Prologue: Fight and Flight

The Negotiations
The girl seems to puff up at the idea of being given audience with Onlia. You get the feeling she is very pleased to have been taken so seriously. "Very well... Take me to her, but my companions are coming as well. " She says with an air of haughty authority.

Dice Roll: 1d20+3
d20 Results: 14 (Total = 17)
intensifying his tone just a bit, replied to Theris Fire-Mane's demand that all six He-Noc warriors be allowed entrance to the Oldok Settlement by saying, "Perhaps I was unclear a moment ago. You are the one speaking for your fellows, so it is only you that need speak with Onlia Blue-Eyes. What's more, it is not my place to grant so many access to our home. If Onlia and you come to peaceful terms, perhaps then my matron will consider granting all of you entry."

Nydia Star-Counter

In the FieldNydia glances aside at Leon, but quickly turns her eyes forward. She was resistant to bring even one into the village. Six were out of the question. The fact that they have creatures among them does little to ease her worries; surely they wouldn't be allowed in the village as well. Noting the creatures brought, she focuses most on the black steed behind Theris Fire-Mane, trying to gauge how strong these people might be by their apparent leader. If they are not so strong, they can keep them out of the village by force, if necessary.

In the Village
Onlia raises an eyebrow then walks back into the hut for a moment. In a few seconds she appears carrying a large vase of water painted in red and blue pattens, the design is in the same style of the warpaint the Oldok use when going to battle. You know that vase is the one that holds
Demon as Onlia so affectionately named him is an EXTREAMLY Ill tempered Carvanha. Seems she's playing it careful.
Demon ."Lead me to them." She said hurrying along after you lugging her vase.

The Meeting
The girl scowls and as she does so the horse creature next to her stomps it's hooves agitatedly letting off a small burst of flames from it's feet and mane. "I'll not leave my tribesmen and let you lure me into a trap. Have someone fetch her or we can settle this here." The two large brutes beside her step forward at this and actually go far as popping their knuckles.

The MeetingTo lead her into a trap out in the wilds? I think not. Leon burst angrily. There was a slim chance that negotiations will go well here. If the hunters were back, then perhaps they could talk some sense into the He-noc. Perhaps that was the answer..

Give us a moon to gather a party of elders and guardsmen, and you can do the same. We will meet midday tomorrow in this very spot to discuss things. It is the only way we would be safe, and you as well. No traps, no tricks.

Sahara Heart-Seer

In the VillageSahara leads Onlia and her Carvahna to the wall, where she indicates to the meeting below without speaking. Lily gives the field a concerned look.

Sven Straw-Skein

Bottom of the Palisade Wall, SouthSven nudges Daeron quietly as the He-Noc come into plain view, clearly outnumbering the "delegation" that their own tribe had sent. "Look sharp, this doesn't look good," he murmurs, reaching for his shepherd's crook from it's place leaning against the wall. His assessment seemed to come true as the pair of burly foreigners advanced menacingly.

Hoping for the best while preparing for the worst, he called back Duggles from his job coaxing the flock away. They were mostly all moved anyhow, and he'd like it better to have the little guy nearby the palisade.

Nydia Star-Counter

In the FieldsIf Nydia were a more impulsive, emotional woman, she might have smiled at what information she gleans from studying Theris Fire-Mane's steed. As it is, she simply, quietly, lowers her pup to the ground as Leon gives his retort. She has little doubt over whether they'll listen: The He-Noc village is four or five days away; either they traveled the distance, or they come from a smaller village. It would take almost half a moon's turn to bring their elders here. She has no doubt they will demand to see Onlia, and judging by their thugs, they will be very insistent. Basil blinks and stares at the strangers as Nydia keeps a lax, non-threatening stance, one hand tucking at the fold of her skirt... and resting on the sling hanging from her belt. Just in case. "Are you certain you wish to pick fights so far from home? It's a long trek back with injuries." She muses.

The MeetingAt Leon's out burst and Nydia's cold mockery Theris merely sniffs. Then she begins to smile apparently seeing something behind the three of you. "Seems I'm getting my audience anyway." She says. As you turn you see Sahara and Onlia climbing down the wall and beginning to make their way towards your little meeting.

The Shepards
As you sit along the wall trying to watch both the flock and the unfolding situation at the same time you see Onlia start climbing down from the wall. She looks over to you both and motions for you to follow her.

Bottom of Southern Wall
Daeron watched the verbal posturing unfold across the field, straining to hear what the two delegates were trying to say. He almost didn't notice the clan's matron coming down the wall until Sven started to follow her. Giving a sharp tweet to the flock to stay put, he shouldered his own thick walking stick and followed behind Onlia, Stitch settled to curiously watch from his shoulder.

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