Prologue: Fight and Flight

At the forest's edgeZednik was simultaneously comforted and alarmed to see Onlia Blue-Eyes approaching. He felt extraordinarily relieved that the wise woman could take over the negotiations that, thus far, Zednik had done a great job at flubbing. At the same time, however, the young man's protective instincts were fired up with worry over his matron's safety.

Looking sternly at Theris Fire-Mane, Zednik responded, "It seems you are correct. As a word of advice, He-noc, you would do well to treat Onlia with deep respect."

Sahara Heart-Seer

Bottom of the Southern WallSahara follows Onlia dutifully. With her now in charge, Sahara knows that her job is to follow whatever orders Onlia gives. Her parents had raised her well in regards to respecting the chief and his wife. Even if she did not communicate with them often, they had acted kindly to her in the past, and that was enough to ensure her cooperation in their commands.

Though Sahara appears calm, Lily's leaf twitches nervously. She looks up at Sahara, and then narrows her eyes as she stares at the group ahead. As much as Lily dislikes fights, she will spring to action in an instant if Sahara or anyone who is a comrade of hers gets into danger.

Nydia Star-Counter

In the FieldsNydia also turns to see Onlia Blue-Eyes approaching. Though it sits a bit off with her to have Onlia negotiate with another tribe - after all, Onlia is of the Wofon Tribe, only becoming Chief Ragor's wife after running off with him during a raid - but she is now the highest-ranking person in the clan, and elder to all the Oldok present. "Chief-wife." She mutters when Onlia approaches, bowing her head and dipping her knees in a respectful curtsy. It's old fashioned and overly formal, but that describes much of Nydia's demeanor, well-learned from Jhahara the wise-woman. She steps back, standing behind Onlia, though with the chief's wife present she now holds the sling in her hands. She is no warrior, but it is everyone's duty to protect the chief and his wife.

The Meeting
Seeing the wise woman approaching, Leon decides it is best if he stays near her side. Greeting her in a formal fashion, the hunter-in-training readies his bow in case negotiations go south. His Zubat hangs on his shoulder, sniffing the air, calling out silently, and just as his master, ready to strike.

Show your respect if you would. You speak to the Chief-Wife He-nocs.

Sven Straw-Skein

The FieldsSven dumbly follows along, struck by just how precarious the situation was. Olina was a formidable person to be sure, but that would just make her all the more prized as a prisoner for some young hotshot seeking to gain face and glory. He doubted that any of the gathered He-Noc could manage it, but that still might not stop them from trying something now that she was outside the walls, and that alone would cause a great deal of trouble for the Oldok. He did not relish the thought of packing up so soon, and with provisions so sparse.

"I hope she knows what she's doing," he murmurs in a voice intended to be low enough for only Daeron to hear.

The Meeting, With everyone
It takes a few moments for Onlia and Sahara to make their way across the field to meet with with the rest of you now with Sven and Daeron in tow. As she nears she steps up in front of you all and sets her water-vase down beside her. "I am Onlia Blue-Eyes wife of Chief Ragor Cloud-Kin. What brings you to our village young-one."

"The He-noc claim the lands west of the Great Basin and from the Nerith River south to
The Great Forest is the forest that starts about 50 feet from where you are standing. You are "encroaching" by a few hundred feet at most.
The Great Forest You are encroaching upon our lands. You have no right to settle here. "
Theris announces.

Onlia narrows her eyes. "What is your name girl"

"I passed my trial nearly a year ago. I am no girl. I am Theris Fire-Mane huntress of the Ne-roc"
Theris replies her voice laced with anger.

"Fire-Mane you said? I suppose that makes you Cheif Kerik's daughter, your beast is a spitting image of
Hearing the name jogs your memories. Cheif Kerik Fire-Mane of the Ne-roc is supposed to ride a midnight black stallion of immense power and skill he calls Nightmare.
She meets the girls eyes then asks "What was your purpose in coming here. Your father is a hard man, but you know as well as I, he wouldn't want bloodshed for a few rod of land. We keep the dangerous beasts here at bay, and act as a buffer against other tribes. He gains far more letting us stay here than driving us out.

The girl seems genuinely puzzled by this statement as if she hadn't ever considered it. "Well...... fine then, but i will tell my father about this." She spits out finally.

Onlia looks puzzled this time. "Your father doesn't even know your here?" She laughs."Go home girl.... before you get yourself in trouble."

Color begins to rise in Theris' cheeks as she snaps back "I told you I am no girl. Watch your tongue old woman before I teach you some manners."

Onlia meets eyes with the girl for a few moments and an icy silence seems to fall over the entire area. The beasts near-by seem to sense the tension and begin to shuffle restlessly. Then you hear a splash and Demon leaps from his vase and into Onlia's arms. The sight of him is still unnerving even from this side. You've seen Onlia in battle and watched Demon rip the limbs for man and beast alike.

The girl recoils a step from the grotesque fish and Onlia begins to laugh again. This time a rolling belly laugh, even full of mockery it's a quite a pleasant sound. "Go home" Onlia gets out between guffaws. "There is no honor in watching Demon tear you to bits."

The girl seems to reign herself in a bit but you can tell she is still furious. "Maybe not, but I will not be mocked. If I cannot fight you than I will fight fight them." She says gesturing toward the rest of you standing around Onlia. "We the youth of the He-noc challenge the youth of the Oldok to trial by
This is a pretty standard anything goes fight both weapons and pokemon are in-play.
beast and blade."

Onlia looks at the youths lined up behind Theris. Then turns and looks over the rest of you. She looks for a moment as if considering something then nods her head and shrugs. "This should be entertaining." She muses as she replaces Demon into his vase and drags it off to the side.

For a shining moment, Zednik was certain this bit of unpleasantness with the He-nocs was over. Then, with Onlia's acceptance of the trial by beast and blade, the youth's apprehension returned. Still, not one to fail his matron, Zednik swallowed his fear. He stooped to pick up his spear, met Kerhha's eyes with his own for a moment, then stood tall and responded, "As you wish, my matron."

Zednik was quiet for a moment and, true to his character, he was determined to show no sign of his inner doubts. With confidence and brovado he shouted, "Stand tall my friends, for tonight we shall sing songs of our victory and of the utter humiliation of these He-Noc infants!"

"Piiiiip Pip!" Kerhha chimed in as she flexed her little fins.

Nydia Star-Counter

Beast and Blade"...Onlia?" Nydia looks to the Chief-Wife in surprise as she agrees to the combat and steps aside. She could understand the two hunters, and though the shepherds seem more akin to chasing off predators than proper battle, Sven seems hardly enough to deal some damage with that shepherd's crook. But the other shepherd, Daeron, is small and sickly, the young girl doesn't even seem to carry a weapon, and she herself is only skilled at knocking away the bugs that litter the plants she needs to collect. But as much as she wishes to ask the Chief-Wife to reconsider, she cannot find the words. The name 'Nydia Warrior-Bane' flits through her mind, and the young student obligingly nods, loading a smooth, rounded stone into her sling. "Yes, matron."

At least Zednik seems confident in their capabilities. She might not have a warrior's heart, but there is some part of her that would like to see these thugs driven off in shame. "Do not be intimidated! They are no more experienced than we are." She asserts, fixing Theris Fire-Mane with a smile. It's the truth - whether it's from lack of combat experience or because the steed is young, it has seen little battle. If Theris herself is so inexperienced, she doubts the girl's warriors will be much more powerful than they are. She gives the sling a few practiced twirls, finding relief in the stone's weight, as Basil paws the ground and growls.

Sahara Heart-Seer

On the FieldSahara feels her heart sink at the battle request being accepted. She has no desire for conflict that is unnecessary. However, there will come times where they cannot avoid fighting, and having experience would be invaluable for it. Sahara had never fought another person before, and Lily had only combated some wild Pokémon before she started living with Sahara. Plus, it was Onlia's order, which she was to follow.

"Lily." The single, quiet word causes her Chikorita to leap to the ground. The headband, which gave her an element of cuteness before, now looks like a warrior's mark as her eyes shine and her leaf swings.

Sven Straw-Skein

At the Battle
HP: 60/60, Dex 10
Sven only had a moment to wonder who had replaced his blood with ice water. Shaking off the chill, he looked down at
HP: 26/26 Speed: 7
Duggles. "No problem, lil pal. Just like driving off predators from the flock, eh?" he says, but his mareep only returns the same unflappable gaze as always. Almost as though the sheep knew that Sven needed the confidence more than he. Sven couldn't complain, however. He really did need it.

Liking the Chief-Wife even less than usual, he strode to the front of the group where he'd be needed most, keeping Duggles a few generous steps behind him so that he could do his job uninterrupted. He didn't like this one bit, but it was for the clan. Keeping a mask of bored detachment on his face, he hefted his shepherd's crook and matched gazes with one of the big guys.

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