Dice Roll: 4d6v1 4d6v1 4d6v1 4d6v1 4d6v1 4d6v1
d6 Results: 6, 5, 5 (Total = 16)
d6 Results: 5, 5, 4 (Total = 14)
d6 Results: 2, 2, 2 (Total = 6)
d6 Results: 6, 6, 6 (Total = 18)
d6 Results: 4, 6, 6 (Total = 16)
d6 Results: 2, 3, 6 (Total = 11)
PPR: 3-5/week
Race: Human
Class: Fighter

Appearance: A pale man standing over 6 feet tall, wrapped in enough studded leather to cover two people, short spear and bow on his back under a heavy wooden shield, long sword at his left quivers at right, ice blue eyes glare through their holes in the thick leather helm. A scarred, bald head attached to a slightly weathered face emerges from under their covering. The man may be looking at you however, his eyes stare through you.

Background: THACO fought in the war many years ago, in his native lands, the furthest northern reaches to have been mapped, Nors Fjord has always seen fighting, it's been said that the Fjord was forged in the heat of battle and will always be under constant "civil" war, consequently the Great War of his time had united the Fjordsmen as they fought together against the empire, after loosing many brothers in arms and the war was through with him, THACO set off to see as much as he could before he died, though his training was all those years ago, he never totally lost the technique, now quite a bit stronger but, almost brawler form he has made his modest living by way of city arenas and the occasional bet.

Personality: Generally a well mannered and polite man, THACO has almost no patience, his good nature can be turned to irate aggression almost at the drop of a hat, under the right circumstances, finding him is real easy at any tavern, laughing, singing, and carrying on with the common folks and towns people, arrogance and ignorance have a tendency to push all of the fight buttons, even though he's a bit pompous himself. Doesn't open up to others easily if at all.

Goals/Motivation: Living a life full of adventure, not getting too comfortable in one place, seeing all of the world and demonstrating his arena prowess had become top priority, fighting for fame, proving again and again his toughness, earning enough money to sustain himself and plan the next place he'd move.

Reason for joining the Seekers: Hoping there's more to life than showing a stranger the edge of his sword, bedding random wenches, and having no friends.
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Character Sheet
Predicted Post Rate: 1/day
Name: Ina Casales
Race: Human
Class: Swashbuckler
Appearance: Ina is a short woman at 5'2". Despite her height, she is not a weak woman with barely any fat and well-toned muscles. She has wide, dark brown eyes. Her hair is thick and black, falling straight down just past her ears. Due to time spent in the sun, her skin is nicely tanned from head to toe. She has a weak chin and small hands to match her height. Her movements reveal her lazy nature since she tends to be slow and relaxed looking.

Ina leaves her hair unadorned and doesn't wear any jewelry. She has on a gray corset that is laced in the back with matching gray fingerless gloves. Over the corset she wears a short blue woolen vest that only covers half her bust. The vest has round ivory buttons to fasten it in the front. The gloves are covered by small leather arm warmers that she folds over at the top. She wears loose mustard yellow pants that are held in place with a leather belt. Her brown leather boots fold over at the top just above her ankles and they have a short heel.

Goals/Motivation: Ina is first and foremost driven by the need to please her father. She loves him very much and wants to make him proud. Despite her laziness, she understands why he wants her to learn to take care of herself. Thus she strives for independence and the ability to make coin on her own.

The second thing that drives her is her need to find herself as a woman. For so long she lived in the shadows of men. There was never the chance for her to meet others on her own. She has very little knowledge of what being a woman is. Not like she would have luck with learning from another woman considering how she treats them. But she doesn't really know that that isn't how she should treat other women.

Ina decided to join the Seekers as a way to make gold on her own without any help from her father. She hopes to be successful with them. Then she can go back to the Sea Wing and show her family (the crew) all that she has accomplished. It also gives her the chance to meet others while not being surrounded by a bunch of sailor men.

Flaw: Lazy (-2 on all three physical abilities)

Job's Done

Konnen Affen

Predicted Post Rate: several/day
Name: Konnen Affen
Race: Human
Class: Rogue

Appearance: Konnen is a 15 year old human male, but actually looks younger - maybe 12-13. He stands only 5'3" tall and is maybe 95 lbs soaking wet; he's often mistaken for an elf, and sometimes a girl rather than a boy. Fair of skin with blond hair and ice-blue eyes, many people fail to take him seriously, whether socially or more in aggressive encounters.

Some might call him sickly, but while he is rail thin and rather plain in appearance, he is quite fit and extremely quick. He dresses in plain-looking clothes with nothing flashy whatsoever, and the only thing on his person close to a weapon is the walking staff at his side.

Background: Konnen grew up on the streets, the only son to a homeless single mother. Life was hard on him from the start, but he quickly learned the value of life's necessities: shelter in bad weather, food in the belly, perhaps a few hard-earned coins from cleaning chamber pots or catching rats in damp cellars. When he was 6 his mother became ill with the flu, and after 5 days of agony she drowned from the fluid in her lungs. It took a week for him to get over her passing and get back to the job of living - that week almost killed him as surely as the flu.

Life on his own was infinitely harder. With no mother to protect him, his was immediately targeted by people larger and stronger than himself. Older kids would beat him and take what little he had on his person. Homeless adults would hit him and drive him off on a good day, and beat the crap out of him just to vent their own pain and suffering on a good day. he quickly learned the value of being able to hide, move quietly, and be quicker than those around him. The streets are a burning crucible, and more than once being quick and smart saved Konnen where others bigger and tougher than him succumbed to death.

Over the course of his survival, Konnen his more than once in small bookstores and libraries. In the long hours of the night, hidden away from prying eyes that would hunt him down, he taught himself to read in the feeble light of a wax candle, and learned the true value of information. While not scholarly in the strictest sense, he was a sponge for anything he could learn, and discovered that what he read tended to stick inside his head. He hopes from here only to keep learning about the world.

Now that he is 15, Konnen has started to seek a way out of the life trap that is the streets of a big city. He heard time and again about several groups he might take a chance on joining, eventually deciding that the Seekers seemed to fit his attitude - looking for magic artifacts? That had to be education in some way.

Hemophobia: When Konnen was 8 years old, he had the misfortune of being spotted in an alley by a very large, vary drunk, very angry individual who had just been tossed out of a boozecan for being unable to pay for his last drink. Seeing the minuscule Konnen, and mind addled by alcohol, the 300+ lb drunkard figured him for an easy mark who might have a few copper. With more luck than skill, the young Konnen fought off the sot, and ended up stabbing him in the throat with a small knife. As the behemoth fell over on top of Konnan, hot blood poured from the gash in his throat, covering Konnen in an instant. Being so small, he couldn't get the 300 lb dead weight off of himself right away, and the blood flow coated his face; like a man drowning, Konnen began to choke on someone else's blood.

It took a monumental effort, and he very nearly dies himself, but Konnen managed to push the body off of himself. He begn to projectile vomit, spewing at least a pint of swallowed blood, and the young boy believed some of it was his own and he was dying. After 20 minutes of blood-covered shaking in the alley, Konnen figured he wasn't going to die, but since that time the sight of blood will instantly make him retch.

Personality: Konnen is naturally inquisitive, and doesn't shy away from learning a now skill or tidbit of information. He also doesn't shy away from using those skills to his own benefit, even if it goes against the law - more often than not, Law and Life are not along the same path, and Konnen will choose Life over Law any day of the week.

He won't shy away from battle either. Sometimes you have to stand and fight to survive if running is not an option. And even for his size, he's not all that bad, winning at least as often as he loses. his one major problem in this regard is that he hates the sight of blood (even the thought of it makes him queasy), which becomes an issue if the fight escalates.

Goals/Motivation: Konnen's first and ultimately his only goal is survival, by any means necessary. Whatever it takes to keep air entering and leaving his lungs, he will do it. One could use the cliche "even if it kills him," but that would be counter-productive in this particular instance.

His secondary motivation is to make his life better. Getting off the streets, finding a stable income, discovering a purpose for his existence. He hasn't had much in life, but he's gotten this far, and believes its time life started giving him a few bonuses for the 15 years of hardship he has endured.


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