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A humble duel

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Who is the victor of the duel?
Rejakor 5 21.74%
Voxanadu 13 56.52%
It's a tie! You slaughter eachother! 5 21.74%

Rej doesn't stand a chance.

How does this work. Can I get the winner?


*Slides bolt cutters across the floor in front of Vox's feet*

*Throws in two baseball bats wrapped up in barbed wire that land at the feet of both fighters* "I'm on neither side. I just want to see an entertaining fight."

*JUMPS INTO THE AIR! Does a spinning back kick into Matty's back* HAZAH! FOOL!

A wild Wingman appears!
*smacks Rej over the back of the head with the butt of my scythe as I fly over the combat area*
beat him down Vox! *drops Vox the scythe*

~uses the scythe as a golf-club and slams the blade into the baseball bat which spins into the bolt cutters, which manage to pierce Rej's shoe penetrating his foot.~ Hazzah for improvised weapons!

Oh, sure hatter. I'll fight you when this is over.

*Reality warps briefly, and Morpheus, lord of dreams, appears in midair*

"I had an articulate speech written by Neil Gaiman for this, but I forgot it, so... Voxanadu. Duh. Come on, people."

*Morpheus fades away, muttering something indistinguishable about Cain and Abel*


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