Prologue: Fight and Flight

Daeron patted Sven's shoulder and murmured, "That's why we stay." Looking to the flock, he thumbed towards them, motioning to the fellow shepherd to help, hopefully. Stitch was perked up now that the activity began, looking about with curiosity. Wary, the near-mute began signalling to the flock to begin a slow meander towards the western field, as if to simply rotate their grazing, while he
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 17 (Total = 20)
kept an eye out towards the western side of the land. If they were getting surrounded, things would be far worse.

Sven Straw-Skein

"I'd feel a lot better if more stayed behind," he grumbled to himself, but didn't hesitate to follow Daeron's suggestion. Looking down at his own mareep, he said "Well c'mon, Duggles, let's get your flock over to the other side," and sent him to help organize the herd along. It was still a little strange seeing a mareep do a dog's job, and Duggles seemed to always act in a frustratingly slow and ponderous manner, but somehow he always got the job done in a timely manner.

Zednik chocked back his apprehension as he slowly made his way toward the source of the disturbance. He was relieved that the flock was on the move. The mareep were an asset the Oldok could not afford to lose.

A dozen or so yards from the tree-line, Zednik came to a stop and called out, "We know you're in there, show yourselves and we may yet remain at peace. The Oldok mean you no harm."

Of course, the young tribesman had no clue what awaited him in the dense foliage, but there was nothing to be lost in an
Dice Roll: 1d20+3
d20 Results: 5 (Total = 8)
Roll for persuasion/intimidation in the case of human listeners.
at offering peace. A tribesman might be willing to talk things out; a pokemon might be
Dice Roll: 1d100-3
d100 Results: 11 (Total = 8)
allured by the young man's
Attempt to befriend an unseen pokemon, in the minor chance should it happen to be nuetral.

Sahara Heart-Seer

Top of the Southern WallThe young man's words seem practical to Sahara. She has little idea of how a watch is best conducted, so following the advice of someone more experienced at it is the wisest course of action. She nods to his instructions and rises, holding Lily close to her chest. The Chikorita remains snoozing as she goes to get down from the wall and find Onlia.

In the Field
Awaiting for something to happen, the bow drawn and ready to launch at the first thing he sees, Leon grew anxious. Calling out for Vinsaer, Leon lowers his bow and makes a few gestures, then points at the area where the commotion is happening. The Zubat swept over the area to see any hostile creatures. If there were, he would screech in a normal Zubat fashion, stop, then start again, then stop, and continue that pattern for a time. If not, he would call out once.

Near the forests edge
Leon, Zednik,Nydia cross the open pasture and call out to confront the lurkers. The Mareep's still out grazing peacefully perk up at the whistles from the shepherd boys and begin to shuffle their way around the side of the village to the hopefully more peaceful western side.

As you approach and call out six human figures materialize out of the forest shadows followed by two beasts. The six of them appear to be around your ages and all have the light-brown skin of the southern planes tribes. The first to come out is a girl of average height with dark-red hair braided down to the small of her back. She is followed by two almost identical boys one on either side of her. They are VERY large and are covered in black and violet tattoos, although by the looks of petulant disdain on their faces, you'd guess their skulls are as think as their biceps. One seems to have a rock creature hanging around his over-thick neck, it's arms clasped in a circle creating on odd living necklace. The three others fill in behind them, looking much less sure of themselves than the first three. One is a petite girl with tar-black hair holding a small pinkish animal. One Is a young man with the dirty-blond hair holding a pot with a plant creature of some kind sticking out of it and the other is a watery eyed youth who looks wholly out of place in the wilderness. A small yellow humanoid creature sits on his shoulder looking at the three of you with calculating eyes.

A midnight-black horse beast trots up beside her as she speaks. "The Oldok may mean us no harm but it is you who are on our lands. I am Theris Fire-Mane of the
The he-noc tribe is a medium sized tribe that lays claim to most of these plains. Their village is four or five days of travel to the east.
He-noc. Why have you built your village here?"

The Shepherds
As you begin to coax the flock around the side of the village you see the six figures emerge from the forest to confront Zednik, Leon, and Nydia. From this distance it's impossible to make out much detail or over-hear the conversation. Although looking around the west side of the village you don't notice anything out of the ordinary. It appears the six tribesmen are the only ones around.

Sahara, in the Village
You make your way across the village to the chiefs hut where he and Onlia reside. As you approach you give the door a few soft knocks and in a few moment Onlia opens the door. She is a striking woman even though she is now nearing three decades. Her skin is the dark coffee brown of the western river tribes and her long dark hair curls lazily down her head resting on her shoulders in loose ringlets. She greets you warmly as she opens the door "Hello Sahara."

In the Fields
He-noc? They were on He-noc territory? Surely there was some sort of mistake. Perhaps negotiations were in order, and Leon was not the one to do it. The hunter-boy was not the brightest of the bunch, and he figured he would mess something up. Keeping his arrow on his bow, he lowered the weapon as a sign of good faith. An oscillating screeching noise is heard as the Zubat returns to the shoulder of Leon. Holding fast, the boy waits for someone to speak.

Nydia Star-Counter

In the FieldsNydia cocks her head curiously at the people of the He-Noc Tribe approach. While she's grateful it's not one of the more ravenous inhabitants of the forests, another tribe could be worse... much worse. She leaves the sling hanging from her belt as she bends, picking up her tiny dog; Basil leans as far forward as he can to sniff the strangers, but with Nydia standing several paces back from Zednik, it's a futile effort. She glances at Zednik, wondering what the young man has planned. None of them are exactly qualified to be speakers for the chief, but they can't very well just ask several dangerous-looking tribesmen into their village and ask them kindly to wait. What has she heard about the He-Noc tribe in the past? Silently the wise-woman-in-training ponders, letting the one who assumed leadership say the first words.

Sahara Heart-Seer

Chief's HutSahara nods to Onlia as the woman answers the door. In a soft voice, one she usually uses, she says, "Hello. Someone on watch wanted me to retrieve you. They saw something beyond the walls. It might be a threat."

Lily perks her head up and waves her leaf, signaling confirmation on Sahara's words.

It was an understatement to say Zednik was intimidated by the He-nocs, particularly the big brawny ones, but it was far from the charismatic young man to let such feelings show. He was aware of a He-noc settlement several days journey away and assumed that the six 'visitors' hailed from that location and, more importantly, that they likely were hungry, thirsty, and worn-down after such a journey.

Dice Roll: 1d20+3
d20 Results: 18 (Total = 21)
Diplomatically, he bowed slightly, and addressed Theris, "I am a loyal servant of my tribe, quick to obey and slow to question the intentions of my chief... so I am afraid I cannot answer your question. I can, however, offer you an audience with Onlia Blue-Eyes, the kind matron of the Oldok. My two companions would be happy to escort you to her and I, of course, would remain here with your companions as an act of good faith. After meeting with Onlia, I trust a peaceful solution can be met... an occasion we would certainly celebrate by offering your group food, drink, and rest after your long journey."

Zednik placed his spear on the ground and stepped forward as if to place himself at the mercy of the physically-imposing warriors, "Does my offer please you, noble Theris Fire-Mane?"


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