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Mad Battle!

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Who is the victor of the duel?
MadHatter 7 36.84%
Voxanadu 9 47.37%
Are you Crazy? It's a tie. They'll kill eachother. 3 15.79%

Mad Battle!

MadHatter has challenged me to a duel and I have accepted.
Now the two of us are fighting in mortal combat.
It is up to the voters to decides who will win.

Throw in your votes now.

Oh right, after you vote for some one, whoever you vote for - has to punch the other in the face. The two can only injure one another after they've received a vote.

Can we vote for ourselves? Also you have Rejakor name in the title post instead of mine.
*Shakes your hand* good luck my man. Please don't hit me in the eyes. My eyes are pretty.

Sorry MH but I have some vengeance coming your way and the name of that vengeance is Vox.

*electrifies the thunderdome*

Yay for Australian love. Although these two punches are going to hurt!

*Drops a sucker punch right into the stomach of Vox* ZARGH!

Gotta go with vox again. Sorry, MH, just something about you makes me want to watch your mutilation.

Then why let me in your game TanaNari if you just want to watch me get my ass kicked and hate me? *Shrugs* I have a bad feeling about this fight *Curls into a ball*


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