The Landing

The Landing

The crashing of thunder and the lurch of the waves assails your senses as the shoreboat plows through whitecaps towards the isolated beach on the southern edge of Ostorea. Rain pounds down on the handful of mercenaries, irregulars, and legitimate military personnel sharing the longboat with you but conversation is almost non-existent. Not that there is much to say over the creak of the oars as you pull yourself foot by excruciating foot towards the strip of sand which represents the first step of your mission.

With your back to the beach as you drag through the cresting waves, you can spy the vessel which carried you here, the caravel's three masts showing in startling relief against the dark grey skies, illuminated by the periodic peals of lightning which light up your vision. This ship has carried you from the mainland over several long weeks and now remains at anchor off the shore while you make landfall on one of the few stretches of beach which exist along the mostly craggy shores of Ostorea.

To the left and right, a handful of other landing vessels also surge through the waves, their desperate rowers digging deeply into surging surf. The floor of your wooden boat is rapidly filling with water, both from the driving rain which obscures your vision and frigidly soaks through your armor and clothes as well as the splashing waves which send curling plumes of water over you and your fellows.

Your quiet misery is interrupted by a large crack of impact and a short handful of desperate screams. To your right, you see one of your fellow shoreboats explodes in a shower of splintered timbers. Those riding inside let out exclamations of surprise and horror before their armored forms are swallowed in the surging ocean, the weight dragging them in an instant towards their certain death. What caused the boat to be suddenly destroyed isn't evident until another of them goes up similarly. Your eyes detect, barely, the blurred form of a ballista bolt cutting through the raindrops before impacting the tiny vessel with enough force that it is obliterated and sends another handful of souls screaming into the depths.

The next minute is horrifying as the attack becomes more clear. Through the rain and darkness you can barely make out the shore, let alone the source of the deadly bolts. Every few seconds another comes hurling from the island, either impacting the surf with a splash or demolishing another of the boats. Each hand yanks at the oars as if their very lives depend on it, for indeed they do.

Suddenly you hear the dragging crunch of sand under the hull of the boat as you surge up onto the beach. A quick look shows the beach itself is clear, the drenched sand standing empty of assailants as you leap out over the edge to relative safety of dry land. Another blur whistles past and claims one of the straggling shore boats just as a lightning strike lights up the deluged darkness, confirming your suspicion that the ballistae are set up on the sea wall rather than on the beach itself. Easily sixty feet of open beach stands before you and the craggy seawall: a vertical cliff ten feet up to more solid footing away from the sand of the beach.

It seems you are the first of the boats to make landfall. Perhaps the only one that will. The merciless rain falls like arrows, driving painfully through all protective layers in a storm more severe than any on the mainland. There seems to be only one direction to travel: forward, toward the seawall where the ballistae and your unseen assailants likely reside.

You may take 1 round of actions while still on the landing boat and 1 round once you have made landfall.

Spellcasting is difficult due to the storm, requiring a Concentration check DC 10+Spell Level to cast spells. Ranged attacks suffer a -2 penalty.

Roll a Spot check if you wish to try to determine the exact position of the ballistae through the gloom.

Gripping tight the side of their small craft as it gets tossed about on the choppy waves, Cairrad took measure of those with whom he shares its occupancy. Three humans, a lone halfling with his bear; some old, some young and few appearing to have any experience with such an assault - not that he could claim any different. And such inexperience was easily seen on his face, teeth gritted and face white as he wraps the armor of his mind about himself, struggling to maintain his concentration on the constructed armor amidst the chaos as it flickers in and out of existence until it finally settles into a soft, pulsing blue glow.

Then, as the boat lurches against the sand, he finds his feet and stands up, pointing towards the not-so-distant form of the ballistae as he shouts "We have to shut those down!" against the backdrop of thunder. With a light hop out of the boat and onto the beach, he sets off at a fast lope, easily reaching the cliffside as he plants his back against it, ready to boost anyone who might need it up the ten feet of rock.

Soelan startles and yelps as he realizes a bolt has struck one of the other boats. His first instinct is to change into something that can swim, in order to rescue the men -- but he realizes he does not have sufficient spells to waste on that; he needs to help everyone fight this immediate threat now. As he readies his sling, he therefore quickly casts a spell to help everyone reach the ballista and climb over any obstacles in the way, while still looking for the threat, and when the boat crunches against the sand, he rushes out with everyone else to close with the foes.

As the ballista begin raining down on the boats, Robyn
Spot Check:
Dice Roll: 1d20-2
d20 Results: 19 (Total = 17)
tries to see where they are coming from. Knowing that combat is coming, she focuses her
DC:11 vs. a 1d20+10 roll, which is automatic success
concentration. She pulls a piece of cured leather from the pouch and her belt and gestures with it over selected vulnerable areas of her body as she chants, "

Mage Armor

Conjuration (Creation) [Force]
Sorcerer/Wizard 1
V, S, F
Casting Time:
1 standard action
Creature touched
1 hour/level (D)
Saving Throw:
Will negates (harmless)
Spell Resistance:

An invisible but tangible field of force surrounds the subject of a mage armor spell, providing a +4 armor bonus to AC.

Unlike mundane armor, mage armor entails no armor check penalty, arcane spell failure chance, or speed reduction. Since mage armor is made of force, incorporeal creatures can't bypass it the way they do normal armor.

Focus: A piece of cured leather.

Thos oases eisali tylesarol tandri eisys!" As the boat grinds up onto the beach, she hops out and begins chanting again, this time gesturing with her left forefinger in the shape of a large oval in front of her as she speaks the words a different spell, "


Abjuration [Force]
Sorcerer/Wizard 1
V, S
Casting Time:
1 standard action
1 min./level (D)

Shield creates an invisible, tower shield-sized mobile disk of force that hovers in front of you. It negates magic missile attacks directed at you. The disk also provides a +4 shield bonus to AC. This bonus applies against incorporeal touch attacks, since it is a force effect. The Shield has no armor check penalty or arcane spell failure chance. Unlike with a normal tower shield, you can't use the Shield spell for cover.

Thos oases eisali eirdesarol mor!

One small correction. Before game I had dropped the Focused trait, so her concentration went back to +9, something that I hadn't corrected on the sheet, so there is a 1 in 20 chance of her two spells failing. Here are the concentration checks:
Dice Roll: 1d20+9
d20 Results: 16 (Total = 25)
Dice Roll: 1d20+9
d20 Results: 5 (Total = 14)
(both vs. DC: 11).

Thenysil clings desperately to the cloaked figure in his arms, his grip defensive rather than the pleading need to find comfort in another as one might expect given the circumstances of the most recent events. He had watched the boats explode into splinters, watched and listened to those caught unaware by the massive projectiles find themselves under indefensible siege and quickly become slaughtered or be torturously thrown to their demise amidst the foam and chilled, storm water. Slow would be there their end. Pity would find itself even in the hardened manís heart.

Strangers, vagabonds and ruffians alike could and would be condemned to these dark waters, but Thenysil would not have any of it if he was considered to be in line to join them. He would sooner strangle the life from the throats of those attempting to doom him to such a fate, his companions, hisÖ The manís eyes travel down to the bundle in his arms, only slightly damp where he had become soaked attempting to barricade most of the water from the smaller form. He would attempt to save them all if only for her.

Upon hearing the crunch of sand beneath wood he immediately snaps to action, his gaze running over sandy beach, attempting to find the source of the dooming heralds in the distance before setting off after Cairrad. ďWe must end them quickly,Ē The manís voice is cold, devoid of the warmth the world had known it for previously, but some empathy can be heard within his next utterance. ďThe men wonít last long if we donít.Ē

The middle aged halfling's green eyes widened when the first boat exploded into splinters Why? he could only mutter. He had seen too much during his life to be shocked for more than a few seconds though. His eyes narrowed resolutely. Someone will have to answer for this.

Xcas, the silver maned bear that was always beside him as always anticipated his move. Urranian mounted on the bear and they quickly reached the coast. After all the only thing that the halfling seemed to have with him was his own rough jute tunic.

Xcas has INT 3 and he is taking the aid another action to give Urranian +2 on his spot check
sniffed the air in the direction of the ballistae. Feeling surprisingly
thanks for the elation!
light footed in the heavy sand, the druid pointed the finger toward the enemy and the bear charged up the seawall,
Now both Urranian and Xcas are on top of the ledge. If I succeeded at the spot check I should have run in the right direction and therefore I should be quite close to the ballistae
quickly negotiating the climb

The merciless rain pounds down, striking any exposed skin like the lash of a whip and drowning out all but the loudest of shouts. As the group from Lodis makes landfall they vault onto the beach, some faster than others, and begin making for the seawall. Urranian and his bear companion reach the barrier first and fearlessly the great beast lifts itself upward towards the shadowed figures manning the war machines on the overlook.

Perhaps too fearlessly, for no sooner has the great beast crested the ridge than the sounds of a shout of alarm can be heard followed by the whistling retort of a springed cord cutting through the air. The bolt, large enough to qualify as a small spear, hurtles towards the mounted pair as the halfling attempts to guide his companion out of the line of fire.

Thankfully, the shot goes wide, whipping through the air scant inches from the druid before plunging deeply into the surf a few dozen yards from shore. From his vantage Urranian, and the more
beat a 15 on spot
sharp eyedt below can see a pair of war machines on the beach each manned by a pair of soldiers. Details are hard to make out in the rain, but the halfling has no time to inspect further as the nearest two draw swords and charge across the scrub-grass to engage him.

The first of the two guards strikes true, his weapon biting into Urranian's shoulder and mixing red into the moisture covering the ground. The second strikes his mount, eliciting a howl of pain from the ursine mount as he strikes. Further, those who remain by the ballistae appear to be knocking arrows into bows.

Those still on the beach can easily see/target the two who just charged Urranian, though the -2 to ranged attacks still applies. Unless you beat a DC 15 Spot last turn you cannot see the ballistae or the archers, with the exception of Urranian who has a commanding view of the battlefield.

Dice Roll: 1d20+3
d20 Results: 14 (Total = 17)
starts to run up the beach toward the cliff, zigging slightly so that she is coming up
Running for double movement (35 x 2), she finishes the first half of her movement in G13.
behind Urranian and Xcas. As she starts up the hill, seeing the two soldiers cutting off the halfling and her bear, she abruptly disappears from sight. She reappears
behind one of the soldiers and continues running toward the ballistae, zigging so that she ends up with the
leftmost ballista between her and the soldier manning it.

With the pained howl of the bear carrying across the wind, Cairrad swiftly digs a foot into the cliffside as he propels himself upward, pushing himself into a roll as he crests the top to come up behind one of the soldiers now challenging the small rider and his mount. Blade pulsing with power, the elf strikes out at the nearest soldier as he comes to his feet.

double move straight ahead
hustles forward, continuing his flanking maneuver. As he reaches the sea wall, he makes sure to grab the loaded sling in one hand, so he still has use of his hand to climb the wall. He
Climb -1 if necessary (no DC mentioned):
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 19 (Total = 18)
scurries up the wall, continuing forward once he gets to the top of the wall, into the sight of the ballistas, releasing the loaded sling in his hand into a position ready to loose a stone.


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