Part 3: The Other Shoe Dropeth

Erylium watched helplessly, and with a great deal of frustration as the newly arrived monstrosity was assaulted by the duo who were apparently unaffected by her magic. For a moment she considered slaughtering one or both of them, but she was also quite distracted by the celestial birds who continued to perturb her, and she was intent on eliminating that nuisance as quickly as possible, even as her earlier wounds continued to heal themselves.

In the end, the demonic sorceress decided on the latter, focusing on her own longevity. Flying a bit further to the northwest, Erylium conjured up another duplicate of herself, and then called forth another elemental cohort; this time from the pure flames of the plane of fire. Swirling out of thin air, a small creature made of pure flame appeared before one of the celestial birds and lashed out at the winged summons with a burning tendril. The attack slammed into its target with force, but the fire itself seemed to wash harmlessly over the crane, leaving it without so much a single feather singed.

After being skewered by Saitylvaness and stripped of two thirds of his weapons by Brego's blade, Koruvus retaliated against his most recent attacker. As the monster bent slightly at the waist, there came a deep and thoroughly disgusting rumble from somewhere inside of him. He then lifted his head to face Brego, and from his wide-open, snaggletoothed maw he projected a torrent of foul-smelling and acidic blood in the bard's direction. The toxic spew burnt through Brego's clothing and bubbled painfully into his skin, but perhaps worse was the stench that was so horrible he could even taste it in his mouth as he struggled not to turn up his own insides. Following this, Koruvus reached toward the floor, attempting to retrieve one of his fallen weapons.

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Saitylvaness Sylvari The Knight of Stars

Sai lashed out wildly as the hideous creature expelled some foul smelling bile at Tom. Part of her wanted to cry out to him, to move and protect him from the vile little creature, but the song began to pull her in a different direction. Her first instinct was to fight it, to rebel against the melody and protect her friend. For a split second she could feel herself falling out of rhythm with her inner song, her mind flashed back to the last time she felt this strange power resonating inside her, and how she had tried to coerce the song to do her will.

It can't be controlled, it can only be followed.

Sai closed her eyes and let the music lead her movements. With a powerful spring upward, Saitylvaness grabbed the casing of the door frame with her free hand and used her momentum to carry her up and over the foul little monster. With a delicate twist, she came down on the other side facing her enemy and let her blade again sink deep into it's flesh.

"Tom, are you alright?"

Tom o' the Six Strings

See an opening Brego would reach and try to stab the creature square in the heart. He winced as the foul breath washed over him, but he was able to hold his lunch down, this time

In between his notes he was able to let out a single "I'm fine..." though he looked more annoyed that his clothing had been ruined by such a foul creature more than the damage he had taken

Cursing when the quasit nearest to her exploded in a poof of smoke under the attacks of the long-necked bird summon, Jan turned to see the other quasit, the real one, who was in the process of flying closer to the center of the room and farther awat from the Cheliax warrior's reach. She swung her weapon, the tip grazing the ceiling for a second.

On the other hand, Tom and Sai seemed to be handling themselves fine enough against the monstrosity that had come in. There was a moment of uncertainty when it unloaded its own stomach bile at Tom, but the her fellow countryman dodged quickly enough that only his clothes were singed by the corrosive exhalation.

Then the quasit summoned a second elemental, which started harassing Veritas' summoned birds. Jan quirked a brow when one of its attacks just phased past the bird with nary a flustered feather.

"Well, if she is giving out free targets," Jan took a strained step forward, and swung her long-hafted weapon at the elemental, "Who am I to question it?"

The bardiche's tip grazed the ceiling as it traced a diagonal arc, compensating for its length, before ending up in the general vicinity of the elemental's 'chest'.

Like before, she barely felt more resistance than what she expected when putting her weapon against these elemental things. But apparently she stuck true, because small gouts of flame erupted all long the 'wound' her weapon left across the elemental's 'chest' and it let out a hissing, crackling, screech of pain.

With a grin, she glanced down to the main floor, and called out to half-elf, "Mister Veritas! Tell your birdies to keep up against that winged goblin! I got this one!"

"Frightening how like-minded we can be, miss Jan. I'm sure they'll be happy to comply." Veritas noted as he deftly tied the sash around the holes of the sword's guard.

"Little demon. I'm sure you've realized it by now. Your efforts are wasted. Surely, being a practitioner of the mystical arts, you can see it in your mind's eye. The star up in the sky shining bright red for you - the entrance of the underworld beckoning for your soul! Stand down now, and we may yet show you mercy! Continue at your peril, and that star's call will be heeded!!"

At his beckon, Veritas' celestial cranes urged forth towards Erylium...

Tom o' the Six Strings

"Finish him..." muttered Brego in between his lyrics before taking a step back. There were three enemies in front of him, and sound only traveled so far... if he could aim it just right...

An ear piercing scream rang out from his mouth and Brego sent a wave of pain towards both the Eryliums and the newly formed elemental


Aegon staggered down several additional steps before heaving his throwing axe at the vexing summoner.



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