Up the Long Ladder: changes for Level 3.

Up the Long Ladder: changes for Level 3.


As I've mentioned, at the end of this fight--if you make it, wink wink--we're levelling up to level 3. But I've been talking to some players, and there've been requests to make some changes in their characters. So I'm going to open this up to make it fair to all.

First of all, we have a new player: Anavia! We played together in a game that recently finished, and I know she'll fit right in here. We're still working on the character, so stay tuned.

Also, there may be changes forthcoming from weregeek and Ariakas, so to be fair I thought I'd offer it to everyone.

Here's the deal: you're free to discuss changes you'd like to make with me in your private thread, or here to make sure they synergize with the party. This will be something like we did at the beginning of level 2, where if you think something isn't working, you can change it. If you want to chance classes even, that's okay to a point--but I'd prefer that your character and backstory remain the same...I've got plot hooks coming that depend on it, and we wouldn't want to pause for a couple weeks while I re-write it!

The only thing I'll ask is that we still end up covering al our bases--that is, all party rolls should be filled by someone. We've already got two strikers, so I'll put the kibosh on more...unless one of our strikers wants to go to something else.
And of course, if you like the way your character is playing, there's no need to change it!

Current Makeup
  • Ariakas: elf ranger
  • Ryfte: human fighter
  • Baern: dwarf Invoker
  • weregeek: Dragonborn cleric; considering change to fighter|Cleric
  • Boar: half-elf warlock; considering change to Leader build
  • Anavia: half-elf; considering Bard|Cleric

Figured I'd broadcast my possible intentions with Rhogar so y'all can offer your two cents if you want.

I am considering switching Rhogar to a hybrid Battlerager Fighter|Cleric. He keeps his current spread of encounter and Daily abilities, losing out on a use of Healing Word per fight, and Recovery Strike will only heal folks for 2 hp rather than 3 as I'm putting a 16 into Con instead of Cha with this change. The option of being trained in Athletics (not to mention generating THPs reliably) both appeal to me and, given Rhogar's background, making him into something of a berserker seems to fit as well.

That being said...

This will only go through if our new player wants to go hybrid leader/full leader (or someone else wants to swap to a hybrid leader/other sort of character). Overall, I'm fine with running the party healbot and I'd like to think I haven't flubbed it up too badly yet.

Hi guys! I figured I'd drop by and introduce myself. Tobias spoke highly of his group so I can't wait to join the game.

I haven't decided on a build just yet but it's starting to look like it will be a hybrid leader with a fairly strong focus on healing. Nothing is set in stone and I'll wait to see what kind of changes are being made to the group before I finalize my PC.

Welcome Anavia!

I was thinking about ditching ranger and going for something else... but... then I decided against it. I thinking as I level up and get more powers/Skills the player will be a little more fun to play. So I'm going to stick with it .

That said I may want to change my theme. Tuor's a great companion and gets better for me at level 5 (CA granted), but he dies so quickly... and AC of 15 is really killer.

I think Wilder could be a fun theme with other fun character benefits. She is no longer with Tuor but searching for her lost love (which gives her more reason to adventure). As a child her father was always afraid of her wrath (due to her abilities) she didn't realize she had them until Tuor was banished (she threw a fit and burned down her room). She honed the skills over her many years in the woods, searching for Tuor (thus Wilder).

It's a good power for a striker (especially one that gets so many rolls).

But if people have suggestions of how to better use (or Protect) Tuor... let me know

That's a nice idea! If you're looking for something along the lines of power she can't control, maybe consider the Chaos Sorcerer as well. Basically, you roll a d10 after every extended rest, and that determines a damage type; you gain resist 5 to that type, and can overcome damage resistance up to five. That and the wilder theme could go well together, and it's still a striker.
There's also the Chaosmade theme; the main power is another random roll that grants certain benefits to players. It's a bit more leader oriented, though.

No major changes for Baern I reckon, though I may retrain his utility since i haven't used the current one yet.

For his new encounter power I'm planning on taking thunder of justice from level 1 instead of any of the level 3 options. It's a multi-target dazing power, I reckon it'll work really well to support Kessler's build as prone (or one space away) + dazed means no attack action.

Hmmm... level 3 encounter power...

Advanced Lunge (MP1) : Increased mobility
Armor-Piercing Thrust (PH1) : Increased accuracy
Sweeping Slash (MP2) : Wow... ummm... anyone know if this has been updated in DDI?

Sweeping Slash (FA3)
Encounter | Martial
Standard Action | Close burst 1
Req: Wielding 2 melee weapons
Primary Target: Each enemy in burst you can see.
Primary Attack: Str vs. Ref (main weapon)
Hit: You push the primary target 1 square.
Effect: You shift 1 square and make a melee secondary attack.
- Secondary Target: One creature targeted by the primary attack.
- Secondary Attack: Str vs. AC (off hand weapon)
- Hit: 2[W] + StrMod Damage

Hmmm... or Rain of Blows (PH1)... or Sweeping Blow (PH1)... *gah*

Any opinions?

Rain of Blows : Two attacks (single target or two separate targets) but only 1[W] damage.
Sweeping Blow : Close burst 1 damaging attack 1.5 Str on the attack roll with the spiked chain again only 1[W] damage.

Sweeping Slash will mark all in the close blast, allow for push control such as moving a front of enemies away from squishies, move up to be adjacent to them, and then attack one of them for 2[W]+Str damage. It seems like an exceedingly useful power from a control perspective. Also, it has a dash of damage. *shrug*

With a reach weapon if you don't have to shift before the secondary attack that would give you some insane marking ability

Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
With a reach weapon if you don't have to shift before the secondary attack that would give you some insane marking ability
For marking Kessler is already using Threatening Rush, Dual Strike, Funneling Fury and Tempest Dance, lol. So the marking is already pretty good... the 3rd level encounter power will simply enhance it even more.

So Weregeek, how much of a non-healer do you want to be? I'm currently looking at a Charisma-based Paladin, multiclassed Bard build for my character. She would have 3 Lay on Hand / day, 1 Majestic Word / day and her level 3 Encounter would give 8 THPs to everybody within a 5 squares radius (on hit only). Would that be a good complement for your build? I'm not 100% sure that's the build I want to play right now so now's the time to tell me what this party needs while I keep my options open.


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