Part 3: The Other Shoe Dropeth

Veritas unceremoniously commented, "Keep them distracted, Tom.".

The half-elf decided to circle around, sneaking underneath the windows and trying to make as little noise as possible, to try and get to the back of the glassworks.

Aegon looked about, baffled, as the group took various complex actions to break into the glassworks. "Were we going to try knocking? Or is that not a thing any more?"

Brego was able to convince the small crowd of spectators that this was in fact a no-non-heroes-allowed type of situation, and the civilians quit asking so many questions, but they continued to watch what was going on from about halfway up the block.

While the onlookers were busy helping themselves to Brego's bullsh*t, Veritas found it easy to slip away and around to the back of the building where there was a service entrance that led down to the beach where the workers often gathered supplies, but the door, like all the others, was locked shut.

Nothing unexpected thus far. He wasn't looking to sneak in the back door anyway.

Veritas will proceed to look for a ladder or some other reasonable way to get to the roof.

Katariah d'Keleshii Suleiman Saharkar

Katariah has no time for this bullshit. Ameiko might be bleeding to death on the other side of this MYSTERIOUS SWORDPROOF DOOR, and here are onlookers here to 'stop bandits' or whatever inane activity they think they are up to. Where the hell were these onlookers when goblins were attacking, huh? With a snarl, she proceeds to
Dice Roll:
1d20+3 2d6+7
d20 Results: 1 (Total = 4)
d6 Results: 2, 1 (Total = 10)
Dice Roll:
1d20+3 2d6+7
d20 Results: 15 (Total = 18)
d6 Results: 2, 5 (Total = 14)
the door
Dice Roll:
1d20+3 2d6+7
d20 Results: 19 (Total = 22)
d6 Results: 1, 1 (Total = 9)
Dice Roll:
1d20+3 2d6+7
d20 Results: 20 (Total = 23)
d6 Results: 1, 2 (Total = 10)
Dice Roll:
1d20+3 2d6+7
d20 Results: 14 (Total = 17)
d6 Results: 3, 1 (Total = 11)
tree. Muttering to herself, she
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 11 (Total = 14)
savagely kicks open the mangled doors, and strides inside.

Jan quipped back to Aegon, "I guess we can call what Miss Saharkar did as 'knocking."

She looked back to the very eager woman hacking and bashing the victimized door to pieces, and gave a small wince and an irked smile.

"I am not going to pay for that. Really." She commented absently, before stepping behind Katariah.

"Miss Saharkar, while I commend your eagerness to go and help a friend... Remember that this is her father's shop you just break into. And without warning, I'd say." Jan gave her chiding, even as her gaze roamed across the place with the hope that Katariah eagerness was, well, wrong. If it had been right...

Gozzik Redknife

Extremely alarmed at the woman's blatant vandalism, Gozzik remarks to the other Heroes, "Um. Fan of Jan or not, I hope we aren't going to let this... Woman... follow us around much longer. She seems unstable. To say the least." Shaking his head slightly, the apparent child shrugs in the general direction of the townspeople, before looking through the ruin of the door to see what the hurry was all about.

Saitylvaness Sylvari The Knight of Stars

Sai had remained quiet up to this point, more than willing to let the others deal with the newcomer as they made their way to the glassworks. Her mind was still whirling with the possibility of motive for all the involved parties, and what it might mean not only if they were wrong, but even more upsetting, if they were right. Seeing the windows closed up and the doors locked didn't bother Sai in the least, she looked down and drew a single pick out from a small pouch. Her eyes shot back up to the door as she heard the sound of steel attempting to shatter wood. Sai was speechless. She had managed to keep her thoughts on the matter to herself but seeing as no one else was willing to take charge, the bladesinger's path was obvious. She was certain Gozzik's assessment of unstable was more than accurate, but there just came a point where someone had to take control of the situation.

Stepping up behind the woman who had hacked away at the door, Sai promptly gripped her thumb and forefinger around the girl's ear and began twisting. It was something she had seen parents do to unruly children, but as the Bladesinger twisted harder, it was obvious there was no love in the action whatsoever.

"Listen to me child." Sai drew closer to the girl's ear so the others would not hear her finish chastising the newcomer. "If you so much as swing that sword at ANY door one more time, by Shelyn's Glaive, I will ensure you never swing anything ever again. What we need now is to keep calm, wanton mayhem does NOTHING to help the situation. I understand you may want to help, but that is not how people should behave and certainly does nothing to keep calm among the citizens of Sandpoint. If you want to come along, so be it, but DO NOT let me catch you hacking down doors again." Removing her hand from Katariah's ear, Sai calmly walked past her and into the glassworks. Pausing for a second, she looked back her. "Also, you owe these people a new door."

In her frenzy of imprecations against the stalwart wooden door, the Keleshite girl doesn't notice the elf woman approaching with a determined mien. She does, however, notice a hand on her ear, gripping it firmly and pulling it to one side. Unfortunately, something else notices as well. The aura of darkness seething around the girl suddenly turns, eyes opening like fires flashing into life, a massive maw splitting into a smile. The thing hisses, and speaks in a sound like water hitting a hot stovetop. "Ssven mah temel shisi var, hsisisisi." The whole thing suddenly elongates and bends over the surprised elf, the massive maw splitting open to reveal whirling fire and sharp 'teeth' and essentially something that looks like the inner surface of hell.

The keleshite girl, gasping in pain as her ear is grabbed, half-turns/half-has-pulled her head around and sees the aura lunging for the elven woman. "Ouch! Ah... telesh! KRAYA. Sivas sivay sitto sel sabbas firam far! Foren tyars, seyer sieles!" The aura halts suddenly as she shouts KRAYA, quivering in place like an over-eager hound, and then with obvious reluctance returns to hover around her once again as the torrent of words in ignan come forth from the girl's mouth.

Crisis briefly resolved, the girl's mouth firms briefly into a hard line, as she stares at the elf. "As a summoner, my honour demands that if I lose control of a summon, I must comply with any demands those affected may ask as a recompense. My orders to hessesselen were in error, and he nearly managed to attack you. My honour is in shreds before you." She turns slowly, pulling the elven woman's hand with her, until Sai has to make the choice between releasing the ear or pulling it off the girl's head. Her face is white with pain, but Katariah grimly continues. "But I will not stand idly by while ANOTHER of my friends is abducted." Dark anger burns in her eyes. "So get. the hell. out. of. my. way."

Alone behind the building, Veritas did not see any items as tall as a ladder, but there were some boxes lying around, and the stone walls of the building were uneven enough that a skilled climber may be able to scale the twenty-five foot structure to get to the roof. He also noticed, as he got close to the door, that he could hear what sounded like high-pitched giggles and shrieks, and the sound of glass breaking from somewhere inside the building.

In front of the Glassworks, audible gasps and whispers could be heard from the growing crowd of spectators nearby as Katariah literally smashed the wooden door to pieces with her greatsword. The splintered boards of what used to be a door flew haphazardly into the display room, knocking several valuable glass pieces from their displays and shattering them against the hard, stone floor. With the door now gone, those outside could see the interior of the round room. Bright rays of sunlight filled the area through a skylight on the ceiling high above. There were several shelves and stands holding various items made of worked glass including bottles, candle holders, wind chimes, colored plate glass window ornaments and other glasswork art pieces, on display so that customers could browse.

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