The Landing

The halfling involuntarily blinked when the ballista dart missed his chest only by a couple of feet. His distraction costed him dearly when the human's sword bit his flesh. Clenching his teeth, he dismounted to allow his trusted companion to defend him.

Seeing his master injured gave a scary aura to the bear's impossibly blue eyes. The animal reared, ready to strike with his claws

Thenysil's face sours immensely at the sound of the pained bear only slightly above him, where he had been watching the shore for any potential survivors or any boats that might have had the chance to land with the ceasefire of ballistae he turns his attention completely to the problem at hand; those wounding his companions.

Huffing as he works, he scales the cliffside as best he can after carefully positioning his bundle upon his shoulders, however upon scaling the groove laden stone his arm is once more occupied by the weight of his most coveted possession, though his free hand is nowhere close to being passive in terms of action. The sounds of something whipping through the air can be heard, the perception of droplets being decimated with the flick of his hand only barely notable as he attempts to down attacker currently being focused.

The wounded bear growls in anger before lashing out with a trio of blows against the ballista guard which wounded him, striking the man still off-balance from his charge. Though he is gravely wounded, he still manages to land a solid blow on the elven warrior as he rolls past, longsword biting deeply into Cairrad's collarbone with a
You take 14 damage from a Critical Hit
sickening crunch. The elf seemed unperturbed, however, answering this strike with one of his own, his eldritch infused blade
This soldier has dropped.
cutting down his foe where he stood. The remaining soldier took another swing at Xcas but the shock from watching his comrade fall appeared to be too much and his blow went wide of the snarling ursine, leaving him alone against swiftly mounting opposition.

Meanwhile, Thyensil struck out with his strange, nearly invisible weapon but the screech of metal was all that answered his blow as it impacted solidly on the remaining guard's ancient-looking armor. Old though it may be, and of a style unusual and unseen on the mainland, it appeared to be effective and managed to turn the strike aside.

As Robyn ran through the rain towards the ballistae a pair of arrows whistled toward her, though one struck the ballista and stuck itself in the wood with a solid thunk rather than flying true. The second, closer archer was much more precise with his aim, close-range as the shot was. It sailed straight at her heart, covering the space between them in an eyeblink.

And hit nothing. The lithe woman winked out of existence for a brief instant and the shot sailed through the place where she had been leaving her unharmed. The archer gaped momentarily before shaking his head at the sight and preparing to fire again.

Finally, the last of their companions had finally finished dragging the boat far enough up the beach that it wouldn't get swept away, and sprinted across the sand to the foot of the seawall, occupying the spot recently vacated by Cairrad.

With one soldier down and reinforcements gathering at the foot of the seawall, Cairrad dashes further inland to support Robyn. Left arm hanging almost limp from the vicious blow of the felled soldier, he nonetheless manages to force it to the hilt of his blade with a sharp cry of pain as he sweeps the sharp crystal upwards at the leftmost archer.

Rather than attack the soldier, on the far side of the ballista, Robyn
move action
sweeps out her rapier, but instead of using it, she pauses a moment to
Cast Defensively (DC:15):
Dice Roll: 1d20+9
d20 Results: 16 (Total = 25)
focus carefully and gesture toward the second soldier on the right hand ballista as she chants, "
Cast: Acid Orb, Lesser
Thos oases eisali tylerasol eilor os, jhaeraes taraes jhaelaer oil!. A black orb of glistening fluid
Ranged Touch:
Dice Roll: 1d20+3
d20 Results: 10 (Total = 13)
Inflicting acid damage amounting to:
Dice Roll: 1d8
d8 Results: 6
flies at the soldier.

Soelan, seeing a foe manning a ballista, and not having to worry about an ally in melee with this combat, grins at the prospect of finally meeting in battle, and, well within the effective range of his weapon, looses his lead sling bullet at the foe, in a perfect shortsling overarching throw, shouting a warcry as he goes. The lead bullet flies true in a straight line, not arcing, and unimpeded by the rain, hits the elf in the head. Soelan quickly reloads the next bullet.

The man looks with minor alarm to Cairrad, seeing the man’s limp arm dangling free and bleeding did not do much to enthuse him to potentially receive such a mirrored wound. His hands were his art… his only form of defense and offense. If they went limp… No, he shook his head at the morbid thought and gave Cairrad one more cursory glance as the man who swung at him slumped to the ground. He would need to do something about that later no doubt.

Thenysil huffs out in minor aggravation to see the man merely ignore his attempt to injure him, tightening his grip on his bundle he moves methodically around the battlefield, not keen to have his back open to the ranged fighters he circles the melee combatants and waits until he gains a desirable position before striking again.

His eyes momentarily leaving the upsetting soldier that had ignored him to watch his companion's bullet soar through the air in a noticeable black arch, watching it as best he could before losing it in the general direction of their farther foes. Good shot…

These dice sets were omitted or moved: 1d20+4

Xcas growled at the guard as he fell, stabbed by their companions. Then he turned around to attack the other guard, his silvery mane glistening with blood

The battle and the storm both rage on as the Lodisian troops gain a foothold in the beach and lash out with their furious counterattacks. Thyensil pivots around the remaining guard who charged forward, his odd weapon slashing through the droplets and managing to catch the distracted man across the exposed area of his upper arm, biting deeply into the flesh beneath. The soldier's grunt of pain is overwhelmed by Cairrad's, however, though the elven warrior manages to grit his teeth through the agony and force his weapon in another frenzied arc toward one of the archers and lands the blow solidly in his gut. The man's paltry leather armor is no match for the force of the blow and a long tear emerges quickly stained red by his split stomach.

Ignoring the melee in front of her, Robyn swirls her hands in an arcane gesture and spits a viscous glob of acid at the further archer. Raindrops sizzle and pop as they strike the missile's streaking path before it impacts the archer in the shoulder, instantly dissolving his clothing and part of his right ear. He howls in pain and frustration, just in time to be slammed in the temple by Soelan's expertly fired sling bullet. He staggers down to his knees as if pushed there by the driving rain, momentarily stunned.

Meanwhile, Xcas continues to prove nature red in tooth and claw as he batters away at the guard who charged him. The man manages to block the first two blows, one impacting heavily on his shield and the other slamming into his antique splint mail where it takes the wind from his lungs. As the bear bites at him he throws one arm up in desperation to protect himself, and gets vicious rent torn in his forearm for the trouble.

The archer injured by Cairrad's charge drops his bow and pulls out a small, wicked looking curved shortsword but after having his guts caved in by the elf's crystalline blade he cannot manage to land a blow on the wounded man. Struggling to his feet, the other archer takes aim at Soelan and looses a shaft through the downpour that manages to fly true, catching the scholarly man in the hollow where his arm meets his chest and sticking there
You take 5 damage.
painfully. The beleaguered guard by the seawall, now set upon by a number of foes, fights onward valiantly but cannot land a blow when so heavily outmatched.

move action to -E11
dashes around the ballista to flank the soldier who is facing off with Cairrad and tries to
Dice Roll: 1d20+5
d20 Results: 18 (Total = 23)
Dice Roll: 1d6
d6 Results: 2
Sneak Attack Damage:
Dice Roll: 2d6
d6 Results: 1, 4 (Total = 5)
strike him from behind.


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