Pirate Parley

Currently working on my character sheet, should have it up sometime later tonight (today, whatever...).

Quick question, though: Where are we at in terms of the school year? Are we starting off at the beginning of a new semester?

Added my sheet to the pile. I'm a bit of a doofus when it comes to numbers, so if anybody wants to look it over and make sure the math adds up, I'd appreciate it.

Also, just reposting my question here (with an addition) in case you didn't catch it Krimson: Where are we at in terms of the school year? Are we starting off at the beginning of a new semester? And, being a transfer student, would Faeun have met her fellow yacht club members by this point?

As for the Vacc-Skin thing for Panya - can we just specify that her Vacc Suit is of the Mechanical Counterpressure/SAS variety? It would not have the atmosphere recylcing of the TL 5 skin but the rest pretty much works as written - if we want to give a nod to realism it can be easy enough to specify that the light weight means it's not as shielded against radiation: great for survival and short spacewalks but to pull a full 6 hour shift in orbit you need something heavier in the vein of what Ethan uses.

Right. I'll try and answer the rest of the questions later. And it looks like we'll be moving ahead with five players. My apologies for any disruptions. I take full responsibility.

I'm working today (as yesterday) and I'll go through the sheets and try to get things going as soon as I can. A word of warning, the Calgary Stampede started (its a 10 day event and the 100th anniversary to boot) and my mom took the entire week off of work so I may not have a lot of free time for a few days.

In the meantime, use the existing RP thread to get to know one another. I don't anticipate much will change canonically, and the adlibbing does help me flesh out the setting.

I'm actually thinking of using bio-suits for environments where you can get by without a hard suit. Oh, and I can't see any problems with the characters, so as soon as my crazy town and its Stampede lets me, I'm going to see about finishing maintenance on that Space Elevator.

As far as the suits are concerned, I'm mostly interested in look, not function. The skinsuit in the attached picture is my preference over the vacc suit in the same. Far sexier.
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Something like a PL 4 Skin suit could work. See the link I posted in the previous post for the bio-suits. There will still be times for when hard suits are needed.

Ok, so this entire week could be a write off for me, due to the aforementioned Stampede. It will end after the weekend, and I should be able to get back to normal. So basically, thanks for your patience.

I was looking at some other stuff for inspiration as well such as Alternity, Diaspora and Starships and Spacemen which is being done by Goblinoid Games and will kind of be compatible with Labyrinth Lord, which means it will be compatible with Stars Without Number. I bought into the indiegogo crowd fund for it, and as such I got into the beta. Not exactly what I expected but an interesting read.


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