Prologue: Fight and Flight

It takes a bit of doing to carry the wood back to camp. The walk is short but the scuffle and the labor has you all feeling in need of a rest. You arrive back at the village around lunch time, and the smells of cook-fires seem to cut right to your rumbling bellies.

After a quick lunch and splitting and stacking the logs all afternoon yet another day draws to a close. Tomorrow you must set out on your Journey.

In the VillageTired from the day's work, Zednik leaned on his spear wearily. It had turned out to be a trying day emotionally as well, for Kerrha was still clinging to Lily and Sahara rather than returning to him. It was very odd... what had he done to upset her?

While he was musing, Zednik caught sight of Nydia as she went about her business. He flagged her down, approached her, and asked, "How is Sahara doing? Is she still upset about the birds we killed?"

Nydia Star-Counter

In the VillageAfter walking Sahara back to her hut, and managing to untangle Basil from his love-fest on the unfortunate penguin, Nydia was quickly buried in her list of chores from Jhahara, now that the wise-woman was awake. Pacing the village, Nydia had prepared Jhahara's lunch, milked the serpents, left food in the wicker cage of mice that sits just outside the hut, and was now watering the numerous plants in pots and hangers on the side of the yurt when Zednik approaches. "She will be fine. She needs to learn that we cannot be kind and loving to all creatures. It is not the way of things." She explains as she tilts the water canister into the pot. It's old water, left over from washing and rinsing food, and therefore unfit for humans or creatures to drink. "She was more upset that we were not happy with her than she was about the creatures, I believe... she is very gentle." Zednik knows Nydia well enough to know this is far from a compliment as she continues watering the plants.

Sahara Heart-Seer

In the VillageWhen Nydia leaves, Sahara bids her a soft goodbye but says nothing else. Her attention is now fully on the upset Piplup, who she tries to comfort by holding her in her arms and sending her soothing feelings telepathically. Normally she would take the Piplup to her home, but Zednik might be worried about where she had run off to. With that in mind, she seeks him out.

With a touch of regret, Daeron releases his bond with the bird, letting it flutter up to the tree to roost. "If you ever wish for a safe home, you will be welcome at mine." Shouldering the sledge of branches, he helped haul his fair share of the lumber. Catching up to Leon, it took a few moments for him to catch his rasping breath before he inquired, "Any luck with the eggs? How many did you find?"

It looks like we have two Pidgey eggs. Mmm-mm!
Leon says, looking greedily at the potential tasty morsels. Keeping up with the group, he decided to take more of the load so that others could hold the eggs. That way they would not get smashed before they had a chance to cook the tasty little treats.

Daeron eyed the eggs as he carried one with the help of Stitch on his back. Imagining a baby Pidgey floating in it made the thought of eating the egg a little unappetizing. "Um...maybe we should keep them to see if they'll hatch? I'm not sure how long the birds were roosting on them. Then when they grow up, we can have all the fresh eggs we want. Not like we don't have plenty of meat to eat now."

With Nydia and SaharaBefore Zed could answer Nydia, he caught sight of Sahara approaching. He smiled warmly and motioned for her to approach, glad to see his little friend safely in her arms.

As the two neared, Kerrha buried her face in Sahara's arms. This caused her human partner to frown, wondering still what was bothering the little pokemon. This was a new behavior... and Zed was at a loss as to what to do. Speaking to the soft-spoken young lady that held Kerrha, Zednik said, "Thank you for caring for Kerrha. I hope she wasn't a burden..."

The Piplup squawked sharply, her face still hidden from Zednik's view. In response, the human smacked his forehead in disbelief... he was normally quite good at avoiding insensitive speech, "I didn't mean it that way, err, I... well..."

Uncharacteristically at a loss for words, Zednik fell silent.

Sahara Heart-Seer

With Nydia and ZednikSahara shakes her head at Zednik's words. "Never a burden. Kerrha is brave and loyal." Usually she was, at least. Right now, it was odd at how she was avoiding looking at her partner. "Did something upset her?"

Lily, who is at Sahara's side, sits down to listen to the conversation.

Zednik, Sahara and NydiaZednik fumbles a few times before explaining himself to the girls. It's clear that Sahara's still doesn't like the situation but she doesn't seem to harbor any ill will. After some chatting the little group breaks up, each of you returning to your homes to get ready for your trip tomorrow.

The Boys
The argument over the Pidgey eggs continues for a quite a while each of you tries to convince the other. Finally, you come to a compromise dividing the eggs among you. One to Leon which will likely meet it's end as tomorrow's breakfast and one to Dearon to be cared for and hopefully hatched. Both of you satisfied you head home.

End of Prologue


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