Worlds Collide

Worlds Collide

A place where players from multiple games can talk and interact.

Got an update for both my Supernatural Game and my Vampire Noir. I'm currently training for the Army the next 2 weeks, I'm told it will be 14-16 hour days. So my availability will be limited but do not worry after that I will be back ready to get Vampire Noir started and keep Supernatural going strong.

Now, one other thing I'd like to mention is that anyone wanting to run their own WoD game, even your friends not just the current list of players by all means recommend this game forum. I would love to see this become a hub of multiple games ran by multiple GMs. Perhaps even a large crossover game one day. However this won't happen except by participation by others, many others.

I found myself surfing the endless expanse of tumblr and couldn't resist sharing.

Does anybody own a cat? I would like to own a dog but getting ready to deploy so no such luck.

Three in my house including a Maine Coon. Sweet natured but big and strong as Hell. Fears nothing, including the dog.

Yeah, this is my second one. I'll have internet but also doing school so these will be my only games while I'm there. My goal is to finish my bachelor's before I leave.

Never had a cat but had gf's who had them and I'm not really misssing them... xP

Nah I'm a dogperson even though my own is probably more cute then most cats :P


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