Yua Elveer PC

Yua Elveer PC

Yua Elveer
"Don't worry about me, I'm fine, really. Are you ok though?"

Race: Human
Age: 17
Blood Type: O-
Job: Blue Mage
Origin: Gannan
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Weapons: One Handed Swords, Staves, Daggers, Rods

Stats: Level 2
HP: 315 /315 MP: 100 /100 DEF: -15 MDEF: -20
STR: 2 (D20) [+20 Damage]
AGI 3 (D12)
VIT 7* (D8) [+70 HP/Level]
INT 3 (D12)
MAG 8** (D8) [+80 Magic Damage, +15 MP/Level]
PER 2 (D20)
LUCK 5* (D10) [Critical Multiply x5]
Augments: 45 AP
Monster Lore d8
-Yua can analyze an enemy and learn its elemental weakness/resistance.
-Reduce MP cost by 1/2

Limit Break
Limit Break I: Overflowing MagicOnce reaching her physical limits, the user starts to give off remnants of their magical energy as excess magical power. This energy spreads out and imbues her allies with healing magics. The overflowing magic also has a chance of granting a slight increase of power to another party member, which allows to them perform their next action with a near-perfect chance to success. This great expulsion of energy from the body though also has a chance of silencing the user.

Casts "Regen" on party.
D12 (Target 6) to grant a single other party member "Font of Magic", which changes their next Dice Roll into a D6.
D8 (Target 6) to "Silence" the user.

Blue Magic
Blue Materia
Poison/Blindna 10MP, cures Poison/Blind.
Heal Materia

Blue Magic:
Angelsong: 20MP -Learned from Gigatoad
+13HP/Post, multiple allies.

Hydro Arrow: Cost 35 MP -Learned from Leviathan
Yua conjures three darts of water that attack her target, they are Water Elemental but they have no base damage, instead the first arrow that strikes (Target Roll 10) does damage equal to Yua's Magic Damage bonus, the second arrow (Target Roll 8) does damage equal to Yua's Magic Damage bonus x2. The third arrow (Target roll 6) does Yua's Magic Damage bonus x3

Equipment Casting Rod
Heal Materia
[5 Damage, +10 MP]
Blue Cotton Gear [+5 MP, 15 Defense, 20 Magic Defense]
Leather Gloves
Blue Materia

Unequipped Steel Broadsword.
Equipped Casting Rod. Equipped Heal Materia.

on August 1st, 2012

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