The Landing

Robyn hands over the wand, "Give me the other wand only if there is nobody else you think more qualified to use it." She nods and assists in the loading of wounded and prisoners onto the boat. She smiles to Soelen, "I think that once we have sorted everything out we need to have a group meeting and make decisions on if we need a chain of command or simply wish to operate on a democratic basis."

Having arrived only shortly before the relief boats, Cairrad misses the majority of the conversation between the three left on shore. He seems almost ready to say something more, but is instead shocked almost to speechlessness as Soelan relays the most recent information from their commander. "Wha...? We... we aren't leaving with the ship?"

Urranian appeared sad at Robyn's answer. I do not recognize the authority of the Empire to judge people that do not recognize its authority over them. Any attempt to force it on them is slavery. More than that, knowing what they are going to do to them, turning them in is murder.

Are you prepared to slit their throat right here and now? He looked up into her eyes. Even if others commit it for you, murder is still an evil act and it still will be on your hands. On all of your hands he pointed at the rest of the group.

He turned toward Thensyl. I apologize for having misunderstood your body language. It appeared to me that you were trying not to be noticed while you took the gold.

Before Soelen had returned, Robyn had listened to Urranian's response to her and his comments to Thensyl. She nodded slowly, "I am sorry you feel that I am committing murder simply by leaving the primary decision on this matter to the person whom I sworn to give primary responsibility to for this expedition. I am surprised, actually, that you either were given a dispensation for swearing such fealty, or that you did swear and choose to go back against your given word. I am particularly disappointed, since I have shown some leeway to your way of thinking, and you cannot see this from my perspective at all. Whatever the case, I hope you can still consider me a friend and comrade despite our philosophical differences." She did not comment further until Soelen had returned, and informed them that the prisoners were to be loaded into the boat. At that time, she looked at Urranian and shrugged.

The man name Thenysil merely huffs again, throwing his hand over his shoulder in the direction of the Halfling. He took no more offense to being called a sneaky thief than any naturally low-bred person would. He accepted his lot in life, but demanded at least some form of civility and thought went into the process of one daring to speak otherwise in regards to it. At the news to their recent change of plans the man turns his gaze to the prisoner, smirking slightly in an eerie fashion that would no doubt send the man to attention, “Congratulations, you won’t be drowning

Then after a moment more where he stretches and looks out towards the sea he comments to Soelen, “You still talk too much.”


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