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Mad Battle!

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Who is the victor of the duel?
MadHatter 7 36.84%
Voxanadu 9 47.37%
Are you Crazy? It's a tie. They'll kill eachother. 3 15.79%

I don't hate you or anything. I just find the idea of your horrible death hilarious.

*hands Vox the Calamity Cannon*
[Rucks-Voice] Do us all real proud kid. [/Rucks-Voice]

Originally Posted by MadHatter View Post
Then why let me in your game TanaNari if you just want to watch me get my ass kicked and hate me? *Shrugs* I have a bad feeling about this fight *Curls into a ball*
Is this an attempt for the sympathy vote?

I have no sympathy for MH after what he did to me in the last thread and all I was doing was trying to enjoy the fight.

So, what odds do people give MH of winning this?

I completly forgot about this. Yes MH we can vote for ourselves.

~sucker punches MH in the eyes! Then steps on MH's foot, before kicking him the chins.~

So yeah... good game. Wait.. that was only two. I've two more blows...

~licks his finger and slips MH into a headlock and then gies him a wet willy.~

I give MH less then a 13% chance of victory.

Mordae... does this count as you giing me the win?

Awwwww sympathy vote for MH for sure! Always root for the underdog! Play dirty!!

I vote you'll both kill yourselves, so ... you can either each punch yourselves, or hit each other at the same time? *g*


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