Name: Robyn Synger

Race: Human

Class: Rogue (3) / Wizard (1)

Robyn dresses in nondescript, grey explorer's garb, most of the time. She has dark brown hair, a light but freckled complexion, and startling, light-brown eyes that almost look amber or orange in the correct lighting.

Background: Andolin Synger was a bard and a well-respected member of the Guild of Musicians. One of many excellent performers in Lodis, he was well-loved by his regular listeners. Andolin also boasted a powerful patron, a wealthy merchant standing high in among the power-elite of the city. As a result, when Andolin was free with verse or song that criticized the powerful, he drew less displeasure than most would, for he was protected. Protected, that was, until his love of women focused on one in particular, the daughter of his own patron. It is an old story, long retold: boy meets girl, boy marries girl, boy and girl flee angry father and live in poverty and love. So it was that Andolin continued his songs and stories, loved by the people, just poorer people than he used to play for. In particular, they favored the tales of Robyn Overlook. In the tales and songs, Robyn – a cunning rogue and master of disguise, made the rich look like fools, took the wealth they stole from the people, and redistributed it to where it was most needed. Perhaps the whim of this character was strong with Andolin, for he named his first child – a daughter – Robyn.

Robyn was raised in poverty and love: her father a somewhat broken-down bard (more and more broken-down over time, as he angered more people with his music); her mother working as a barmaid in a low tavern where the family lived in the attic. The lack of wealth mattered not at all, for the love between them was epic, and it was shared with their daughter whom they both doted upon. In Robyn's eyes, nothing could be better in life than to find someone to love the way she saw that her parents loved each other. The only thing she loved as much as watching her parents together was watching her father perform and listening to his songs and stories. Her mother and her father educated Robyn in everything they knew, engendering a strong love of learning in the young girl and a desire to collect stories the way other people collect commemorative plates. So their life and love continued, until Andolin disappeared.

It is hard to know exactly what happened to Robyn's father, there were many tales: some said that Andolin was waylaid by assassins, others that he was thrown in prison, others that he had merely run off when threats of the first two arose, but what did happen is that one day he was simply gone. Without Andolin's regular, though poor income, things became harder for Robyn and her mother. To make ends meet, she had to take on some of the characteristics of her father's character… taking money from those who had an excess and redistributing it to her and her mother. It is hard to say how this might have ended, had she not found a patron of her own… but a patron in the shadowy arts.

Alignment: Neutral

Expected Posting Rate: I'm on every day, so I will post every day that my character has something to add to the scene, multiple times a day if the flow of the story allows.

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