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Mad Battle!

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Who is the victor of the duel?
MadHatter 7 36.84%
Voxanadu 9 47.37%
Are you Crazy? It's a tie. They'll kill eachother. 3 15.79%

Okay so I owe you three hits.

*Rocks his head back from the blow and dances around on one foot. Moaning in pain* UGH! NOT THE FACE YOU SUMABITCH!

*Grabs Vox by the back of the head. Slamming his knee into his face 3 times*

C'mon Vox, you're allowing MH to gain ground here. My revenge will not be complete until you beat him.

Ah! My nose!

~vox begins tickling MH cruelly before kicking him in the side three times and punches MH in the head.~ Ha! I got your nose too!

*Too wounded from the battle, he falls to his knees. Cradling his broken nose in his left hand. His right hand picks up a sharp pointy stick on the ground. Then stabs it into the crotch of Vox*


Vox you have 9 votes and only have hit me 8 times. You got one more attack bud!

Oh hey another vote.

*Throws a Hadouken into Vox's chest* Madhatterdoukan!

Okay I stopped by -- I cannot vote *shrugs* and ... oooooooo a shiny *wonders off*

This is a very slow fight. Where can I buy some popcorn?

At the Myth-Weavers store. Its just underneath where the "Welcome to the Weave" shirts are hanging. While you're there, grab Vox a Squirrel o' Nine-Tails (Just ask for Dauphinous at the counter)


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