Worlds Collide

Ahh, yeah I know nothing about that. Hmm, let me look over the books and mention NWoD Changeling in the WODs thread under Game Planning. Let's see if anyone else wants to play it before I start working on it. I need at least 3-4 players to get it started and probably going with an SAS to help me out story wise as I've never played much less ran Changeling. Any of you played The Fear-Maker's Promise?

Nope haven't played The Fear-Maker's Promise and I have only played a few real-life sessions of changeling but really loved it

I have not played the Fear Makers Promise but uh... I am good at role playing what my character knows versus what I know..

To both Supernatural and VtM: Noir my apologies about the slowness of the weekend. I had a paper due monday and finally got it done. Now I can get back to what is important. Gaming!

Burne, Whats best in life? *with stern asian accent*

To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.


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