Part 3: The Other Shoe Dropeth

Jan flinched when the bubble of dark energy expanded out and passed through her tired body. Both pain and blood burst out in renewed waves on the bite wound the Sinspawn had graciously left behind on her neck. For a moment, she could only stood still there, reeling from the pain and from the strain on her aching muscles.

Not to mention the damnable sluggish spell the quasit had cast was before still affecting her. But, damn it, she was not going to show weakness.

The proud Cheliax straightened up her posture and took deep, discreet, breaths to steady herself as her dark eyes took stock of the developing situation from under her sweaty bangs.

The cranes were flying in around in the air, weaving to and fro. With those in the way, she couldn't get a clear shot. Then there was the newcomer, Ugly Mugs.

That meant she couldn't just throw her axe as her first instinct demanded. Instead, Jan dropped the now useless weapon to the floor and shifted her grip on her shield. With a quick jerk from both hands, she executed a simple maneuver she had trained enough that she could do it blind-folded, and up went the shield over her shoulder and down came the long-hafted bardiche from over the other shoulder.

"Oy, another ugly mug. Well, I guess its the Goddess' shtick." She commented off-handedly with a grin on her face, ignoring how the muscles that kept the expression steady tingled from the pull of the gaping wound on her neck. The woman stepped up the balcony's edge and waved the bardiche in her hands threateningly.

"Come on, let's wrap this up real quick, I need all the beauty sleep I can get."

Gozzik Redknife

Gozzik after having dispatched the spider, simply spent a bit of time yelling at the corpse, kicking at its head, and spitting bloody foam at it.


"But that's the beauty of it. They don't have to!


Taking a valiant step forward, even in his admittedly weary condition, Veritas' foot shot up to slam against Erylium's chest, aided by the distraction caused by his cranes. While one helped flank, the other went and attacked the other semblance of the quasit.

The first of Veritas' summoned cranes attacked one of the Eryliums, scratching through the image with a sharp talon as it disappeared in a puff of smoke.

The second crane simply flailed about wildly, providing a torrent of loud and annoying noises, but taking no further actions.

<Updated Battlemap>

Saitylvaness Sylvari The Knight of Stars

Saitylvaness felt her mind drift as if sucked into the very depths of chaos and madness. For a split second, the bladesinger paused as if completely lost in her own mind. Her eyes went blank and her shoulders slumped from the power of the magic assaulting her senses. Her consciousness was completely out of her control, riding the waves of delirium, desperately hoping to to wash up on the shores of sanity. She slowly grew complacent, content to let the sounds of that madening ocean carry her away into the darkness.

A single note stuck out against the discordant melody. One note, soft and pure burned like a distant and familiar candle in sea of darkness. The sound reverberated deep within her heart, and the tiny candle dancing in the gloom became a brilliant flame.

Before she even had the chance to open her eyes, Sai's body instantly burst into motion. Her body surged forward, on a collision course with Veritas. At the last moment before they collided, her foot darted to his left and the bladedancer's weight carried her into a graceful spin brushing past his flurry of fists. Continuing past, she lunged at the wretched looking creature that entered the doorway. As the blow connected, electricyt acred down the blade, scorching the area around her incision. Withdrawing the tip of her blade from her foe, she assumed a defensive stance. "Don't worry Tom, I won't let this thing muss up your pretty face."


The painfully disfigured monster made a motion as if he meant to use his array of weapons to parry the incoming attack, but he hadn't the time to properly prepare his defenses against the bladesinger's swift assault. Sai's blade struck true, piercing into the creature's side and unleashing a pulse of electric energy through his body.

Tom o' the Six Strings

Brego felt a wave of confusion wash over him, but he was able to regain his senses for just long enough to realize there was a monstrosity coming his way. Brego threw the crossbow to the ground. He was unlikely to damage the demon, but perhaps he'd be able to help Sai with this fight

Drawing his rapier Brego would adopt a defensive stance and try to disarm the creature of one of it's more heavy hitting weapons

Koruvus attempted to fend off the forward thrust of Brego's thinblade, but he was unable to overcome the deft fencing technique of the agile bard. Placing his rapier perfectly on the topside of the monster's longsword for leverage, Brego flipped his weapon over in a flash of steel and sent the creature's glowing longsword crashing against the stone floor.

Unable to reach the demon as he originally intended, Veritas goes for the bold move of...

...drawing the katana he'd previously taken from Tsuto with one hand while untying his sash with the other. Wait, what?


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