Part 3: The Other Shoe Dropeth

With the scene before her getting uglier by the minute, Jan stepped forward and with a cold smile pushed both elf and Keleshite deeper into the workshop, mindful of the pieces from the door and the glass shards.

"We will talk about this, LATER." She placed emphasis upon the last word, then turned to face Katariah. "Especially with you, if you can't keep your 'summons' OR yourself in check."

Jan then told them both to look around, at different sides of the place. She turned back to the entrance, motioning for Aegon and Gozzik to enter and--hopefully--be a buffer between the two, before heading out to meet Tom.

For a second, she wondered if Veritas could hear the door being broken in and if the half-elf would follow suit in breaking in the back door. Damned demon worshippers...

"Sorry about that!" Jan called out to the audience, while giving a nudge to the the bard to help calm her the now restless crowd. "The girl hadn't been housebroken! Seriously though, if possible, we would like you to keep your distance from this area."

With the spectacle, and the crowd, subtlety simply had gone out of the window. Or through the door, in this particular case. Might as well keep safety and calm.

Actually, the half-elf had something more subtle in mind. The sounds that came from within were not reassuring, but he somehow managed to keep calm and NOT bust in from behind.

Taking on the aspect of Asura, Veritas set about to quickly put up a small stack of crates so he could get to the roof. With any luck he'd be able to scout the insides through the skylight.

After a short while of measuring up, Veritas decides to take on the smarter approach: he sets the crates up like a ramp of sorts, gets himself a running start and attempts to leap his way up.

Tom o' the Six Strings

Whether it was the hangover, or the new girl, or the others reaction that was giving Brego a headache he wasn't sure, but regardless it wasn't being helped. There was another member of their little troupe and even more petty bickering, at least this time it was from a human, it would be a shame if the elves had cornered the market on pig-headedness.

Brego nodded towards Jan at the help making a motion back towards the group. Speaking quieter now

"We need a plan of attack... M'lady Sai and Master Aegon should take the front, they've the best ears and the best chance of hearing an ambush over the noise of the factory. Master Halfling, follow behind, you three should be able to be quick and quiet to let the rest of us know whats going on..." he paused "Lady Jan and myself will follow behind, and you Lady Katariah will watch our rear... No one go off on your own, we don't know what we'll find here. Veritas..." he said looking to where the elf had been "..can take care of himself, I'm sure we'll meet with him soon enough. Sound good?" he asked to the group

Saitylvaness Sylvari The Knight of Stars

"Come 'Herald of Darkness'. Let's find out what's going on here." She smirks as she nods for Aegon to join her near the door. Her footfalls were quiet as she made her way around the counter. Sai still was unsure there was anything wrong going on, but locked doors in the middle of the day did seem strange...

Aegon mentally blanched at Sai's use of his title, but surely she was simply misremembering the engraving on his blade. Or perhaps she translated it differently than Risa had. In any event, she surely could not know or even suspect who he truly was. "Good idea. I can't say after that display that I expect anyone to be off their guard in here, but maybe we're lucky and that forge is even noisier than a splintering door."

He brushed past the others as he stepped into the display room alongside Sai. He glanced back at Katariah, "Remember, there are normal, innocent people who work here. Don't go cleaving the head off of some unsuspecting townsfolk because they happen to sneeze."

He clapped a hand on Gozzik's shoulder, kneeling. "I trust you with my back."

Behind the glassworks, Veritas hastily built a platform from which to try and leap all the way to the edge of the twenty-five foot high roof, but despite a marvelously acrobatic jump, he still came up several feet short of the roof's ledge. His skilled effort was completed with a perfect landing on his feet, but unfortunately, right back on the ground where he started.

Those in the display room who attempted to
DC 12
listen through the doors would notice not much of anything through the door facing southeast, but through the eastern passage, just barely over the sound of the churning furnace, they could faintly hear what sounded like high-pitched giggles and shrieks, and the sound of glass breaking.

Anyone with
Local DC 10
casual knowledge of the town's Glassworks would know that the front side of the building that ran along Glass street primarily held a number of rooms, including storage and meeting rooms, offices and other facilities for the work staff, and that the entire back side of the building, facing out toward the bay, housed the furnace room where all of the glassworking was done.

Gozzik Redknife

Gozzik nods as the plan is being put forward, and, with another glare towards the Keleshite girl, moves along with the others to clear the building.

Saitylvaness Sylvari The Knight of Stars

"There are sounds coming from this door. It sounds like giggles and shrieks." Drawing her blade she whispered back to the others. "Prepare yourselves, not all of the Goblins may have left Sandpoint..." Or worse, they found a secret way in!

Sai was surprised they hadn't heard the commotion at the door, perhaps they were just lucky. "When you're ready, I'll open the door..." Her eyes were focused on Aegon; they would be the first two into the fight. She had played through the first combat they had fought in repeatedly in her mind, she had studied his movements and knew it wouldn't be hard to keep up. He wasn't as quick, or as precise, but his attacks were rather devastating. The bladesinger's mind began to think of how to best use his abilities to her advantage...Sai looked back once more to make sure the rest of the group was prepared before opening the door.

Aegon had had the same thought, and his blade was sliding out of its sheath with a metallic hiss only moments behind Sai's. "Let us hope we feel rather foolish once we open this door..."

Noting that he likely won't be able to pull it off on his acrobatic prowess and that his companions are likely in already, Veritas decides to try and climb freestyle.

The first time he finds no purchase, but thankfully lands on his feet. Not one to give up easily, the six-armed man proceeds to try again. This time he slips and bangs his head against the wall, which shatters what little focus was keeping his anger in check...

...which means he's not so subtle coming up a third time as he should be.

The frustration doesn't help any, which means he slips again, though not as pathetically as last time. Still, the half-elf is barely keeping himself from just punching handholds into the wall as he attempts it a fourth time.

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