The Landing

The heavy pulse of his own blood beating loudly in his ears, adrenaline taking over now as blades cut through air and flesh alike, Cairrad lays into what little remains of the archer he faces before his elven ears detect the light twanging of a bowstring just in time for him to follow the flying shaft of wood as it buries itself in Soelan's shoulder. With a few quick steps, Cairrad puts himself within easy reach of the offending archer to provoke him into drawing his own blade.

Thenysil retracts his hand back as if freeing it from something otherwise undesired for touching with a jerk of his elbow, smiling in a nearly sinister fashion when the troublesome soldier finds the meaning of pain between his own administrations and that of the bear. Odd as it ever felt to fight alongside an animal he tried his best not to feel too deter that at any point that fierce set of muscles could be aimed at him. Best learn to speak bear or have food...

As a knee jerk reaction his eyes snap to the most recent injury on their side, frowning as Soelan joins the growing numbered of wounded. With a grunt he flicks his hand out again, the sharpened wires twisting and contorting as they seek a vulnerable spot in the man's defenses.

Soelan, ignoring the minor flesh wound in his arm, feels his spell stop affecting him and the group, and seeing the acid and then his bullet hit the head of the archer, he is sure that the archer would be prone and bleeding out, or at least obviously unable to fight. Instead, he notice the archer is just stunned, and hasn't obviously surrendered...

Wow, he is tougher than I thought.. he thinks. So Soelan looses another bullet at the man, and reloads his sling again!

The enraged bear seems completely oblivious of his wounds and the odd humanoids surrounding him. With a snarl he rears once again to finish off the guard

The duo of Cairrad and Robyn strike the archer in rapid succession, the elf's jagged crystal slicing a gash down his upper arm and nearly spinning the archer around with the force of the blow just in time for Robyn's rapier point to pierce him just under the heart. He drops with a gurgle, blood filling his mouth and dribbling down to mix with the rain, but Cairrad is already moving onward, sweeping toward the final archer to engage.

Meanwhile, the swirling melee has gone far south for the remaining soldier. Surrounded on all sides, and with nowhere to run, he goes down under the mauling swings of Urranian's bear companion. The last archer, seeing his friends struck down, throws down his weapon as Soelan's next bullet strikes him in the stomach.

"Quarter! Quarter!" He coughs, doubled over in pain. Cairrad is close enough to the man to see fear streaking his grizzled face and the long puckered scar that winds its way under stubble along the left side of his cheek. A stream of blood runs from his temple and most of his right ear is now missing though the acid seems to have cauterized that wound. He is soaked through, as you all are, but his shivering is not purely from the cold.

You have each gained 960 Experience Points.
Combat Results

Make Spot checks should you wish to observe your surroundings.

Urranian looked sad when the guard fell under Xcas' powerful blows. This shouldn't be the way it ends.... He looked up again when the archer surrendered though and said right away We accept your surrender, but please lay face down so that the bear will not eat you, he bluffed.

He quickly scanned the surroundings to make sure that they were safe now, always keeping an eye on the bear. He had learned over time that the animals' keen senses could often pick up clues that humanoids missed, therefore looking or listening in the direction that they seemed interested in often paid off.

Satisfied, he then kneeled beside the guard and inspected his wounds, trying to save him, if possible

The archer complies, laying flat down, which isn't much distance to travel seeing as he is already bent over in pain. Though the scrub grass is sharp and muddy he does not dare complain but does shut his eyes; whether in fear or anguish is impossible to say.

Urranian then tends to the two wounded soldiers, one of whom is beyond help and one whose wounds have not yet proven fatal. With bandage and delicate hands, the druid staunches the flow of blood, managing to stabilize the man though he remains unconscious. It would seem the Lodisians' captives now number two.

Thenysil huffed slightly as the last soldier fell, marveling once more at the strength of the Ursidae not too far from him and fearing it within proper limitation anyone would respect for another could give quarter too. Yes, he would keep in mind never to anger neither the bear nor his keeper, it would not bode well for him in the slightest upon looking down at the torn man at his feet.

The only sign he was aware of the archer pleading sanctuary from joining his companions is a brief flicker of his gaze in the direction, he was more interested in helping the small man tend to the wounded with the knowledge that landed him in this predicament in the first place. "If you aren't against it-" The man begins, already partially enacting his desires as he heads towards the downed man not receiving treatment. "I'll be seeing if there's anything of use on him."

With heavy breath coming in short, ragged gasps, Cairrad plants the translucent blade of his sword into the ground - more out of need of something to lean against than wanting to keep it close at hand should any surprises come their way. As he cranes his neck to have a proper look at the remains of the battlefield, he winces slightly as the rain bites against his still-open wound, water mixing with blood to run down his barely moving arm to pool on the ground below.

"What's your name, archer?" He asks softly, having finally caught his breath once more. He felt sorry for the man, for all of the men who'd fallen to them, even though they'd been trying to skewer them with ballista bolts scant moments earlier. They were only trying to protect their homes after all; something he could easily relate to. "And sit up, please. There's no need for you to supplicate yourself in the mud."

Robyn steps forward toward the group surrounding the prisoner, her eyes
Dice Roll: 1d20-2
d20 Results: 10 (Total = 8)
scanning the terrain. "Who is seriously wounded? I can provide some limited help. Did any of our priestly types or other mystic healers survive the landing?"


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