Ah, that makes sense...wasn't even paying attention to the rolls...

As far as I know.

Not sure, I'll look in the rules to see if it specifies how long we have to wait before looking for a new DM.

I have not, and I also couldn't find anything specifying how long we should wait before looking for a new DM.

It's generally up to the players on how long they wait. I'd wait longer myself. I've seen DMs vanish for a while and come back with good explanations.

Sounds good to me.

Hey everyone, I've been without internet for almost 2 weeks!
I'm sorry about not getting on to let you guys know, but I've been moving and new job and internet company is a Dick. I think they're done jerking me around, but if I drop off the earth without a reason, it's probably them again.

I've got a lot of stuff to do tonight, but I will have a post up in the morning if I end up running late tonight.

again, apologies


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