Sigh, already a delay with all of those pretty reflective towers to admire oneself on.

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Doesn't matter, the others have picked present, so go with that lol
And by that I mean past lol, as in, he entered the guild, rather than, I enter the guild.

That's first vs 3rd person. It's more of a:

"He entered the guild"


"He enters the guild"

I'm better with past, but I know some DMs prefer present.

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I've always been a 3rd person past tense type myself
I have two other online hobbies with writing. One is a fantasy basketball league, but all the writing is like news stories, so those are simple. The other is fantasy wrestling, and it gets annoying that some people write matches and stuff in past, others in present. Makes reading a "show" annoying.

How about future tense? Did any roll a flaw of being Psychic or a Seer In Their Own Mind?

Only in dialogue, and people might think you're crazy if you start exclaiming "I will slide through the doorway, encounter an ogre, fell it, retaining my charming good looks, and collect the runes of Golgaritha that lay in eagerness for the sanctuary of my knapsack!"
Especially when you're predictions are wrong :P

As opposed to the apparent insanity that will be assumed when I stop in the middle of a fight to check myself in a mirror? lol

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