6

John hisses at the sight of the Hunter getting up yet again. "Enough of this!"

John uses his swiftness to get to the Mystic's flank and attacks. the mystic swings it's spear at John, but misses with the weapon. John tries to hit the creature, but only nicks him. Still enough to slow him down and poison him, but not really enough to hurt him at the moment.

ZhuGuan pulls a potion from his belt and pours some of the liquid on his wounds and drinks the remaining. "There were better choices than dying in here," he tells the mystic as he swings his blade against the caster, trying to disembowel the scaled caster. Though Guan misses with his attack, he at least finally manages to escape from the confining sludge and plant-life.

"Where will you go now?" He taunts.

Vicky allows her rush of adrenaline to carry her further, not worrying about petty things like tactics and thoughts. She sends another shadowy assault at the mystic, barely restraining herself enough to try to take him down rather than kill him. She pulls the lizard wizard back with a yank of magical force. He hits the ground unconscious. This leaves only the Hunter left again. Purple and black flames still flicker off the reptile man.

It takes Jared a moment to realize just where he is. Turag isn't far from him. Turag hears the halfling starting to stir.

"The battle turned against you all. I managed to get you out, but the others.... I'm not sure what is happening now." explains Turag.

"I need to know if they can be saved." answers Jared as he gets to his feet.

He picks up the torch and takes note that his magic rod is nowhere in sight. He heads out the door, and looks through at the battle in the other room. He can see the Greenscale Hunter standing menacingly over Allyria's hurt form. Jared knows that he can't react fast enough to save her. He can only watch what is about to unfold. Allyria's eyes open wide as she looks up at the Greenscale above her. He was preparing to deliver a finishing blow to helpless target, but she managed to
Natural 20 on her save.
recover. Still he can try to kill her again.

The lizardfolk raises his spear high into the air, and brings it down hard towards the dark-skinned wild mage. He rams it into he chest again, and this time gives it a
6 damage
twist. Blood begins to pour out of Allyria's body again, making the pool even bigger, but she is still clinging to life.

The poison coursing through the marsh mystic thanks to John's serpentine attack, is enough to cause the reptile to expire despite Vicky's attempts to just subdue the creature. Only the flaming hunter is left.

ZhuGuan, half-elf

"Hang in there Dave," finally free of the grasping vegetation ZhuGuan charges the resilient hunter. He swings his glaive in a wide arc as he tries to club the hunter on the head with the flat of his blade. Maybe this will keep him down, he thinks.

John Clarke - Eladrin Revenant Hybrid (Warden/Swordmage)

John walks over to the down hunter with a crazed look in his eyes and hisses as John kicks the spear out of reach of the hunter. Still keeping a close eye on the lizard "SSO what do you want to do with this one? SShould we tie his up?"

ZhuGuan, half-elf

"Keep and eye on him," ZhuGuan replies. "First, though, we need to help Dave. He's still bleeding pretty badly. And where the hell did Jared and Turag go?" ZhuGuan has a worried tone in his voice and kicks the hunter in front of him in frustration.

What the hells am I doing? He thinks to to himself.


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